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  1. 1. Promoting Bicycle Commuting10 Essential Tips Justin W. Moore, League Cycling Instructor (#2817)
  2. 2. Who is Justin Moore? Bicycle Commuter Over 6,000 miles oftransportation cycling League Cycling Instructor Teach 8-10 Traffic Skills 101courses in San Antonio Photographer & Blogger The Bike Geek Blogn
  3. 3. 10 Essential Tipsto Promote Bicycle Commuting in your Community
  4. 4. Tip 1: The Bicycle for TransportationHelp your employees, citizensand even existing cyclists recognizethe bicycle as more than a fitnessdevice.n Do not assume this awareness existsn Debunk the youre crazy! myth n Fellow employees often fascinated with my bicycle commuting n Youre the one that rides your bike to work, right!?
  5. 5. Tip 2 : Incentives Work NuRide Program Rewards Program Bike Month $1200 overall investment Weekly Gift Card Prizesn Each bike ride = 1 weekly entry Overall Grand Prizen Most mileage Net Result 50% increase in ridership 75 bicycle commutes in a 365 daycalendar year = 75% refund on gymmembership
  6. 6. Tip 3 : Defining Bicycle Commuter Bicycle Commuter meansyou actively try to replacecar trips to work with biketrips It doesnt mean you have toride your bicycle to workevery day. It doesnt mean it doesntcount if your commute is lessthan X miles
  7. 7. Tip 4 : Bike Mentor Program Pairs an experienced rider witha new one Increases safety Increases new rider confidence Helps eliminate barriersn Where do I park my bicycle?n Whats the easiest way to get towork from my house? Increases odds of a veryenjoyable first bike commuten Critical for repeat ridership
  8. 8. Tip 5 : Facilities Convenient bicycle parking Covered Secure Near building entrance Showers and/or gym Cycling infrastructure To facilitate safe passage Big barrier for large employersin busy transportation corridors
  9. 9. Tip 6 : Bicycle Education Critical Train Bike Mentors as They set the example for newriders Experience alone not enough Train new commuters to Increase their safetyn Need to be competent on theirbikes before commuting Help them understand their rights Make them tomorrows cyclingadvocates
  10. 10. Tip 7 : Create a Local Community Employee cycling team Training opportunities for newcyclists Opportunities to getcomfortable with a new bikebefore commuting Employee cycling portals SharePoint or similar onlinecollaboration systemn Cyclists can ask questions,share routes, post events
  11. 11. Tip 8 : Extend your community Social media Gathering people of likeinterests with Twitter Using hashtags (#TTAT) n Conversations around a topic or conference n Promotes remote participation & interest Cyclists become advocates
  12. 12. Tip 9 : Identify & Support Advocates There are at least a few in everyorganization Theyre passionate about bicyclecommuting They are usually actively recruiting &supporting other riders Groom them for greatness Give them a forum Let them champion the cause withtools & support No better example to others than afellow employee/citizen
  13. 13. Tip 10 : Seize the Moment! Money motivates High gas prices More bike commuters Conversion opportunityn Set the hookn Increase evergreenbicycle commuterpopulation
  14. 14. Questions & Answers : Speak up!