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  • 8/22/2019 Proposal LKMA Inggris.pdf


  • 8/22/2019 Proposal LKMA Inggris.pdf


    Our state is in the middle of nowadays and future challenge

    How about our country today? A famous scholar has writen on his book about his commotion for our

    country condition today, and for its future. He quote Jared Diamond on his book collapse (2005);

    Thomas Lickuna (education professor of Cortland University, AS); and Louis Kraar who input Indonesia as

    a failed state. Their reason is Indonesia has realized the ten marks of failed state. Such as violence on a

    teenagers environment has increased, then make using bad language as a culture/habit, influence of

    loyalty to violence on teenagers strengthen than before. Then, behaviour of self-defeating like free sex,drugs, alcohol, etc. has increased too. And orientation of good and bad moral has run off in a teenagers

    environment. Indonesia is in crisis multidimensional with breakdown country. So we are worrying that

    Indonesia going to be a latest state on a pacific area. Achievements by achievements who achieved by

    our students on so many international event seems nothing. And it cant cover up our problems. So


    In the middle of multidimensional crisis which demolish our life, theres some future demands.

    Especially to face the global competition, this need more caution to fulfil it. We have analyzed then we

    found the future demands. Ten demands of the future:

    1. Speed and responsive

    2. Creativity innovation

    3. Focus on competitive environment4. Leadership from everybody

    5. Control by vision and values

    6. Information shared

    7. Proactive and entrepreneurial

    8. Creating tomorrows market

    9. Interdependence

    10. Environmental concerns

    This demands make sure of this country stakeholder needs for efficiency. Creativity and innovation

    for increase global competitiveness that gets more competitive day by day in a condition and situation

    unattached from multidimensional crisis.

    We need transformational leadership

    Demands to leave the multidimentional crisis and plus ten demands of the future make us have a

    terms of leadership model that ideal to lead us. Nowadays management master conclude that

    transformational leadership model was the best one. This model can continue increasing the efficiency,

    productivity, and innovation to increase the global competitiveness which going to be more competitive

    day by day.

    Leadership model that be considered agree with the product of study about leadership skilled which has

    amended since about 1900. There are five leadership models that has amended in the studying in the

    same manner as be ambranced by Daryanto and Daryanto (1999).

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    First, Traits Model of Leadership (about 1900-1950) that more of research about an individual nature

    which contained in the leader-selves, like perspicacity, honesty, ripeness, resoluteness, social status, etc.

    Second, Model of Situational Leadership (about 1970-1980) that more focus to the situation factor as a

    variable thing to make sure of leadership ability. Can change the situation that is different than before.

    Third, Model of Effective Leaders (1960-an-1980-an). This model advocates assumption that the effective

    leader is the leader that could handle organization aspect and the members at once.

    Fourth, Contingency Model (1960-an1980-an). Although this model is reputed more perfect than the

    models before on comprehension about leadership aspect in organization, but its not yet produce a clear

    clarification about effective combination betweeen the individu, manner, and the situational variable


    Fifth, Model of Transformational Leadership (about 1970-1990). The newest model, effective. The best

    solution of analyze the characteristic of the leader. It can integrate and complete the previous developedidea. Change peoples cogitation and bring the undergird alteration.

    Masters like Sarros and Butchatsky (1996) for example, they said that this leadership model

    (transformational leadership model) as a breakthrough leadership. They said breakthrough because,

    they seeing to the leaders who use this model has a skill to carry much changes for individual tough the

    organization itself with reinvent individual character in the organization tough reinvent the organization

    itself. Such as, start creating innovation, inspect the structural, process, and organization values in order

    to make the organization better than before and more relevant, with some exciting methods and

    challenging methods for every side who took a part in and who try to realize the organization

    destinations that all the time long considered as an impossible one. Leader can brought changes from the

    base and so much big in his followers because he has metanoiacthink. (Meta = changes, nous/noos =

    think; Greece)

    Besides Sarros and Butchatsky (1996), theres some expert in management who gave same

    appreciation for transformational leadership model or this metanoiac. Such as Hater and Bass (1988),

    then Yammarino and Bass (1990), then Tichy and Devana (1990), then Bass and Avolio (1994), then the

    last one is Bryman (1992). From the experts belief, especially from Bass and Avolio (1994) known that this

    leadership model is the most ideal one. Why? Because this leadership model has four dimension of

    leadership which known as the four Isor four I such as.

    1. Idealized Influence. The leader has behavior that can overawe in their fellow, makes them

    respect to him, and also gets their credence.

    2. Inspiration Motivation. The leader must to can articulate the distinct expectancy about the

    achievement of his fellows, to demonstration his commitment about all of the organizations

    direction, and could to arouse teams spirit pass through emergence of enthusiasm and


    3. Intellectual Stimulation. The leader could to grow new ideas, give creative solutions about the

    difficulties involved by his fellow, and give motivation to his fellows for cast about new

    phenomenological to implement the duties of organization.

    4. Individualized Consideration. The leader wants mindfully to get a load of proposal of his fellow as

    well as specially for pay attention the requirement about development of career.

    For could to pull at this 4 dimension of leadership metanoiac, a certain person has to have some

    important condition ensuing. From Kotter (1997) and also Covey (2000), we get conclusion about 7important condition that is intended before, that is : (1) Worldview, (2) Personal value, (3) Motivation,

  • 8/22/2019 Proposal LKMA Inggris.pdf


    (4) Having a knowledge about industry and organization, (5) Having a strong (6) Having a leadership.

    ability, like a to z business, management, organizational, communication, decision making, and another

    ability that can be supporting, (7) Having reputation and record script.

    Worldview or paradigm is the way to look of someone to look at (perception, understand,

    interpreted) the world. In other good manners could be said to be mafahim ani al-insan, wa al-kaun, wa

    al-hayat or the way to look grounded on comprehension about reality existence of human being,

    universe, and life. This way to look determines attitude or behaviour and sentiment. When we look with a

    different way as well we would think with a different way. Our tradition behold problem concentrically to

    principle, the most basic. Very extremely a worldview for life a person makes it as the first condition

    which undergirds the next requirements. Worldview would influence contents and directionauthoritarian and motivation. Worldview would undergird how a person takes demeanour existence an

    organization and industry that he enters it, guide person to interlaced on it too. Worldview would

    arousing the spirit and extraordinary energy to learn and get of best of ability that is needed, as

    management, organizational, communicate, decision making, and another ability that can be supporting.

    And finally, worldview would guide the person to always keep watch reputation and script of record in

    order to appropriate with the principle that he is convinced about it.

    For the all of it, we can get the conclusion that now, transformational leadership is a

    requirement that unavoidable more for the all of stakeholder element in this country, and without the

    exception of the young generation.

    Learning from the situation and condition above, OSIS SMAIT Insantama regards important to

    organize The Highest Degree Training of Leadership and Management/Upper Training of Leadership and

    Management to Malaysia and Singapore. This program will corroborate basics knowledge of

    transformational leadership that has accepted by the paticipants on the ladder before, that is Basic

    Leadership Training (LDK) Taklukkan Cianjur on the first semester, and Intermediate Leadership and

    Management Training (LKMM) Problem Solving Masyarakat Desa on the third semester.

    And then, why must Malaysia and Singapore? Singapore is the smallest country in South East

    Asia that has a strategic character in ASEAN commerce, even the world. Whereas Malaysia is choosen

    because this country included both of little country which nearly to get impact of world crisis. Malaysiaalso could fold the condition from the country that send out it human resources to study in Indonesia at

    previously, now at the other way. Although by all means Malaysia has positive side and negative side, and

    yet with this two motives, at the least we could get much lesson what kind of leadership system is applied

    there until it could produce human resources which could compete in the world stage and local which

    computable enough it prosperity level. So, with crown Taklukkan Malaysia dan Singapura, OSIS SMAIT

    Insantama could practice the knowledge about transformational leadership that has got up till now and

    get directly knowledge about leadership that is applied in Malaysia.

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    (1) Coached applying transformational leadership concept, especially attitude of leadership

    quality, comprise capability to problem solving, communication, stages ot deciding, keep the

    team solidarity, and management of implementation event.

    (2) Study carefully about concept and practice of leadership and management that be applied in

    a variety of institution which paid a visit in Malaysia and Singapore.

    (3) Be interlaced of friendship between Indonesias student, Malaysia and Singapores student,and barter informations about expansion of student mouement in the three country.

    (4) Be interlaced of institutional relation between SMAIT Insantama with the institution that

    be paid a visit in Malaysia and Singapore.

    1) To possess on result of draft study and practice of leadership and management are applied

    in a variety of institution that paid a visit in Malaysia and Singapore.

    2) Be interlaced a friendship relation between students from Indonesia, Malaysia and

    Singapore, along with alternation information about expansion of student mouement in the

    three country.

    3) Be interlaced an institutional relation between SMAIT Insantama and the institution that

    paid a visit in Malaysia and Singapore.

  • 8/22/2019 Proposal LKMA Inggris.pdf


    1) To bring into reality model how to development of student mouement, especially for

    leadership aspect and competence of management directed, cohesiveness, and without


    1) To bring into reality student that has a complete Islamic authoritarian, get of best of ability in

    Islam and science and technology, included in leadership aspect and ability of management,

    up to could be accepted in domestic institution advanced and in abroad.

    2) To bring into reality high grade and excellent educational institute intermediate of Islamic in


    All of activity in Training of Leadership and Management (LKMA) directed to corroborate

    foundations of transformational leadership that has be accepted by the students on the ladder of

    training before, that is Training of Base Leadership (LDK) Taklukkan Cianjur on first semester, and

    Training of Leadership and Management Intermediate (LKMM) Problem Solving of Villages

    Society on third semester.

    The series of program be done in organized as ensuing :

    1) Practice of implementation organizing event from over planning, organization,

    implementation, and evacuation, included fundraising for finance of program. This sectionheld while 11 months in the stage preparations on January 2013 (fourth semester), until

    implementation on November 2013 (fifth semester).

    2) Attend the training of leadership and management in the institution which has paid a visit,

    that is : College (University of Malaya, International Islamic University, National University of

    Singapore, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia), Mosque (Masjid Negara/Persemakmuran,

    Masjid Besi Putrajaya), institution of religion (Majelis Ugama).

    3) Visiting and discussing about student mouement/education in local Upper Secondary School

    and association Indonesias student in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

    4) Visiting and discussing about comparison of leadership and management in Malaysia,

    Singapore and Indonesia in Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia (KBRI) Malaysia and


  • 8/22/2019 Proposal LKMA Inggris.pdf


    This program manages at November 10 th until 18th 2013.

    LKMA will execute in some place at Malaysia and Singapore, namely :

    (1) University of Malaya,

    (2) International Islamic University,

    (3) Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia,

    (4) Masjid Negara/Persemakmuran,

    (5) Masjid Besi Putrajaya,

    (6) Domestic Boarding School,

    (7) National University of Singapore,

    (8) Majelis Ugama,

    (9) Embassy of Republic of Indonesia in Malaysia and Singapore.

    (10)Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

    Beside that, for coordinating management event organizing practice, from planning and organizing

    especially fundraising for funding a event participle at Bogor, Jakarta, and the surrounding area.

    This LKMA program is organized by OSIS cooperating with all of XII grade students Islamic Senior

    High School ofInsantama.

    The LKMA program joined with all of XII grade students of Insantama Islamic Senior High

    School, accompanied with Founder, Vice Headmaster School, Schools Teacher Staff, delegation

    from Students Parent Forum (Fosis), and National News Reporter with total 50 persons.

  • 8/22/2019 Proposal LKMA Inggris.pdf


    Fund Resource for this program to come from:

    (1)Insantama Foundation.



    (4)Another halal creative fund

    (5)Students Saving

    We said a million thanks to all elements that available to assist this program into success. Hopes this

    Leadership and Management training as active attempts of SMAIT Insantama students on increasing the

    competent and its roles inside context of development national human resources could be uses for

    development and building character in SMAIT Insantama particularly and Indonesia generally. Hopes

    Allah SWT bless our movement.

  • 8/22/2019 Proposal LKMA Inggris.pdf


    Bogor, January 31th 2013

    Committee Organizer

    Leadership and Management End Level Training (LKMA) 2013

    OSIS SMAIT Insantama


    Muhammad Afifuddin Al-Fakkar


    Fadhliyah Rahmah Natsir


    Chief of

    OSIS SMAIT Insantama

    Period 2012-2013

    Ahmad Nazhif Rahmatur Rabbi

    Agreement,Headmaster of

    SMAIT Insantama

    SM Pertiwiguno, S.Pi

  • 8/22/2019 Proposal LKMA Inggris.pdf


    Protector : Ketua Yayasan Insantama Cendekia

    Supervisor : Direktur Bidang Kurikulum

    Dr. Muhammad Rahmat Kurnia

    Direktur Bidang Pengembangan SDM

    Dr. Muhammad Rimun Wibowo

    Direktur Bidang Pembinaan Siswa

    Ir. Muhammad Karebet Widjajakusuma, MA

    Kepala Sekolah SMAIT Insantama

    SM Pertiwiguno, S.Pi

    Mudir Asrama SMAIT Insantama

    Muhibbuddin, SHI

    Chief : Muhammad Afifuddin Al-Fakkar

    Secretary : Fadhliyah Rahmah Natsir

    Treasurer : Hanifah Fadhilah Atika

    Jurisdiction, Presentation, and Documentation Division :

    Muhammad Abdullah Sayid Maruf

    Fatimah Hazidah

    Najway Azka Ar-Robbaniy

    Syifa Nailah Muazzarah

    Hasna Ammaturrahmani

    Fauziyah Salsabila

    Niki Dwiyanti Astuti

    Hanif Ahmad Nugroho

    Fikriyyah Khairani

  • 8/22/2019 Proposal LKMA Inggris.pdf


    Ahsin Faradiba

    Nurisya Amalia

    Muhammad Saiful Islam

    Muhammad Naufal Luqmanul Hakim

    Public Relations and Transportations Division :

    Muhammad Fadhil Abdussalam

    Arini Nur Azizah

    Aulia Faricha Hidayat

    Fundraising Division :

    Maulana Ihsan

    Ahmad Nazhif R.R

    Muhammad Abduh Daymu

    Atika Marshahani

    Indira Sarasmitha B

    Latifatur Rosyidah

    Sri Seka Saputri

    Supplies Division :

    Abduljalil Hazzi

    Muhammad Almas Radifan

    Muhammad Fathir Mubarak

    Muhammad Afif Sholahuddin

    Abdurrahman Tarami

    Decorate and Publication Division :

    Fakhri Akmal Hidayat Ziza Amira Syafini

    Anisyah Syafitri

    Food Preparation Division :

    Reka Anita

    Nabila Syifa Uzzuhrah

    Jihan Fadhilah

    Fatimah Azzahra H

  • 8/22/2019 Proposal LKMA Inggris.pdf



    1 Transportation

    a. Ticket Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur-Singapore PP (50 x Rp 2.000.000) Rp.100.000.000

    b. Airport tax (50 x Rp 150.000,00) Rp.7.500.000

    c. Bogor - Jakarta PP (50 x Rp 100.000) Rp.5.000.000

    d. Malaysia - Singapore local (9 days x Rp 1.000.000) Rp.9.000.000

    2 Administration/secretary

    a. Secretary, facsimiles and telephone (10 x Rp1.000.000) Rp.10.000.000

    b. Proposal and report, include VCD format documentation

    (50 exp x Rp 250.000) Rp.12.500.000,00

    c. Recalls memories (10 x Rp 100.000) Rp. 1.000.000

    d. Uniform (50 x Rp 150.000) Rp.7.500.000

    3 Visiting documentation

    Passport Making (50 x Rp 250.000) Rp.12.500.000

    4 Accommodations

    Living and Consumption (50 x 9 x Rp 250.000) Rp.112.500.000

    TOTAL Rp.277.500.000

  • 8/22/2019 Proposal LKMA Inggris.pdf


  • 8/22/2019 Proposal LKMA Inggris.pdf


    1. Enlarging Logo

    2. Lip Service

    3. Including name or sponsor logo in:

    I. 3 banners

    II. 50 uniforms

    III. 50 pinsIV. 50 sertivicate

    V. 50 Invitation card

    VI. 50 names tag

    4. Advertisements in web media and OSISs blog

    5. Rights to set exclusive banner at Insantama Senior High School

    No. Contraprestation Category:

    Sponsor Category

    Diamond Platinum Gold Silver Bronze

    200.000.000 150.000.000 100.000.000 50.000.000 25.000.000

    1. Magnification of Logo 2x 1x

    2. A Distance Banner

    3. Formal Uniform

    4. Sertificate

    5. Lip Service 4x 2x

    6. Name Tag

    7. Invitation card

    8. Advertisement on OSISs


    9. Exclusive Banner

    10. Pin

  • 8/22/2019 Proposal LKMA Inggris.pdf


    Numb Kind Of ContapretationDiamond Platinum Gold Silver Bronze

    Size in cm

    1. Banner (distance) 50 X 50 22 X 22 15 X 152. Name Tag of Participant 2 X 2 2 X 2 1 X 1 1 X 1

    3. Formal Uniform 5 X 5

    4. Certificate 4 X 4 3 X 3 2 X 2 2 X 2 1 X 1

    5. Invitation Card 4 X 4 3 X 3 2 X 2 2 X 2 1 X 1

    6. Advertisement (website) 5 X 5 4 X 4 2 X 2 1 X 1 1 X 1

    7. Exclusive Banner 400 X 100

    The Committee puts up for cooperationss type as a unit sponsorship

    Numb Kind Of Contapretation Size Total Price of Sponsorship

    1. Banner (distance) 400 X 100 3 500.000

    2. Certificate 20 X 18 50 500.000

    3. Name Tag of Participant 120 500.000

    4. Formal Uniform 50 9.000.000

    5. Activity's Pin 3 X 4 160 500.000

  • 8/22/2019 Proposal LKMA Inggris.pdf


    1) Willingness to become Sponsor at the latest be accepted by the committee on October 30th


    2) The dispatch of design (logo, slide, advertisement, etc.) and the payment for sponsorship

    measured up by time on October 30th 2013.

    3) The committee does not close probability situation the cooperation type with sponsor side in

    another type that be on the market.4) Sponsor item

    a. Sponsor item allocable by sponsor side and must to get agreement from the committee


    b. The committee not be responsible for the fault in if the publication item from sponsor is

    accepted by the committee in a finish form.

    c. Sponsor item do not be permitted to use words that can give recommend, like: lets eat,

    lets drink, lets buy, etc.

    d. Publication item must to be sent to committees address on the date that has been


    e. Publication item is sent to secretariat committee

    The committee of Training of Leadership and Management

    Hegarmanah IV Street, Gunung Batu, West Bogor, Bogor City.

    Phone. (0251) 227028

    Contact Person :

    Muh. Afifuddin Al-Fakkar 085810844437 (Chief)

    Muh. Abduh Daymu 081617272759 (Fund of Trade)

    E-mail :[email protected]

    5) Manner of Payment

    a. All of cooperation type could be agreed if doing with the first payment (uang muka)

    minimal as big as 50% from the all of total that must be paid, and be carries out the

    signing contract or a certificate of readiness for participation.

    b. The next payment is payment 50% from the all of total and could be in installments

    twice and be paid at the latest on October 30th 2013.

    c. The payment could be transferred pass through a bank account :

    Name : Muhammad Abduh Daymu

    Bank : Bank BRI

    Number of Bank Account : 708101003356534

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]
  • 8/22/2019 Proposal LKMA Inggris.pdf


    6) We also accept the sides that be ready to become a donor in this program.