Public Communication Introduction to Public Speaking

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Public Communication Introduction to Public Speaking Slide 2 Public speaking is A form of communication in which a person talks face-to-face to a relatively large audience, speaking in a fairly continuous manner. Slide 3 Deciding on a topic & a purpose Topic should be Significant Timely interesting Slide 4 Purpose The type of speech you give determines your purpose Slide 5 To Inform Purpose Tell Explain Describe Clarify Define Demonstrate Concept Process Event Slide 6 To Persuade Strengthen Change Influence Confirm Attitudes Beliefs actions Slide 7 To Promote Social Cohesion Promote a feeling of cohesion Unity community Slide 8 3 main purposes of public speaking Inform Persuade Promote Social Cohesion Choose and focus on main purpose All 3 purposes may overlap Slide 9 Preparing and Presenting Choose a topic Define the purpose Narrow the topic Write a statement of thesis (What you want your audience to learn or believe when you are finished speaking.)