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<ul><li> 1. Promotional VideoLevel 1 Award in Creative MediaProduction</li></ul> <p> 2. AimsYou will be put into a team in order to form amultimedia company. As a company you mustthen design a logo and leaflet and create a videofor the company. You will be required to createa blog that records the process of you makingthese materials and the final products. You willalso need to develop a sketchbook, whichshould contain all of your research, ideas anddevelopment. 3. Research and Ideas Development (Investigation)Recap:Investigate 3-5 multimedia companies that havepromotional videos.Watch the videos and make notes on thecontent, style and structure of these videos.Have you done this? 4. Mind-Mapping 5. Feedback on your researchWhat elements are in Mind-map:promotional videos?In your group, write down the aspects that you thinkThink about the: need to be included in a Content promotional video Style Structure Present these back to the Sound class 6. Develop ideas for your companyidentity What will be the nameCreate a mind-map toof your company? represent yourself What will you produce? What image do youwant to represent? 7. Who will be your target audience(customers)?Think about the followingPsychographics are morefactors: personal characteristics of a Ageperson, including: Location Personality Gender Attitudes Income level Values Education level Interests/hobbies Marital or family status Lifestyles Occupation Behavior Ethnic background Create another mind-map all about your target audience 8. Pre-Production Documents (Planning)Create a Location Recce, Storyboard, Shot-list,Shooting Schedule, List of Resources &amp; RiskAssessment.All documents can be team produced except thestoryboard, which must be individuallyproduced. 9. Location RecceComes from the militaryterm reconnaissancePre-filming visit to alocation to work out itssuitability for shooting,including access tonecessary facilities andassessment of anypotential lighting or soundissues. 10. StoryboardGraphic organiserIllustrations or imagesdisplayed in sequencePre-visualising a moving-image 11. Shot-listA list of shots helps in theplanning and filmingBy creating a shot list,your entire productionruns more efficientlybecause everything getsshot based on the locationand setup, as opposed tothe order scenes appear inthe script. 12. Shooting ScheduleA shooting schedule is aproject plan of each daysshooting for a filmproduction 13. List of ResourcesA list of props, costumes,make-up, people andequipment which arerequired for productionWhere they will besourced fromHow much they will cost 14. Risk AssessmentMethod of looking at workactivities, consideringwhat could go wrong, anddeciding on suitablecontrol measures toprevent loss, damage orinjury 15. Shooting ScheduleMonday 11th Feb (Studio Based) 1pm to 4.30pm if readyMonday 18th Feb (Location Based) All dayMonday 25th Feb (Contingency) 1pm to 4.30pm</p>