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    Deutsche Messe AGMessegelndeD-30521 HannoverTel. +49-511/89-0Fax +49-511/89-3 26 D




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    SD 2SD 2


    Wichtige Hinweise fr den Besucher

    Die Vortragssprache aller Veranstaltungen geht aus der Sprachfassung des jeweiligen Titels hervor, deutsch und/oder englisch.

    Sofern nicht anders gekennzeichnet, ist die Teilnahme an den Vortragsveranstaltungen fr alle HANNOVER MESSE-Besucher kostenfrei.

    Important information for visitors

    The language of all events is revealed by their titles, i.e.

    English title = conference in English

    (marked with GB)

    German title = conference in German

    English AND German title = conference in BOTH languages

    Unless otherwise specified, admission is free of charge to all HANNOVER MESE fairgoers.

    Ansprechpartnerin/person to contact:

    Deutsche Messe AG

    Andrea Busch +49-(0)511/

    Ute Quirling +49-(0)511/

    Susanne Tiegs +49-(0)511/

    Julia Grube +49-(0)511/

    Stand/status as of: 18.04.2006Programmnderungen vorbehaltenProgram subject to change


    India is delighted to be the Partner Country in the Hannover Mes-se 2006. India's presence, represented by over 300 companies, atthe world's largest technology exhibition, will showcase the vastpotential for partnership that India offers for trade, investmentand technology collaboration for mutual benefit.

    There has been a significant transformation in the Indian econo-my since India participated as the Partner Country the last time atthe Hannover Messe 22 years ago. Today, India is among the mostattractive destinations globally for doing business. Ongoing andwide-ranging reforms have enabled high and sustained economicgrowth rates. The successful globalization of our economy is alsoindicated by the fact that several Indian companies have expan-ded their global presence in various sectors worldwide, includingin Germany.

    India not only represents a huge market but also presents oppor-tunities for increasing competitiveness through its cost and quali-ty advantages. India has emerged as a hub for services and in-creasingly also for manufacturing and commercial Research &Development. Indian strengths in high technology areas such asIT, biotechnology and space are well known today. There has beenconsiderable expansion in other sectors as well including auto-mobiles, pharmaceuticals and agro-processing. Infrastructure andenergy are among the two major areas of potential for growingcollaboration with our partners.

    Germany is one of India's most important business partners. Ourbilateral trade has grown rapidly, at over 20% in the last couple ofyears. Germany is among the major foreign investors in India. In-do-German joint venture companies have performed well and areamong the market leaders in a large number of product groups inIndia.

    I have no doubt that the interaction between the business com-munities of India and Germany, and all others at the HannoverMesse 2006, will create mutually beneficial partnerships.

    I wish the participants at the Hannover Messe 2006 all success.

    Manmohan Singh


  • Germany has a big welcome for guests from IndiaSepp D. Heckmann,Chair of the Board of Deutsche Messe AG, Hannover

    In April 2006, everyone with an interest in industrial technology will be turning their attention to Germany and the world's biggesttechnology event HANNOVER MESSE. With India as its PartnerCountry in 2006, HANNOVER MESSE 2006 will attract evengreater attention from industry and the business community thanin the past. India's decision to take part in this way fulfils a long-held goal of Deutsche Messe AG.

    Numerous companies, industry associations and institutions fromIndia will be represented in Hall 6 with a future-oriented display that underlines the potential of this vast economy. We welcometheir involvement in Hannover. The main keynotes of this presen-tation include such sectors as energy, industrial subcontractingand India's booming automobile sector. In reality, however, it isalmost irrelevant which industry or sector I mention the world iseager to see what solutions and developments emanate from thiseconomic power of the future.

    The business location India offers many benefits, not least the ex-tremely positive predictions for the developing Indian domesticmarket. But, above all, the international business community va-lues the No. 033/2006 E - 2 - country's stable political situation, itsdemocratic traditions and its well-educated and qualified specia-lists and managers. In this respect India boasts advantages al-most unmatched by any other growth economy worldwide. Forthese very reasons visitors to HANNOVER MESSE look forwardeagerly to the forthcoming presentations and ideas from the Partner Country India.

    Interest in business collaboration and joint ventures with Indiancompanies is especially keen in Germany. That is why the conceptof the Partner Country presentation accords such significance tofacilitating serious bilateral contacts with diverse sectors of theIndian economy. Part of this effort involves the presentation ofconcrete investment projects, placing a focus on the key growthsectors and creating a platform for a business dialogue and face-to-face meetings with business counterparts.

    With its numerous conferences, seminars and meetings the sup-porting program during HANNOVER MESSE traditionally provi-des an international forum for politics and policy-makers. It is here that the work of initiating and intensifying economic andbusiness relations really goes on. Thus, the Indian companies represented at HANNOVER MESSE 2006 will find an almost perfect gateway to European and international markets, whetherthey come as trade visitors or as exhibitors.

    I am confident that Hannover is the right place for you to be andwould be delighted to welcome you there. The world is lookingforward to HANNOVER MESSE. The world's eyes are on India.

    Sepp D. Heckmann3



    Message of greetingon the occasion of India's participation in theHannover Messe 2006 as Partner Country

    I warmly welcome our guests from this year's Partner Country tothe Hannover Messe 2006.

    India's participation in this year's trade fair will mean that one ofAsia's most dynamic economic players will be presented at Han-nover. Thanks to its comprehensive economic reforms and step-by-step opening to the free market, India has for many years re-corded above-average growth rates, particularly in industry andservices. The Indian economy has now joined the internationaltop flight in promising sectors such as IT, pharmaceuticals, spaceflight and biotechnology. In addition India has a great potential ofwell-educated specialists and highly-qualified scientists, making ita country with a bright economic future.

    Thanks to India's increasing integration into the global economyand not least due to the traditionally good relations between Indiaand Europe, our trade links are becoming more and more signifi-cant. Indo-German bilateral trade grew by double-figure ratesover the past two years. This development shows what huge op-portunities lay in economic cooperation between our two coun-tries. We want to make use of these opportunities and further in-tensify and deepen our economic ties.

    India's participation as Partner Country in the Hannover Messe2006, the world's largest technology exhibition, presents a mar-vellous opportunity to do so. I warmly invite the visitors to theHannover Messe to see for themselves how well Indian industryperforms and how impressively India has developed in economicterms.

    I wish our guests from Partner Country India, as well as all exhibi-tors and visitors, a successful Hannover Messe 2006!

    (sgd) Angela Merkel

  • OpeningDr. Heinrich v. Pierer, Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Committee of German Business (APA) /Chairman of the Supervisory Board, SiemensAGH.E. Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister ofIndiaH.E. Dr. Angela Merkel, Federal Chancellor ofGermany

    Questions & Answers:Moderated by Dr. v. Pierer

    MoU Signing Ceremony (t.b.c.)

    Word of Thanks:Rakesh Shah, Chairman, Engineering ExportPromotion Council of India

    Coffee/Tea Break

    Panel:Opening markets for trade and investmentH.E. Michael Glos, Federal Minister of Economics, GermanyH. E. Kamal Nath, Minister for Commerce & Industry, IndiaDr. Hans-Joachim Krber, CEO, METRO AGN.N., (t.b.a. by IBEF)Chair: Dr. Heinrich v. Pierer

    Lunch hosted by the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) on the occasion of its 50th anniversary

    Panel:Opportunities and challenges for infrastructure development in IndiaDr. Ajay Dua, Secretary, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry ofCommerce & IndustryDr. Hubert Lienhard, Chairman, India EconomicCommittee, APA / Member of the CorporateManagement Board, Voith AGR. Seshasayee, President, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)Frank Sthrenberg, Member of the Board,Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KGChair: Arun Bharat Ram, Chairman, Indo-German Consultative Group and Chairman &Managing Director, SRF Limited

    Coffee/Tea Break14:30 - 14:45

    13:30 - 14:30

    12:00 - 13:30