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Public Innovation – Innovation leadership. Mayor Joy Mogensen, Roskilde Kommune Sunrise Conference at RUC, October 30th 2012 Sunrice. Presentation topics. About Roskilde Municipality Innovation in Roskilde Culture of Innovation Radical innovation The Innovative Politician. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Public Innovation Innovation leadershipMayor Joy Mogensen, Roskilde KommuneSunrise Conference at RUC, October 30th 2012


  • Presentation topicsAbout Roskilde MunicipalityInnovation in RoskildeCulture of InnovationRadical innovationThe Innovative Politician

  • Roskilde Municipality the short versionWith82.000 inhabitants Roskilde is one of the largest municipalities in Zealand 25.000 are enrolled in education in Roskilde 7.000 people work in the Municipality75 child care centers20 schoolsA total revenue of 6.743,4 mio. DKR.Roskilde hasa high level of public services and a great variety of opportunitiesA very popular place to live in with beautiful green areas, a harbour and cultural activities, in close proximity to Copenhagen

  • Roskilde Municipality the highlightsHistory



  • What is Innovation in Roskilde?Innovation creates value through positive change, by daring to involve citizens, employees and technology in new waysValue is created when we use less resources, increase services, experience better working environments and ensure greater influence and participation in local democracyKey to the innovation process is bringing different backgrounds, ideas and understandings as we are doing today

  • Innovation can be17.000 m3 litres of clean water3.500 m3 wastewater for cleansin1.690 tons of garbage2.500 garbage cans in 13 categories3.500 km eco-friendly toiletpaper850 meter urinal45.000 tentsMunicipality employees

    Add volunteers and

  • Musicon

  • Bydelen Musicon: 500.000 m2 Udviklingsareal: 250.000 m2 = 40 fodboldbaner Gamle haller & bygninger: 15.000 m2BusinessEducationMusiconCulture

    Hvor er Musicon: 10 minutters gang fra stationen, 30 km. fra Kbenhavn, - lige ved motorvejen. Mellem bymidte og festival-plads.

  • When water becomes a problem

  • And when there is no rain in the bassin?Rabalderparken at Musicon

  • Focus on Radical InnovationThe Council; searching for radically innovative and new ideasHope to initiatie 2-3 radical innovations this yearWe want to basically re-think our service deliveryIncrease in good years of life for citizens From seperated structures to new partnerships and citizenshipAll young people in school and employmentNye veje i Roskilde Kommune


  • Innovation in RoskildeCulture of innovation essential for creating new and radically different solutions Innovation across sectors is the key to radical change Change Leadership necessary for innovation to live and enable the implementation of new approaches each and every day!

  • New Political Leadership?Or are we just doing our job?

  • Its about people

  • Good ideas are created and realised in cooperation

    Thank you very much for inviting me to speak in front of all of you.Roskilde Municipality has a close partnership with Roskilde Univeristy in a number of areas for example in the area of Public Innovation we have the pleasure of participating in a PhD program on Public Innovation, are working with Roskilde University to celebrate the universities 40th Birthday in an innovative way.*In order for you to better understand my point of departure, I will give you a brief introduction to the Municipality of Roskilde

    *"So, you're from Roskilde. Sure, I know Roskilde, everybody knows the Roskilde Festival!" This reaction is heard around the world, when we tell people that we are from Roskilde.Music has placed Roskilde on the world map.The event and music industry is currently showing the highest growth rate, both locally and globally. It is important to utilize the commercial and developmental potential in music. Based on Roskilde?s new urban areaMusicon, *Instead of spending time lecturing on different definitions of innovation, I would like to share som examples of innovations or, at least, innovative approaches we are working with, here in Roskilde

    Baggrund fra Byrdets definitioner:Centrale borgerperspektiver i det videre innovationsarbejde er derfor at byrdet arbejder med:At f afstemt borgernes forventninger til fremtidens velfrd.At f Roskilde borgerne til at drage omsorg for hinandenAt bygge videre p det store frivillige engagement og f borgerne til at tage mer-ansvarInnovationsdagsorden skal sledes medvirke til at styrke det i forvejen store engagement, som rigtig mange Roskilde borgere har allerede i dag, for lokalsamfundets udvikling. Nr vi i Roskilde bruger innovation som en systematisk metode, er der flgende 3 kriterier vi stter op:Ny viden eller kendt teknologi som anvendes p en ny mdeIdeer der omsat til handling giver mervrdi til organisationenDristig og eksperimenterende tilgang

    Begrebet mervrdi forsts i denne sammenhng som1.) RessourceforbrugSamme service for frre ressourcerBedre service for samme eller frre ressourcerNy og anderledes service aflser nuvrende service, med frre ressourcerFlere borgere betjenes med samme eller frre ressourcerFlere hnder med samme ressourcer (frivillighed)Mindre fysisk forbrug af ressourcer (fx bygninger, mindre CO2)2.) ServiceBedre brugeroplevelse af service strre tilfredshedndret velfrdsforstelse hos borgerne med frre krav til kommunens serviceMere selvhjulpne, medproducerende eller selvbetjenende borgere3.) Arbejdsmilj og trivselStrre arbejdsglde og tilfredshed blandt medarbejderneMere innovativ kultur - strre omstillingsparathedBedre og mere effektive arbejdsgange4.) Indflydelse og demokratiStrre medindflydelse og mere aktiv deltagelse i demokratiet