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  • 8/8/2019 PSCS4 Keyboard Shortcuts Mac


    Tools File Edit

    Add mode (Shape tools) + Browse (launch Adobe Bridge) Cmd+Opt+O C Assign Profile Cmd+Opt+Shift+ [

    Subtract mode (Shape tools) - Close Cmd+WC Convert to Profile Cmd+Opt+Shift+ ]

    Lock transparency pixels (on / off) / Close All Cmd+Opt+W Clear (selection) Delete

    Decrease brush size [ Close and Go To Bridge Cmd+Shift+W Color Settings Cmd+Shift+K

    Increase brush size ] Exit Cmd+Q Copy Cmd+C

    Decrease brush hardness by 25% Shift+ [ File Info Cmd+Opt+Shift+ I Copy Merged Cmd+Shift+C

    Increase brush hardness by 25% Shift+ ] New Document Cmd+N Cut Cmd+X

    Previous brush , New Document (last settings) Cmd+Opt+N Fade (last filter / adjustment) Cmd+Shift+FNext brush . Open Cmd+O Fill (show dialog) Shift+Delete

    First brush Shift+ , Open As Cmd+Opt+Shift+O Fill from history Cmd+Opt+Delete

    Last brush Shift+ . Page Setup Cmd+Shift+P Fill from history & preserve trans. Cmd+Opt+Shift+D

    Tool opacity 10% 100% 1 0 C Place Cmd+Shift+O Fill w/ background & preserve trans. Cmd+Shift+Delete

    Flow 10% 100% Shift+1 0 Print Cmd+P Fill w/ foreground & preserve trans. Opt+Shift+Delete

    Path / Direct Selection tools A Print One Copy Cmd+Opt+Shift+P Fill with background color Cmd+Delete

    Brush / Pencil / Color Replacement tools B Revert F12 Fill with foreground color Opt+Delete

    N Crop / Slice / Slice Selection tools C Save Cmd+S Free Transform Cmd+T

    Default Foreground and Background Colors D Save As Cmd+Shift+S Free Transform with duplicate Cmd+Opt+T

    Eraser / Background Eraser / Magic Eraser E Save As Copy Cmd+Opt+S Keyboard Shortcuts Opt+Shift+Cmd+K

    Gradient / Paint Bucket tools G Save for Web & Devices Cmd+Opt+Shift+S Menus Cmd+Opt+Shift+M

    N Hand tool (bird's eye view) H Paste Cmd+V

    N Eyedropper / Sample r / Ruler / Note / Count I Select Paste Into (selection) Cmd+Shift+V

    Spot Healing / Healing / Patch / Red Eye J All Cmd+A Paste Outside (selection) Cmd+Opt+Shift+V

    NE 3D Rotate / Roll / Pan / Slide / Scale tools K All Layers Cmd+Opt+A Preferences (General) Cmd+K

    Lasso / Polygonal Lasso / Magnetic Lasso L C Contract Cmd+Opt+ [ Preferences (last used) Cmd+Opt+K

    Rectangular / Elliptical Marquee tools M Deselect Cmd+D C Purge All Cmd+Shift+ '

    NE 3D Orbit tools (Roll View / Pan View / etc.) N Edit in Quick Mask Mode (on / off) Q C Purge All (no dialog) Cmd+Opt+Shift+ '

    Dodge / Burn / Sponge tools O C Expand Cmd+Opt+ ] Step Backward (history) Cmd+Opt+Z

    Pen / Freeform Pen tools P C Feather Cmd+Opt+D Step Forward (history) Cmd+Shift+Z

    Edit in Quick Mask Mode (on / off) Q Inverse Cmd+Shift+ I Transform Again Cmd+Shift+T

    N Rotate View tool R Move duplicate of selection 1 px Cmd+Opt+ , , , Transform Again with duplicate Cmd+Opt+Shift +T

    Clone / Pattern Stamp tools S Move duplicate of selection 10 px Cmd+Opt+Shift+ , , , Undo / Redo Cmd+Z

    Type tools (Horiz / Vert / Horiz Mask / Vert Mask) T Move selection 1 px Cmd+, , ,

    Shape tools (Rect / Round Rect / Ellipse / etc.) U Move selection 10 px Cmd+Shift+, , , Layer

    Move tool V Nudge selection outline 1 px , , , Add-select layers to bottom layer Opt+Shi ft+ ,

    Quick Selection / Magic Wand tools W Nudge selection outline 10 px Shift+ , , , Add-select layers to top layer Opt+Shift+ .

    Switch Foreground and Background Colors X Refine Edge Cmd+Opt+R Add-select next layer Opt+Shift+ ]

    History / Art History Brush tools Y Reposition selection outline Space-drag Add-select previous layer Opt+Shift+ [

    Zoom tool Z Reselect Cmd+Shift+D C Blending Options Cmd+Opt+ /

    Hand tool (toggle) Space Bring Forward Cmd+ ]

    Zoom In (toggle) Cmd+Space Filter Bring to Front Cmd+Shift+ ]

    Zoom Out (toggle) Opt+Space C Add Noise Cmd+Opt+Shift+Z C Convert to Smart Object Cmd+Opt+Shift+D

    Cycle Path / Direct Selection tools Shift+A C Gaussian Blur Cmd+Opt+Shift+G Create / Release Clipping Mask Cmd+Opt+G

    Cycle Brush / Pencil / Color Replacement tools Shift+B Last filter (reapply) Cmd+F Delete Layers (Groups) Delete

    N Cycle Crop / Slice / Slice Selection tools Shift+C Last filter (show dialog) Cmd+Opt+F C Duplicate Layers (Groups) Cmd+Shift+ /

    Cycle Eraser tools Shift+E C Lens Correction Cmd+Opt+Shift+Y C Duplicate Layers (Groups) (no dialog) Cmd+Opt+Shift+ /

    Cycle Gradient / Paint Bucket tools Shift+G Liquify Cmd+Shift+X C Flatten Image Cmd+Opt+Shift+F

    N Cycle Eyedropper / Sampler / Ruler / Note / Count Shift+ I C Smart Sharpen Cmd+Opt+Shift+W Group Layers Cmd+G

    Cyc le Spot / Healing / Patch / Red Eye tools Shif t+J C Unsharp Mask Cmd+Opt+Shift+U C Layer (Group) Properties F2 / Cmd+ /

    NE Cycle 3D Rotate / Roll / Pan / Slide / Scale Shift+K Vanishing Point Cmd+Opt+V Layer opacity 10%100% 1 0

    Cycle Lasso tools Shift+L Merge Layers Cmd+E

    Cycle Rectangular / Elliptical Marquee tools Shift+M Merge Visible Cmd+Shift+E

    NE Cycle 3D Orbit tools (Roll View / Pan View / etc.) Shift+N Channels New Layer Cmd+Shift+N

    Cycle Dodge / Burn / Sponge tools Shift+O Add composite selection Cmd+Opt+Shift+2 New Layer (no dialog) Cmd+Opt+Shift+N

    Cycle Pen / Freeform Pen tools Shift+P Add layer mask selection Cmd+Opt+Shift+ \ New Layer via Copy Cmd+JCycle Clone / Pattern Stamp tools Shift+S Add selection channel 1 7 Cmd+Opt+Shift+3 9 New Layer via Copy (show dia log) Cmd+Opt+J

    Cycle Type tools Shift+T Alpha / composite channel (toggle) ` New Layer via Cut Cmd+Shift+J

    Cycle Shape tools (Rect / Round Rect / etc.) Shift+U Layer mask as rubylith (on / off) \ New Layer via Cut (show dialog) Cmd+Opt+Shift+J

    Cycle Quick Selection / Magic Wand tools Sh ift+W N Load composite as selection Cmd+Opt+2 Select bottom layer Opt+ ,

    Cycle History / Art History Brush tools Shift+Y Load layer mask as selection Cmd+Opt+ \ Select next layer Opt+ ]

    Airbrush (with Brush tools selected) Opt+Shift+P N Load selection channel 1 7 Cmd+Opt+3 9 Select previous layer Opt+ [

    N Select channel 1 7 Cmd+3 9 Select top layer Opt+ .

    Miscellaneous Select composite channel Cmd+2 Send Backward Cmd+ [

    Accept operation Return Select layer mask (channel) Cmd+ \ Send to Back Cmd+Shift+ [

    Cancel operation Esc / Cmd+ . Stamp Down Cmd+Opt+E

    Apply zoom and keep zoom field active Shift+Return E Analysis Stamp Visible Cmd+Opt+Shift+E

    C Play action Cmd+Opt+ . NE Record Measurements Cmd+Shift+M Ungroup Layers Cmd+Shift+G

    N New keyboard shortcut in Adobe Photoshop CS4 Author: Trevor Morris ( trevor@morris-photographicsE Only available in Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended Website: Morris Photographics ( www.Morris-PhotographicsC Custom keyboard shortcut Modified: 6 June



    CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts

  • 8/8/2019 PSCS4 Keyboard Shortcuts Mac


    Image View Type

    C 8 Bits/Channel mode Cmd+Opt+ , Actual Pixels (view 100%) Cmd+1 / Cmd+Opt+0 Align Center Cmd+Shift+C

    C Arbitrary (Image Rotation) Cmd+Opt+Shift+R C Clear Guides Cmd+Opt+Shift+ ; Align Left Cmd+Shift+L

    Auto Color Cmd+Shift+B N Cycle canvas color forward Space+F Align Right Cmd+Shift+R

    Auto Contrast Cmd+Opt+Shift+L N Cycle canvas color backward Space+Shift+F All Caps (on / off) Cmd+Shift+K

    Auto Levels Cmd+Shift+L Cycle screen modes forward F Baseline 10 pt Cmd+Opt+Shift+ ,

    Black & White Cmd+Opt+Shift+B Cycle screen modes backward Shift+F Baseline 2 pt Opt+Shift+ ,

    C Brightness/Contrast Cmd+Opt+ - Extras (show / hide) Cmd+H Bold / Faux Bold (on / off) Cmd+Shift+B


    Brightness/Contrast (last settings) Cmd+Opt+Shift+ - Fit on Screen Cmd+0 Cancel changes EscCanvas Size Cmd+Opt+C Gamut Warning (on / off) Cmd+Shift+Y Commit changes Ctrl+Return / Return (Ke

    Color Balance Cmd+B Grid (show / hide) Cmd+ ' Cursor one word left / right Cmd+,

    Color Balance (last settings) Cmd+Opt+B Guides (lock / unlock) Cmd+Opt+ ; Cursor to end of line End

    N Content-Aware Scale Cmd+Opt+Shift+C Guides (show / hide) Cmd+ ; Cursor to end of story Cmd+End

    C Crop Cmd+Opt+Shift+H C New Guide Cmd+Opt+ ' Cursor to start of line Home

    Curves Cmd+M Proof Colors (on / off) Cmd+Y Cursor to start of story Cmd+Home

    Curves (last settings) Cmd+Opt+M Rulers (show / hide) Cmd+R Hyphenation (on / off) Cmd+Opt+Shift+H

    Desaturate Cmd+Shift+U C Smart Guides (on / off) Cmd+Opt+Q Italic / Faux Italic (on / off) Cmd+Shift+I

    C Duplicate Cmd+Shift+A Snap (on / off) Cmd+Shift+ ; Justify Paragraph (Force Last Line) Cmd+Shift+F

    C Duplicate (no dialog) Cmd+Opt+Shift+A Target Path (show / hide) Cmd+Shift+H Justify Paragraph (Left Align Last Line) Cmd+Shift+J

    Hue/Saturation Cmd+U * Zoom in Cmd+ + / Cmd+Space Kerning 100/1000 em Cmd+Opt+,

    Hue/Saturation (last settings) Cmd+Opt+U * Zoom in & resize window Cmd+Opt+ + Kerning 20/1000 em Opt+ ,

    Image Size Cmd+Opt+I * Zoom out Cmd+ - / Opt+Space Leading 10 pt Cmd+Opt+ ,

    Invert Cmd+ I * Zoom out & resize window Cmd+Opt+ - Leading 2 pt Opt+ ,

    Levels Cmd+L Previous / next paragraph Cmd+ ,

    Levels (last settings) Cmd+Opt+L Window Regular (