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RNDM Performing Arts Centre Sacred Heart College, Sorrento
City of Joondalup Eisteddfod 2013 Mayor’s Welcome
On behalf of the City of Joondalup, I am proud to welcome you to the premier performing arts competition in the region, the Joondalup Eisteddfod.
This iconic community event returns for a 26th year in 2013, which is testament to its popularity and success.
The Joondalup Eisteddfod offers talented actors, public speakers, musicians, singers and choirs the opportunity to showcase their talents to industry professionals at the superb Sacred Heart College Performing Arts Centre as well as a chance to win a share in cash awards and prizes.
Undoubtedly, this event could not be such a success without the support of the adjudicators and volunteers. Their generous contributions of knowledge and time are greatly appreciated.
Thanks also to family members, friends, teachers and members of the community who have come along to support the performers, whose talents we are here to celebrate.
I wish all of our entrants the best of luck for the competition, and look forward to enjoying some of the fine performances that will be seen at the 2013 City of Joondalup Eisteddfod.
Troy Pickard Mayor City of Joondalup
The City of Joondalup Eisteddfod is presented by
and supported by
Adjudicator Profiles Brian Copping Brian is a well-known performer and jazz educator. He is a former member of the Will Upson Big Band and has played with many visiting artists including Sammy Davis Junior, Peter Allen and the Glenn Miller Reunion Band led by Ray McKinley. Bill has also played with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra and with professional chamber groups. Brian served three full terms on the International Board of the International Association for Jazz Education, was the founding member for the Jazz Educator’s Association in Western Australia and served for many years as the Jazz Coordinator for the School of Instrumental Music. Brian is currently lecturing on Jazz Pedagogy and Arranging in the Music Department at UWA and has presented papers and clinics on jazz at conferences across Australia and Asia. In 2006 Brian was invited to become a Research Associate at Morehead State University, Kentucky USA and his work was subsequently published in Teaching Music through Performance in Jazz. Brian has examined and adjudicated extensively and in 1993 he was awarded a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ by the Ministry of Education for “Outstanding Service to Music in the State at a National and International Level”. In 2012 Brian was elected as a ‘Full Writer Member’ of the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA).
Paul Sealey Paul has wide experience assessing performance exams at a WACE level. He has adjudicated in the North Perth Musical Festival, Fremantle Eisteddfod and South of Perth Eisteddfod. Paul completed a Bachelor of Music with first class honours at UWA, where he studied Composition and Pianoforte. He subsequently studied Pianoforte with Pauline Belviso and completed his Master of Music in composition studying under John Exton. Paul Studied Violin with Alan Bonds and is an experienced orchestral conductor. Paul is an experienced piano teacher and accompanist and he has frequently taught composition to WACE composition majors. Paul is the Choral Co-ordinator at Churchlands Senior High School.
Penny Black Penny Black has been involved in music for the major part of her life—at first as a solo performer (including playing in the State Finals of what is now the Young Performers Awards) and also as an accompanist for soloists and choirs. Over the years she has been a regular examiner for the AMEB and has adjudicated in most of the major Eisteddfods in Perth including Fremantle, Kwinana, Joondalup, the WA Pianists’ Competition, the Catholic Arts Festival and at the Central Great Southern Eisteddfod in Narrogin. Penny has enjoyed considerable success in her teaching with a number of her students having won high awards in various Eisteddfods and competitions. However, she considers her greatest triumph is to pass on her own love and passion for music to her students.
Donna Markovic Donna Markovic is currently working as a singing coach for the Northside School of Music, Belridge College and as a vocal and performance coach for individual and performance groups with her own business “Capture the Audience”. Donna has previously been a vocal and performance coach at Joondalup Entertainers Theatre School for seven years. Donna coaches individuals, small, medium and large groups of male and female performers. She specialises in voice, expression, and visual and emotional delivery. Donna is a member of the Regional Education Faculty for Sweet Adeline Australia, a women’s organisation of Barbershop singers. Donna is a member of the Youth in Barbershop Development Initiative where she is a part of the teaching faculty for the annual Big Barbershop Day Out. She also travels across Australia coaching individual performers, quartets and choruses in preparation for competitions and events.
Peter Sunman Peter Sunman has a Masters of Music Degree (Performance) from the University of Western Australia as well as L.Mus.A, A.Mus.A and LTCL diplomas. He is currently an AMEB and WACE examiner for clarinet and saxophone and is a well-known teacher, performer and adjudicator. Peter was previously Director of Music at Guildford Grammar School and Trinity Anglican School in Cairns and was also Director of Gordonstoun Festival in Scotland. Peter played principal clarinet, bass clarinet and soloist with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra and the WA Arts Orchestra. He was also state winner of the ABC’s Instrumental and Vocal Competition on three occasions. He is currently a council member of the WA Music Teacher’s Association and is also conductor of the Claremont Concert Band. Peter is currently a tutor of clarinet and saxophone and an ensemble director at Prendiville College.
Sharon Kiely Sharon is a WAAPA Musical Theatre graduate who has worked in various styles of performance including musical theatre, television and cabaret. Her theatre credits include I Love You, You’re Perfect Now Change, Rent, Stephen Sondheim’s Company and Into The Woods. Sharon’s most recent performances were Jason Robert Brown’s The Last Five Years and Le Grande Review Deux for Downstairs at His Majesty’s and Rhapsody In Red with trio The Cover Girls. Sharon was also lucky enough to be the first ‘Spotlight’ performer at the new Underground Cabaret venue at The Kings Hotel in Perth this year. Sharon has taught Drama at St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls and has been involved in the Wakakirri Story Dance Festival as a national host and head judge. Sharon is very excited to have been asked to adjudicate the Joondalup Eisteddfod again for 2013.
Saturday 3 August
No. Section Start Adjudicator
2 Popular Modern Pianoforte Solo. 11 Years and Under. 9.00am Penny Black
3 Popular Modern Pianoforte Solo. 13 Years and Under. 9.45am Penny Black
4 – 5 Popular Modern Pianoforte Solo. 15 Years and Under and 17 Years and Under.
10.39am Penny Black
6 Popular Modern Pianoforte Solo. Open. 11.37am Penny Black
32 – 33 Pianoforte Solo by Australian Composer. 13 Years and Under and 15 Years and Under.
12.09pm Penny Black
7 - 8 Pianoforte Solo Sonatina. Primary (up to A.M.E. B Grade 2) and Elementary (up to A.M.E.B Grade 3 or 4).
1.30pm Penny Black
9 Pianoforte Solo Sonatina. Intermediate (A.M.E.B Grade 5 or 6). 1.55pm Penny Black
10 – 11 Pianoforte Solo Sonata. Intermediate. A.M.E.B Grade 5 or 6 and A.M.E.B Grade 7 or 8.
2.43pm Penny Black
12 Pianoforte Solo Sonata. Advanced (Past A.M.E.B Grade 8). 3.37pm Penny Black
Sunday 4 August
No. Section Start Adjudicator
23 – 24 Pianoforte Duet. 11 Years and Under and 13 Years and Under. 9.00am Penny Black
25 – 26 Pianoforte Duet. 15 Years and Under and Open. 9.33am Penny Black
13 Pianoforte Solo. Novice. 10.28am Penny Black
14 Pianoforte Solo. Equal to A.M.E.B Preliminary Grade. 11.36am Penny Black
15 Pianoforte Solo. Equal to A.M.E.B Grade 1. 1.15pm Penny Black
16 Pianoforte Solo. Equal to A.M.E.B Grade 2. 2.03pm Penny Black
17 Pianoforte Solo. Equal to A.M.E.B Grade 3. 2.56pm Penny Black
18 Pianoforte Solo. Equal to A.M.E.B Grade 4. 4.10pm Penny Black
19 Pianoforte Solo. Equal to A.M.E.B Grade 5. 4.57pm Penny Black
20 Pianoforte Solo. Equal to A.M.E.B Grade 6. 5.51pm Penny Black
Saturday 10 August
No. Section Start Adjudicator
21 Pianoforte Solo. Equal to A.M.E.B Grade 7 or 8. 9.00am Paul Sealey
22 Pianoforte Solo. Open. 10.32am Paul Sealey
12.42pm Brian Copping
58 - 59 Other Instrument Solo. Novice and Equal to A.M.E.B Grade 1. 2.35pm Brian Copping
63 - 64 Other Instrument Solo. Equal to A.M.E.B Grade 5 and Grade 6. 3.03pm Brian Copping
65 - 66 Other Instrument Solo. Equal to A.M.E.B Grade 7 or 8 and Open. 3.40pm Brian Copping
67 - 69 Instrumental Duet or Trio. 11 Years and Under, 13 Years and Under and 15 Years and Under.
4.21pm Brian Copping
36 - 37 Instrumental Ensemble. Jazz. Secondary School and Open. 6.00pm Brian Copping
39 Instrumental Group. Jazz Band. Secondary School. 6.44pm Brian Copping
42 - 43 Instrumental Ensemble. Rock Band. Secondary School and Open. 7.22pm Brian Copping
Sunday 11 August
No. Section Start Adjudicator
71 - 72 Stringed Instruments Solo. Novice and Equal to A.M.E.B Preliminary.. 9.00am Peter Sunman
73 - 74 Stringed Instruments Solo. Equal to A.M.E.B Grade 1 and Grade 2. 9.23am Peter Sunman
75 - 76 Stringed Instruments Solo. Equal to A.M.E.B Grade 3 and Grade 4.. 9.45am Peter Sunman
77 Stringed Instruments Solo. Equal to A.M.E.B Grade 5. 10.27am Peter Sunman
79 Stringed Instruments Solo. Equal to A.M.E.B Grade 7 or 8. 11.10am Peter Sunman
51 Instrumental Ensemble. Classical. Secondary School. 2.30pm Peter Sunman
45 Instrumental Group. Classical. Secondary School. 3.14pm Peter Sunman
48 Instrumental Group. Concert/ Brass Band. Secondary School Open. 3.41pm Peter Sunman
53 - 54 Instrumental Ensemble. Chamber Group. Primary and Secondary School. 4.31pm Peter Sunman
Saturday 17 August
81 Woodwind/Recorder Solo Novice. 9.00am Brian Copping
82 - 84 Woodwind/Recorder Solo equal to A.M.E.B Preliminary Grade, A.M.E.B Grade 1 and B Grade 2.
9.33am Brian Copping
85 - 86 Woodwind/Recorder Solo equal to A.M.E.B Grade 3 and Grade 4. 9.58am Brian Copping
87 - 89 Woodwind/Recorder Solo equal to A.M.E.B Grade 5 and 10.40am Brian Copping
No. Section Start Adjudicator
118 Vocal Solo Musical Theatre. 13 Years and Under. 12.00pm Donna Markovic
119 Vocal Solo Musical Theatre. 15 Years and Under. 1.46pm Donna Markovic
120 Vocal Solo Musical Theatre. 17 Years and Under. 3.00pm Donna Markovic
121 Vocal Solo Musical Theatre. Open. 3.41pm Donna Markovic
Sunday 18 August
Speech and Drama
126/128/ 130
Solo Public Speaking. 11 Years and Under, 15 Years and Under and Open.
9.00am Sharon Kiely
Solo Poetry/Verse/Prose Presentation. Published and Original Work. 9 Years and Under, 13 Years and Under and 17 Years and Under.
9.48am Sharon Kiely
147 - 150 Monologue. Original Composition. 11 Years and Under, 15 Years and Under, 17 Years and Under and Open.
10.31am Sharon Kiely
151 - 154 Monologue. Scripted Production. 11 Years and Under, 15 Years and Under, 17 Years and Under and Open.
11.24am Sharon Kiely
104 Vocal Solo Popular. 13 Years and Under. 1.00pm Donna Markovic
105 Vocal Solo Popular. 15 Years and Under. 2.33pm Donna Markovic
106 Vocal Solo Popular. 17 Years and Under. 4.49pm Donna Markovic
107 Vocal Solo Popular. Open. 5.43pm Donna Markovic
Saturday 24 August
No. Section Start Adjudicator
92 - 93 Primary and Secondary School Choir. Open. More than 20 voices. 9.00am Donna Markovic
94 Choirs Open. More than 20 voices. 9.32am Donna Markovic
96 - 97 Choral Group. Secondary School and Open. 6-20 voices. 10.04am Donna Markovic
98 - 100 Vocal Ensemble. Primary School, Secondary School and Open. 4-6 voices.
10.36am Donna Markovic
101 Vocal Duet or Trio. Primary School. 12.45pm Donna Markovic
102 - 103 Vocal Duet or Trio. Secondary School and Open. 1.20pm Donna Markovic
108 Vocal Solo Classical. 17 Years and Under. 2.54pm Donna Markovic
109 Vocal Solo Classical. Open. 3.35pm Donna Markovic
110 Vocal Solo Sacred. 13 Years and Under. 4.10pm Donna Markovic
111 - 112 Vocal Solo Sacred. 15 Years and Under and 17 Years and Under. 4.45pm Donna Markovic
113 Vocal Solo Sacred. Open. 6.16pm Donna Markovic
114 - 115 Vocal Solo Folk. 13 Years and Under and 15 Years and Under. 6.51pm Donna Markovic
116 Vocal Solo Folk. 17 Years and Under. 7.45pm Donna Markovic
Sunday 25 August
9.00am Donna Markovic
11.45am Donna Markovic
2.50pm Donna Markovic
4.17pm Donna Markovic
124 Vocal Solo. With pre-recorded multi-instrumental accompaniment. 17 Years and Under.
6.14pm Donna Markovic
7.08pm Donna Markovic
City of Joondalup Civic Chambers, Boas Avenue, Joondalup. Tickets: $12.00 standard or $10.00 concession holders. Concerts start promptly at 2.00pm.
Held in the Civic Chambers, Joondalup, on the third Sunday of the month from May to December (excluding a special concert programmed for 13 October with afternoon tea), Sunday Serenades features performances from spectacular Western Australian musicians and in 2013 celebrates a decade of excellent music.
Seating is strictly limited. To reserve your tickets, telephone 9400 4912.
15 September Piano and Preludes 13 October Spring Strings and Afternoon Tea 17 November Summertime Jazz 15 December A Very Jay Christmas
Community Invitation Art Award 27 October – 15 November 2013
Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City, Joondalup Drive, Joondalup. Admission Free. Open during shopping hours.
The 2013 Community Invitation Art Award is a $7,000.00 acquisitive award with additional awards totalling $6,750.00 on offer. This award is open to professional artists who are residents of the City of Joondalup or members of the Joondalup Community Art Association (JCAA).
Visitors to the exhibition can vote for their favourite artwork in the Popular Choice Award.
Little Feet Festival 10 November 2013
Edith Cowan University, Joondalup Drive, Joondalup. Admission Free. 1.00pm – 5.00pm.
Step into the Joondalup Pines in late 2013 for a day filled with fun and games! Loads of free activities, performances, workshops and plenty of fun for the little ones, 12 years and under.
For further information, please telephone 9400 4705 or visit
T: 08 9400 4000 F: 08 9300 1383 Boas Avenue Joondalup WA 6027 PO Box 21 Joondalup WA 6919