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Psfn Flier #3


  • Every encounter is a chance to learn. It is hands-on and minds-on! Students will see with eyes of curiosity, wonder at each interactive learning experience and discover the mysteries of science with researchers, experts and scientists. Join the FUN!

    CFSD PLANT SCIENCE FAMILY NIGHT at Ventana Vista School6085 N Kolb Road

    Park at Bashas (Kolb and Sunrise) and ride the bus to school (5-8pm) Buy dinner from the Food Trucks at Ventana Vista from 5-7 pm Enjoy a snack/drink with the VV 5th Graders and support their camp experience. Bring your JACK in the BEANSTALK plant.. to the MPR outside steps Pick up you Science Journal and gift bag then.. Start the 6 SCIENCE learning centers in the Kaleidoscope Room at 5:30pm. Join the 20 other learning centers from 6-8 pm in the MPR and Bandroom


    This event is sponsored by our VV FFO and University of Arizona AGI ins;tute lead by Dr. Rod Wing. All scien;sts, researchers, local experts and organiza;ons are volunteers.

    LEARNING CENTER PRESENTERS: Tucson Botanical Garden, Arizona Genomics Institute, Whole Foods, Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society, UA Optical Science, Magic Garden Nursery, Heifer International, Curry Chili and Seed Farm, UA Desert Legume Program, UA Molecular and Cellular Biology, UA Tree Ring Laboratory, Sunlight Wellness, Desert Dolphin Dive Club, SARSEF and

    STEMAZing Institute, Pima County Native Plants Nursery, UA Soil, Water and Environmental Science, UA Plant Science Department.

    LEARNING CENTER ACTIVITIES: Nothing to Sneeze at - Pollination, Play with DIRT/Soil, Build candy model DNA, Extract DNA form fruits, Eat a Rainbow,

    Create an Earth Bracelet, Build a Cactus Model, Propagate Cholla, Taste Prickly Pear Fruits, Build a Neutral Buoyancy

    Phytoplankton, Explore and Grind Grains we Eat, Taste Unusual Fruits,

    Count Tree Rings, Whats the Difference activities, Eat bugs to learn about

    Sustainability, Meet the Master Gardener, Try your luck with the Chili Farmer, Build a LEGO Plant, OUCH-

    watch those SPINES, take home a plant and gather great ideas for your SARSEF

    Science Project.