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A thing I found once

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Protest Aff: Master File


Protest Aff: Master File1Protest Aff: Master File

Strategy Page and Introduction7*** Case ***8Protest 1AC9AT: D&G Bad22AT: Aff romanticizes nomads23AT: Jameson24AT: Barbrook25AT: Iragaray/Braidotti26AT: Becoming-monster (Braidotti)27Impact: Microfascism28Impact: Molecular Population29Impact: Sadness30Impact: Organism Card31Impact: War Machine/Extinction32Impact: Ether34Impact Framing: Desire First35Solvency: Act Now36Solvency: Reframe the Debate37Solvency: Madness38Solvency: Affirmation39Solvency: Schizophrenia40Solvency: War Machine41Solvency: Preconcious Libidinal Investments42Solvency: Conley44Conley 1: Order words/Hybrids46Conley 2: How to Catch a War Machine47Conley 3: Becoming-minoritarian48AT: Utopianism49AT: Identity Good50*** Framework ***512AC: Framework Core52Goddard53Claude54Greene and Hicks55AT: Current Events56AT: Rorty/Walt/Shivley57AT: Pragmatism58AT: Security Studies59AT: Grammar/Interpretation60Foucault61Kappeler62Spanos631AR: W/m641AR: Fwk = Extra-T/Not a voter651AR: Reasonability661AR: Predictability/Limits671AR: Education o/w Fairness682AR: Education o/w Fairness691AR: C/I701AR: Gilbert711AR: Churchill721AR: Patton731AR: Goddard741AR: Grammar752AR: Grammar761AR: You kill debate!772AR: Overview782AC: Extra-T791AR: Extra-T (We Meet)801AR: Extra-T (Mech Spec Good)811AR: Extra-T (Impact turn)82Misc. T Interpretations + Standards83*** Generic Kritik Toolbox ***84K Frontline851AR: Alt =/= Solve861AR: Alt => Fascism871AR: Aff solves alt882AC: Perm891AR: Perm solves901AR: Not exclusive (perm)911AR: Double Bind (perm)922AC: Floating PIKs/No Alt Text Bad931AR: Floating PIKs/No Alt Text Bad94AT: Realism95AT: Ivory Tower97AT: Cosmopolitanism98*** Kritiks ***99AT: Lacan100Ext: Lack102Ext: Oedipus103Ext: The Subject1041AR: Perm1052AR: Perm1061AR: Colebrook/Hoenisch1071AR: Braidotti1081AR: Conservatism T/109AT: Identity Politics/Reps110Ext: Reps Dead/Theory+Practice112Ext: Immanent Power113Ext: K/2 Solve Fascism1141AR: Lets talk business1151AR: Colebrook/Ballantyne1161AR: Zalloua117AT: Biopower/Agamben118Ext: Deleuze 921211AR: Deleuze 921221AR: Link Debate123AT: Feminism1241AR: N Sexes/Holland1261AR: Transcendence T/127AT: Levinas128AT: Statism1301AR: Ballantyne132AT: Hillman1331AR: Desire1361AR: No Link1371AR: Buchanan1381AR: Alt =/= Solve139AT: Normativity1401AR: Patton1421AR: Churchill1431AR: Defense1441AR: Perm145AT: Bataille1461AR: DA to Alt1511AR: Link Debate1521AR: Perm1531AR: I/L to Fascism1541AR: Wolin155AT: Spanos156AT: Marxism1571AR: Perm1601AR: Alt Generic1611AR: Zalloua/Uniqueness1621AR: Lambert 11631AR: Lambert 2164*** Counterplans ***165AT: Afghanistan CP1661AR: Double bind (Afghan CP)1681AR: Bad Starting Point (Afghan CP)1691AR: No Solvency (Afghan CP)1701AR: Militarism DA (Afghan CP)1711AR: Perm (Afghan CP)172AT: Word PICs1731AR: No Solvency (Word PICs)1751AR: Perm: Do Both (Word PICs)1762AR: Fluid Language (Word PICs)1771AR: Bradbury DA (Word PICs)1781AR: Perm: Do the CP (Word PICs)179AT: Agent/Consult CP180*** Disads ***181Generic Frontline182AT: Politics1831AR: Politics184AT: Pullout Bad1851AR: Pullout Bad187AT: Middle East Stability188AT: Military Tech Good191AT: Nuclear War193AT: Hegemony194*** Death ***197AT: Death (Long)198AT: Death (Short)2012AR: Death Overview203AT: VTL Subjective204AT: Inherent VTL205AT: VTL Inevitable206AT: