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Prospect of job carreer in banking sector

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Text of Prospect of job carreer in banking sector

  • 1. INTRODUCTION BANKING SECTOR Banking sector is financial institution licensed by a goverment Its primary activites include borrowing and lending money It provides services like credit card,debt card, interest on deposite.
  • 2. Career Opportunities in the Banking SectorThe banking industry offers many types of career opportunitiesto individuals who enjoy the field of finance, everything fromentry-level associates to senior executive positions. Mostbanking activities involve human interaction, either with co-workers, subordinates or customers. Accordingly, people whoenter the banking sector should know that banking is not solelyabout crunching numbers, so they should possess top-notchpeople skills as well.
  • 3. Bank Flows
  • 4. Prospects of job in banking sector
  • 5. Vacancy Announcement
  • 6. Some popular banks of Nepal andworld
  • 7. Problems Cause of nepotism Qouta system Unfavourable government interruption Political instability and frequent change in banking policy
  • 8. ANY QUESTION???
  • 9. THANKS TO