Profiting With Pivot Based Concepts

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Pivot-Based Pivot Based Concepts C twith

Frank Ochoa

A Powerful Approach Approach

Trending Here

Buy Here Sideways Here

AgendaProfiting with Pivot-Based Concepts g p Pivot Trend AnalysisBuy Support Sell Resistance Support,

Pivot Width AnalysisForecasting P i B h i F ti Price Behavior

Introduction to Pivot RelationshipsHigher Value Relationship Lower Value Relationship Inside Value Relationship3

Pivot Based Pivot-Based ConceptsPivot Trend Analysis Pivot Width Analysis Pivot Relationships

Why are Pivots Useful? Price-based MarketPrice-based, Generated information Help identify value value, overbought, and oversold conditions Leading indicators; zero lag g Lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy Can be used for a wide array of analysis

Market Profile Floor Pivots LevelsR2 R1

Camarilla PivotsH5 H4





S1 S2

L4 L5

Pivot Trend AnalysisBuy Support in an Uptrend, Sell Resistance in a Downtrend

Pivot Trend Analysis Buy at support in a bull y pp trend Sell at resistance in a bear trend Keeps you disciplined to the trend Certain pivots become retired during a trend Focus on higher probability reversals b bilit l

Buy Support in a Bull Trend

Buyers entered at the pivot range

Buy Support in a Bull Trend

Buy Dips at Support in Certain Pivots Become Bullish Trend Retired During Strong Trends T d

Sell Resistance in a Bear TrendSell Here

Sell Resistance in a Bear TrendSell Here Close Above Range Breaks Downtrend

Sell Resistance in a Downtrend

Sell Rips

Buy into Morning Weakness

Buys Dips at Pivots, Goal is a New High

Pivot Width AnalysisTrading Range Behavior Trending BehaviorNarrow Wide

Forecasting with Pivot Width The price behavior of a prior period of time can h l f i d f i help forecast the price behavior of an upcoming period of time An Unusually wide pivot range can forecast sideways trading An Unusually narrow pivot range can forecast trending and breakout markets Allows you to anticipate potential market behavior Allows you to choose which markets to trade

Research In Motion

Game Plans for Narrow/Wide DaysSideways Markets Play Reversals g p Tight Stops Close Targets or Stand Aside Trending Markets Play Breakouts Loosen Stops Bigger Targets Look to be In

Apple, Inc Apple Inc.

Revolving Nature of Pivot Width

Mini Sized Dow

Open Beyond Range/Value Indicates Major Movement Ahead

Narrow Ranges = Big Potential

Open Beyond p y Range/Value Indicates Major Movement Ahead


7 Pivot Range RelationshipsHigher Value Lower Value Overlapping Higher Value Overlapping Lower Value Inside Value Unchanged Value Outside Value

Why are Pivot Relationships Useful? Allow you to gauge market strength/weakness Allow you to anticipate potential price behavior Allow you to focus on the best y trading candidates Keep you disciplined Force you to do your homework Allow you to plan your trades

The Higher Value RelationshipHigher Value

Higher Value Most bullish relationship Occurs when the pivot range is completely higher than the prior sessions pivot range Look to buy at support in a bullish trend Buy into weakness, sell at a new high within the trend

Higher Value Relationship

Higher Value Relationship

Buy at Support

Higher Value Relationship

Higher Value: Buy at Support

Failed Higher Value

The Lower Value RelationshipLower Value

Lower Value Most bearish relationship Occ rs when the range is Occurs hen completely lower than the prior range Look to sell at resistance in a downtrend Sell into strength with a strength, target of reaching a new low within bear trend

Lower Value Relationship

Lower Value Relationship

Lower Value RelationshipLower Value Relationship

Sell at Resistance

Lower Value Relationship p

The Inside Value RelationshipUse the Pivots to trade Identify the most explosive breakaway days breakout days

Inside Value RelationshipInside Value M Most explosive relationship l i l i hi Occurs when current range is completely inside prior range Look to trade a breakout from price range Initiative participants step in and aggressively push price to new value Loosen stops, trade for bigger profits Trend morning, or trend day scenario may occurInside Value

Mini Sized Dow

Open Beyond Range/Value Indicates Major Movement Ahead

The Inside Value Setup

Inside Value Relationship

Identifying an Inside Value Setup

Result of the Setup

Price opens beyond range and value, indicating buyers are i di ti b aggressively seeking new value

Inside Value Breakout

No gap, so must wait for breakout from price range

Inside Value Breakout

Trading with Discipline Use the pivots to develop a theory for market direction and behavior Identify the best entry and exits points before the market opens Let the market prove or disprove your theory Do your homework Trade with confidence and execute o e ec te your plan42

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Pivot-Based Pivot Based Concepts C twith

Frank Ochoa