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AMIRUL ASYRAF (Science Physics,USM) NUR AQILLAH (Marine Electrical & Electronic,UNiKL) MAISARAH (Industrial Chemical & Technology,USIM) SHAFIQAH (Industrial Chemical & Technology,USIM ) PROVIDE ACCESS CLEAN WATER FOR MARINE PURPOSES

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AMIRUL ASYRAF (Science Physics,USM)NUR AQILLAH (Marine Electrical & Electronic,UNiKL)MAISARAH (Industrial Chemical & Technology,USIM)SHAFIQAH (Industrial Chemical & Technology,USIM) Provide access clean water for marine purposes

PROBLEM STATEMENT In order to overcome the difficulty in access to clean water, navy need the salt purification machine

OBJECTIVETo improve the effectiveness access to clean water for navy daily usage

BACKGROUND Perform a technology for the efficient treatment of sea water to become a clean water by using a system which consist of membrane, cooling system, salinity sensor reliably removes organisms, sediments and suspended solids with the advanced technology of national instruments.


Flow Diagram Water from ship coolingthermowellfilterSalinity sensorShip tankYESNOYESNO


Thin,film-like structure that separates two fluidsActs as a selective barrierProvide high membrane areaRobust and economical Supplier : KOCH Membrane System

Material and CostComponent/MaterialQuantityCost ( RM )90/10 Copper-alloy pipeline700 meter1,500Membrane filter12,000Motor42,000Sensor circuit1500Valve4400Thermowell1100Other 500Installation service2,000Total9,000

Mark up = RM 9,000 x 3%RM 9,270.00Warranty 5 years