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General Overview of the background and services my company provides

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  • 1. PREMIUM RETAIL SOLUTIONS OVERVIEW Premium Retail Solutions February 2011 678-279-82521
  • 2. PREMIUM RETAIL SALES THREE PILLARS Premium Retail can bring account management experience and expertise at a fraction of the cost2
  • 4. PREMIUM RETAIL SOLUTIONS THE TEAMTom Armstrong - CEO 21 years experience in the consumer products and specialty retail industries Expert in launching new products and getting the most out of existing programs Former Merchandising Vice President Vendor Service with Home Depot Vice President Sales & Service Emerson Electric, included flagship brands like Ridgid, ClosetMaid, In- Sinkerator and Louisville Ladder Began his career with Black & Decker and DeWaltWinston Ledet Chief Operating Officer Former Home Depot Merchandising VP - Strategy and Innovation Ran portfolio management and space allocation for Home Depot Led an internal innovation group called OrangeWorks that launched new products at Home Depot Led corporate strategy at Home Depot for three years Former consultant with McKinsey and Company and MBA from MITs Sloan SchoolMarthe Souza Director Consumer Insights Home Depot Strategic Business Development / HD FuelWes Brown Director Merchandise Analytics Home Depot Director Merchandise Analysis; D25 Product Development AnalystArlene Korleh Client Account Director Home Depot D23 / HD Expo Merchant Assistant 18 yearsAnita Clonts Client Account Director Home Depot D26 / D29 / D25 HD Expo Merchant Assistant - 22 years JDA Certified Space Planner4
  • 5. PRODUCT AND CHANNEL STRATEGY Premium Retail Solutions works with manufacturers who are brand new to retail or to the US Market to develop a strategy for maximizing sales. We have conducted studies of this sort for Wind Generators out of Europe, a new concept in Attic Storage and welding tools out of Japan. The general study follows these basic steps. Consumer and Market Insights Understand through primary and secondary sources the demand for the category, channel market share and competitor market share Test, through end user research, the viability of the clients offering and the potential share gain as well as key features to develop/promote and price ranges to hit. Channel Strategy Based on both share and current state of offering, create a prioritized channel development strategy Developed a detailed plan for each channel offering, price points, margin, distribution, merchandising Strategy Execution Assist in the sell in to retail channels5
  • 6. CONSUMER INSIGHTS Pricing Premium Retail Solutions specializes in turn key execution of consumer insights Expect to Pay* - Unprompted studies. By managing all stages of the 100% 80% research in-house we can turn project in 2 60% weeks and apply all of our retail and 40% Expect to Pay 20% Home Improvement expertise to your 0% Cum Percent research needs $280-310 Over $500 Under 100 $100-130 $130-160 $160-190 $190-220 $220-250 $250-280 $310-400 $400-500 Pricing Typical Types of Studies: Channel or brand market share Brand awareness Shopping Occasions Purchase intent and driving factors Prior purchases and driving factors New concept tests (including a proprietary Unplanned Home Improvement model to predict 36% success) Planned 64% Pricing studies New product market share predictions Understanding shopping behaviors, patterns and occasions Demographics of adopters and non-adopters Testing of different shopping concepts6
  • 7. PRODUCT LINE REVIEW PREPARATION Step Stool Dollar Share 30%Winning Business at retail: 25% Superior product assortment Unit Share 20% Customer focused product presentation 15% Focus on driving sales and margin productivity 10% Market and consumer insights (consumer 5% Proposed Assortment preference, pricing, competitive assessment) 0% 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Wal-Mart Home Depot Lowes TargetWhat we do: Prepare customer focused research to drive and validate your PLR recommendations Develop an overall strategy to win the business by driving sales and margin for the retailer Use our ~20,000 square foot facility just down the street from Home Depots Innovation Center to set, Expected Lift photograph and change your bays Prepare for multiple assortments based on bay type and market Assist with signage, packaging and placement development Dry run through your PLR presentation with people who have sat in the other chair Negotiation strategy development7
  • 8. NEW PRODUCT/PROGRAM LAUNCH Market Research Product Placement Pricing Launch / Test Development Projected units (all Projected Price stores) Revenue $ 39.95 104,000 $ 4,154,800 $ 29.95 208,000 $ 6,229,600 $ 19.95 260,000 $ 5,187,000 What we do: Market and competitive intelligence Sales forecast based on market data and comparable products at retail Store placement and bay productivity guide placement and sales requirements Pricing analysis based on market and margin requirements Packaging and branding development Launch options including market test approaches Sales support with merchants Negotiations support8 In-store execution when needed
  • 9. ACCOUNT ADMINISTRATION Premium Retail Solutions has a team of former Merchandising Assistants and specialist in Retail analytics to supplement your sales team. Our team have decades of experience working in Home Depots system and can manage the administration of your Home Depot account at a fraction of the cost of a full time person. Responsibilities include: Establishing and maintaining your items in HDLink, Home Depots item repository for both stock and on- line goods. Supplier Buying Agreement set up, needed whenever your organization starts doing business with a new part