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  • 8/4/2019 program activiti la HAMPTON COURT


    Yourday atcourt

    Summer 2011

    See historycome to lifeat HamptonCourt Palacetoday...

    Meet our most famous

    Tudor characters and

    experience the splendour

    of a day at court.

    Discover more with talks

    and tours.

    Use this guide together

    with the Palace Map to

    help you nd each of the

    special event locations.

    Available until 5:00pm

    from the Information

    Centre on Base Court in

    the following languages.

    (Subject to availability)

    A variety of special tours

    are available including

    options for families and

    partially sighted visitors.

    Audio guides are included

    in your ticket price.

    Not available for under 5s.

    Things to remember

    Please resist touching the

    magnicent objects that

    you will see displayed within

    the palace.

    To protect these historic

    objects we have to use

    window blinds to keep lightlevels low and we place

    fragile items behind barriers.

    You are welcome to take

    photographs within the

    palace and gardens.

    Photography is not allowed

    in the Chapel Royal and Pew.

    Please do not photograph

    individual works of art orobjects on display as they

    belong to a variety of lenders.

    Audio guides

    Closing times17:15

    The Maze


    Privy Kitchen Caf

    The Formal Gardens

    The Gardens Exhibition

    The Story of the Palace


    Last entry to palace

    routes and shops


    East Gate


    Tiltyard Caf

    and West Gate

  • 8/4/2019 program activiti la HAMPTON COURT


    It is summer 1546. King Henry VIII isfeeling his age, and the country is inpolitical and religious ferment. His

    sixth queen, Kateryn Parr, is under

    threat and all must decide where theirloyalties lie.

    11:00 MeettheCourt: Join Henry VIIIs courtiers

    and discover the dangers of life at court.

    Starts in Base Court (30 mins)

    12:00 CompromisingEvidence: Will you risk your

    freedom to help Queen Kateryn?

    Starts in Base Court (30 mins)

    13:00 DressingtheQueen:Help Queen Kateryn look

    her best and keep the Kings favour.

    Queens Guard Chamber (30 mins)

    14:00 TheQueeninDanger:Loyal friends are needed

    to go undercover and expose a sinister plot.

    Starts in Base Court (30 mins)

    15:00 TheTablesTurned:Is another queen destined to

    be executed, or will wifely obedience win the day?Chapel Court (30 mins)

    16:00 Harmonyrestored: Will the King be persuaded to

    forgive those who have offended him?

    Starts in Base Court (30 mins)

    Dont miss out on ourother activities and tours

    14:00 GreatVinetalks:Tuesday & Thursday.

    Mary IIs Apartments(20 mins)

    Not Tues 16 August.

    Talks end Thurs 8 September 2011.

    14:00 Behindthescenestourofthe

    GlasshouseNursery: Daily, except Friday.

    Meet in the Great Fountain Garden

    (by the summer ticket kiosk) (30 mins)

    14:30 Meetapalacegardener:Friday only.

    Meet at the East Gate (30 mins)

    14:45 GardenHistorytours:Daily, except Friday.

    Meet at the East Gate (45 mins)


    Gallery open daily.

    10:30 13:00 & 14:00 17:00.


    Join Henrys team of cooks as they prepare

    a lavish Tudor style banquet.Selectedweekends:

    2-3 July, 27-29 August, 3-4 September,

    1-2 October, 5-6 November, 3-4 December

    and 27 December 1 January 2012.

    Henry VIIIs Kitchens


    Find out the truth abouthis rst marriage.

    Young Henrys Story


    Make sure youre dressed suitably for court

    with a traditional velvet cloak from the Wardrobe

    (subject to availability).

    Information Centre, Base Court


    Pick up a family trail and take a different

    journey of discovery through the palace.

    Available from the Information Centre


    Daily: 11:00 17:00.

    Please pay on board: Adults 3, Children 2.

    (15 mins, weather permitting)

    Great Fountain Garden


    6-7 August 2011.

    Forget Henry VIII! Spend a summer weekend in

    Sir Christopher Wrens baroque masterpiece, with

    King William III, Queen Mary II and other colourful

    characters from the Stuart Court.