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Strategic Plan FY2013 - FY2016

Pryor Art Gallery

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History, details and goals of the Columbia State Pryor Art Gallery are discussed in the strategic plan.

Text of Pryor Art Gallery

  • Strategic Plan

    FY2013 - FY2016

  • 1HistoryThe dream for an art gallery to serve not only the students and faculty of Columbia State Community

    College but all of Southern Middle Tennessee began in 1999 when Columbia State Community Colleges first

    president, Dr. Harold Pryor, pledged

    $100,000 to establish a visual arts

    endowment, Accent on Art, a

    cooperative project between the

    College and the institutionally

    related, yet independently chartered

    5 0 1 ( c ) ( 3 ) C o l u m b i a S t a t e

    Community College Foundation.

    Dr. Pryors commitment

    included an expectation that within

    three years a minimum of $100,000

    would be raised through community

    support friends of the arts, alumni,

    individuals and various College

    constituencies to match his pledge. The Accent on Art projects goals were to exhibit works of art of

    faculty and students at Columbia State, exhibit the works of artists from across the region, bring traveling

    exhibits to Columbia State, conduct art talent searches in the regions public and private schools and publicize

    the Gallerys exhibits.

    Funds were raised to match Dr. Pryors challenge. Plans were underway to construct an art gallery as

    part of a new building on the colleges main campus at Columbia, which would also include a performing

    arts venue, the Cherry Theater. When the Waymon L. Hickman Building opened its doors, included was the

    spacious and inspiring Pryor Art Gallery. Since that time hundreds of works of art have been viewed by

    thousands of visitors of all ages, socio-economic and educational levels and cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

    From the opening of the Pryor Art Gallery through March 2012 Lucy Scott Kuykendall served as

    Curator. In a resolution presented upon her retirement, Kuykendall was credited as being personally

    responsible for enhancing the student learning environment of the Columbia State Community College

    Campus through the cultivation of relationships with local, state and nationally recognized artists and

    through the exhibiting of their work in the Pryor Art Gallery. The resolution also credited Kuykendall with

    growing and diversifying the private art collection of Columbia State Community College for the benefit of

    students and the community at large.

    In July 2012 artist/designer Rusty Summerville assumed responsibilities as Curator of the Pryor Art


  • 2Mission To design, develop and present stimulating exhibits and programs that inspire, educate, enlighten,

    challenge and entertain Columbia State Community College

    students, faculty and staff, community members and

    residents of Middle Tennessee while creating a first-class

    artistic venue where appreciation for all forms of visual art is


    VisionThe vision for the Pryor Gallery at Columbia State is to

    use stimulating, innovative and memorable exhibits and

    educational programs that bring together art, artists and an

    appreciation of visual art for the Columbia State community,

    our local community and the entire Middle Tennessee region.

    Service and Impact AreaPryor Art Gallery is located on the Columbia campus

    of Columbia State Community College. Serving nine counties in

    southern Middle Tennessee with locations in Columbia, Franklin, Lawrenceburg, Lewisburg and Clifton,

    Columbia State Community College offers courses for degrees and certificates, workforce development

    training and non-credit continuing

    education courses and programs. Through

    partnerships with area universities,

    Bachelor's and Master's degrees are offered

    in selected disciplines.

    The Pryor Art Gallery not only serves

    students, staff and faculty of Columbia

    State, but it strives to engage the entire

    Southern Middle Tennessee region through

    exposure to quality visual arts exhibits.

    Children Enjoying Art Exhibit

    Traveling Exhibit

  • 3CuratorRusty Summerville assumed duties as curator for the Pryor Art Gallery of Columbia

    State Community College in July 2012. Summerville has worked in

    the creative arts for more than 25 years and is an award-winning

    artist and designer, including museum design, retail and

    restaurant design, concept development and works of fine art. He

    served as director of design at Gaylord Entertainment Company

    and was awarded the Institutional Design of the Year from the

    Tennessee chapter of the American Society of Interior Designer

    (ASID) for his design and conceptual development of the Grand

    Ole Opry Museum.

    Summervilles experience includes numerous and diverse works with design and

    conceptual development of the Roy Acuff and Minnie Pearl Museum in Nashville and The

    Hank Snow Museum in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame and

    Tex Ritter Museum in Carthage, Texas. He has also worked with architects and interior

    designers as concept developer on a multi-million dollar addition to Churchill Downs in

    Louisville, Ky.

    Types of Exhibitions1. Regular exhibits of the work of individual artists and craftsmen

    2. Exhibits corresponding to an event of the Performance Series in the Cherry Theater

    3. Exhibits corresponding to and augmenting courses offered by the college

    4. Exhibits resulting from secondary school competitions

    5. Exhibits resulting from Gallery-sponsored shows, competitions and classes

    6. Exhibits from local, state and national sources such as the Tennessee State Museum,

    Smithsonian, National Archives and others

  • 4Pryor Gallery Plan Components

    The three-year Strategic Plan is a roadmap for the work of the Columbia State Community

    College Pryor Art Gallery. The Office of Advancement, including the Executive for Advancement,

    development officers, Pryor curator and all support staff, will work in meaningful ways to identify

    those who embrace the gallerys mission and vision, to identify their interests, to invite their

    substantial support and to steward their gifting.

    I. Objectives

    II. Development

    a. Relationships

    b. Outreach

    III. Measurement and Evaluation

    IV. Sustainability

    a. Funding

    b. Security

    c. Maintenance

    Artist Receptions Draw a Diverse Crowd

  • 1Objectives

    1. To provide access to works of art through displays, exhibitions, programs and activities

    that stimulates engaging and meaningful art-centered experiences for diverse audiences.

    2. To attract new audiences by developing and promoting relationships at the college

    between academic and other educational programming and in the community through

    collaboration, partnerships, enhanced facilities, promotion and technology.

    3. To expand visual exhibits to incorporate music and other art forms and complimentary

    programming that increases public interest and involvement.

    4. To confirm each exhibit in the gallery one year in advance.

    5. To develop art workshops for students, community members and residents of Middle


    6. To host annual exhibits of art created by public school children, kindergarten through

    high school, from Columbia States service area.

    7. To develop and sustain relationships with local and regional artists, arts organization,

    museums, gallery owners, community organizations, schools, youth groups and


    8. To develop relationships with local and regional arts publications, newspapers and web

    sites that strengthens communication of Gallery events and exhibitions to the college

    family and geographic region.

    9. To maintain a web page featuring past, present and future exhibits, while visually

    highlighting the works (and other information) of all exhibiting artists.

    10. To acquire art for the Columbia State Collection through purchase of exhibited art and

    through the purchase of artwork from Pryor-sponsored art competition(s).

    11. To maintain the colleges art collection through inventory cataloguing and creation of

    online exhibits using software already acquired by the Pryor.

    12. To position the Gallery to be eligible for increased self-generated, private and public

    funding, including grants.

    13. To develop, compile and maintain a database that includes artists, resources, patrons and


    14. To develop a patron base for the support and enjoyment of the gallery.


  • 1Development: Relationships

    Integration with Strategic Priorities of Columbia State CollegeWhen Columbia State Community College was chartered as the first community college in Tennessee

    in 1965, its stated purpose included, the promotion of educational, literary, recreational, artistic and

    scientific activities. The Colleges Strategic Plan 2010-2020 includes a provision to identify and sponsor

    activities that enhance the quality of life throughout the region.

    Additionally, the Colleges Strategic Plan includes objectives for recruitment and retention of the best

    faculty and students with emphasis on diversity in both groups. The Pryor Gallerys programs are woven into

    the academic fabric of Columbia State Community College in order to enhance student learning and quality

    of life for faculty, students and staff. The Pryor makes art accessible to diverse audiences by using a variety of

    innovative approaches to the exhibition and interpretation of art.

    Integration with Mission and Vision of Columbia State FoundationThe Columbia State Community College Foundations mission is to support and partner with Columbia

    State to positively impact the community and student success through the maintenance and enhancement of


    Governance and ManagementThe Pryor Art Gallerys Curator is an employee of Columbia State Community College, with position

    support provided by the Columbia State Foundation. The Curator reports directly to the Colleges Executive

    for Advancement, who is also Executive Director of the Foundation. Funding for the Gallerys activities is

    provided through earnings from the Visual Arts Endowment, managed by the non-profit Foundation. The

    Pryor achieves excellence through diligent stewardship of resources and collections, maintaining the utmost

    integrity and accountability in all areas of its operations.

    PartnersThe Gallery is building relationships with potential partners, including but not limited to Humanities

    Tennessee, Tennessee Arts Commission, Tennessee Department of Tourist Development, Tennesseans for the

    Arts, Tennessee Association of Museums, Tennessee State Museum, Tennessee State Library and Archives,

    Maury County Arts Guild, Maury County Art in the Parks program and Columbia States service area K-12

    local education associations, art gallery owners and artists.


  • 1Development: OutreachPromotion

    1. Both traditional and contemporary marketing and public relations tools, including press releases to

    radio, online publications, newspapers, magazines and tourist publications; inclusion of events in

    targeted calendars, both print and online; brochures, rack cards and posters distributed to strategic

    locations; social media, i.e. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blogger, Issuu.com; and Columbia States

    website and social media sites.

    2. Artist receptions advertised to the public and through individual invitations.

    3. On-line gallery featuring past, present and future exhibits and exhibitors with links to individual

    artists web sites, videos of exhibits and artist interviews.

    4. On-line gallery of the Columbia States art collection via cataloguing software.

    5. Computer-based sign-in registry to assist with database development.

    6. Video welcome and audio tour capability in Gallery.


    Artists at Reception

    Exhibit Posters

    Artist with Foundation Director and Curator

  • 1Measurement and EvaluationMeasurement Tools

    The measurement of success is based upon both the quality and quantity of objectives achieved. Guest

    registers collect names, email addresses and comments from every Gallery visitor. Comments are compiled

    and used to evaluate the visitor experience. Financial support by patrons serves as an indicator of success.

    Gallery success is supported and appraised by the Pryors advisory board based upon the gallerys goals and


    Program Evaluation Pryor Advisory Board of faculty, community member(s) and student(s) evaluates the gallery for

    continuous improvement based on the following:

    1. Quality of exhibits

    2. Variety of exhibits

    3. Gallery attendance

    4. Success of gallery programs, i.e. workshops and juried competitions


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    For more i


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    , visit

    the Ron Y

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    riends Fin


    Art Galler

    y in Nash

    ville or;



    Exhibit Interpretive Material

    Workshop Announcement

  • 1SustainabilityFunding

    1. Current operating budget derived from the Pryor endowment

    2. Support from Columbia State Community College

    3. Support from Columbia State Community College Foundation

    4. Gifts, donations and patronage

    5. Grants for exhibitions and educational programs

    6. Income from art competition fees

    7. Income produced from the sale of selected pieces from the Columbia State art collection

    Patronage ProgramBy engaging donors in understanding the importance of their investments and by always being

    accountable to those who make the Gallerys programs a reality, the Pryor will become more attractive to

    individuals as well as corporations and foundations and worthy of their continuing support.

    Proposed fund development for Patronage of the Pryor Art Gallery includes the following giving levels:

    1. 2,000+ Michelangelo

    2. $1,000-$1,099 DaVinci

    3. $500-$999 Monet

    4. $100-$499 Picasso

    5. $10 - $99 Starving Artist


    Artist Reception Invitation

    Art Explores a Variety of Themes

  • 1Major Funding Needs1. Funding for exhibit and gallery publicity

    2. Funding to procure traveling exhibits

    3. Funding to purchase artwork from exhibiting artists as additions to the existing Columbia State Collection

    4. Funding to refurbish the gallery interior, i.e. wall covering, paint and purchase picture-hanging hardware

    5. Membership dues to professional arts organizations for Curator and the Pryor Gallery

    6. Travel funds for Curator to attend professional development opportunities

    7. Funding for design, production and installation of exterior identification signage (on building) and/or a

    commissioned sculpted identification piece with placement in the turn-around directly in front of the gallery

    clearing identifying the portion of the Hickman Building that is the Pryor Art Gallery from outside.

    8. Funding to support visiting artists who present workshops for students, faculty and community members in

    order to lower participation costs for workshop attendees.

    9. Funding to promote the Pryor Gallery via traditional advertising (newspaper, arts magazines, brochures, etc.)

    and through promotion online, i.e. the Pryor Online Gallery, other websites and through use of various social

    media sites

    10. Stipends and/or expense reimbursement for major artists exhibiting at the Pryor Gallery

    11. Stipends for student interns to help compile and catalogue the Columbia State Art Collection


    William Brison

    William Brison began painting in hi

    gh school, but

    really didnt pursue his art until la

    ter in life. In

    fact, 25 years passed before he

    picked up his

    brushes again and began painting

    in both oil and


    When he began to paint again, he


    privately with several well known a

    nd pro-

    fessional artists, including Charles


    Lisa Towers, Jason Saunders, An

    ne Blair

    Brown, Jill Carver, Roger Dale Brow

    n, Doug

    Braithwaite, Bill Davidson and Lori


    William also studied, for two yea

    rs, with

    premier watercolorist and oil pain

    ter Dean


    Much of Williams work is inspired

    by trav-

    els with his wife.

    Bill is a member of the Chestnu

    t Group,

    plein air painters who raise funds

    as they

    create art from historic as well as v


    landscapes across Tennessee.

    to his nationally recognized Apple

    tons Creative Framers in Murfree

    sboro, Tennes-


    For more information or to view

    more of Biills artwork, please v

    isit his website,

    Ruthie Cherry

    At Home With Fine


    Using her natural a

    bilities, Ruthie Cher

    ry has

    been an art consult

    ant, a gallery owne

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    jewelry designer si

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    In 2010 Ruthie clos

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    Lovelace Cafe, to fo

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    an art consultant, sh

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    sents nationally re

    cognized artist Bob


    and additionally im

    ports high-quality


    from artists of the f

    ormer Soviet Union


    For more informati

    on, Ruthie can be re

    ached at:

    [email protected]

    .net (615) 37


  • 1Pryor Art Gallery FacilityAccessibility

    The Pryor Art Gallery is located in the Waymon L. Hickman building on Columbia States Columbia

    Campus. The ADA accessible gallery is open to all staff, students and community Monday through Thursday

    from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. and on Friday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. The gallery is also open on weekends during

    special events only.


    Waymon L. Hickman BuildingColumbia State Community College

    1665 Hampshire PikeColumbia, Tennessee 38401

    [email protected]


  • 112

    SecurityThe Gallery has three security cameras through which all areas of the gallery are

    monitored 24 hours per day by college security. All doors are locked and secured between

    closing time each night and opening each morning.

  • 113

    Maintenance The gallery is maintained daily by the college custodial staff.

  • 1Rusty Summerville, Curator, Pryor Art Gallery

    Columbia State Community College and Columbia State Foundation

    1665 Hampshire Pike

    Columbia, Tennessee 38401

    (931) 540-2883