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7/15/2009 Jyothirmoy

Jaya Pullabhotla (T1135081)

Swathi Potharaju (T1212385)

Charuni Patibanda (T729991)

Durga N (T801774)

Sjt (T873692)

Posh777 (K399760)

K.Lakshmi Smitha (T532070) 7/21/2009 Rupini

Svn (T525834)

Abi/Aruna bharathi (T692268)

Suneetha (T987465)

H (T1178714)

Akhila (T740242)

Cvs Usha Lakshmi (T626041)

Amencherla Neelima (T911427)

Desc My sister has done BTech(ECE) and is working for an US based MNC in Bangalore as a Software Engineer. She is a very caring, simple and rational person. She is interested in a partner who is understanding and supportive. Please contact us for further details.



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29 Karnataka,INDIA We are looking for a boy from a nice educated family for our third daughter bobby,who is working as a Team lead in FORD.Bobby is a lively and fun loving person.Her interests include reading books and watching TV.She is blend, having both traditional and modern thoughts. 28 Swathy has a very cherubic personality and is considered a very caring and affectionate girl. She is socially outgoing and cherishes her friends and family utmost. Having graduated with a Masters in Computer Applications in India she went further to complete a Masters in Comp. Sciences in USA after that. Currently she works for an IBM project as a developer in Indianapolis. Swathy has a well-balanced personality and has managed her personal and professional life with ease. Being very career oriented and ambitious having completed a double Masters has never prevented her from cherishing her true passion in music. Having been blessed with a melodious voice and an ardent disciple of carnatic music, she has participated in numerous competitions at school and college level and won prizes. In addition she enjoys traveling and visiting new places. Her idea of an ideal weekend would comprise of a long drive in a car listening to good music. She has always enjoyed cooking and watching movies. We are seeking alliances from grooms, who are well qualified and share a passion beyond just work. She looks forward to be a part of a very loving and caring nuclear family just like ours. Given how much Swathy enjoys exploring new places and traveling, she is very flexible in terms of relocation. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you the best in your search.


5.8 Team lead in FORD,630000

27 Indianapolis, US Develper in IBM, 65k 5.4

I am a tall US born Hindu Brahmin girl with a Masters degree, presently in Law school. I have many hobbies including singing and classical dance. I am looking for a Brahmin groom. My sister is a Funloving and Outstanding girl interms of acedemics and her professional life.she loves Music and Adventure and also an Electro Buy(Craze for electronics) .A 21st Century girl with a Blend of Modern and Traditional values. A strong beliver in quote "The Best way to predict your future is to create it!"

27 Wilmington,Delaware (US born) School 5.9

24 Hyderabad, INDIA Specialist5.8 Techical my daughter is Straight forward and active.she is software professional working in hyderabad and career oriented and balances with personal life. 28 Hyderabad, INDIA Professional Software 5.3 Hmmm?a little about myself ?. I'm a very outgoing person with a positive outlook on life. I'm predominantly an outdoor person... enjoy playing basketball, love to go places. I have strong family values that come from my upbringing. I am a fun loving, open-minded, loquacious by nature... I have a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and currently work in Pittsburgh for an Investment Bank. I am looking for someone I can connect with ?? someone intelligent, chivalrous, down-to-earth, humble, caring, passionate and open to honest communication. If interested, please send a message with your email address and contact number. 28 Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania Professional 5.6 Software our daughter smitha is a very caring,understanding,mature&thoughtful girl which is why she choose to do the same time she is fun loving too.she plans to do her PHD in psychology soon.she is pursuing carnatic&hindustani classical music(vocal.she is regarded as a good singer in our frds circle.iam her father,i worked as The head of Press Information Beureau&Censor officer.i retired in 2003&now working as a professor in a wife is working in central govt service.prashant,smitha's elder brother is in canada. pls only TELUGU BRAHMINS need to contact us.thank u for ur interest.

28 Hyderabad, INDIA not working 5.5 My daughter is well-educated, brought up with good traditional values. SheHyderabad, working as anManager Hyd MNC at Hy 27 is currentlyManager in a MNC @ in an INDIA 5.4

This alliance is for our daughter, Vasanthi. She is a smart, outgoing and a very hardworking person. She is very religious and god fearing. She has a lot of respect for elders. She is currently in the USA, completed her MS in CS engineering. She is currently working in Wakefield, MA. We are looking for a professionally well settled groom from a respectable Andhra Brahmin family. 26 Hudson, New Hampshire Software Professional 5.8 Our daughter is a smart, well educated and traditional girl with modern outlook. She has her Masters in MIS from Osmania University and MS in Computer Science from University of Illinois. Currently working as a consultant in Cleveland, Ohio. We are looking for a well educated groom with similar family background and values. If interested please contact us for further details. 27 Cleveland,Ohio Software Professional 5.5

We are looking for a suitable alliance for our daughter Suneetha.She is simple, smart, funloving and down to earth girl. she is working as a software professional in London. you can know more about her when you reach us.

27 London

Software Professional 5.2

This profile is made for my cousin. The first thing that I can think of when asked to talk about her is her incredible sense of humor and liveliness! She truly personifies her name (which you'd know later :)) by being one of the most charming, friendly and cheerful persons I know of! Her loving, caring and helping nature could be the winning recipe for her big circle of friends. H has graduated from a very reputed School in the US and is currently working in communications Industry in PA. She is ambitious, career oriented but at the same time knows how to perfectly balance things and enjoy life. Perhaps being a Libran helps! ...but it amazes me how in spite of her busy schedule, she finds time for all the fun stuff she does... like her swimming lessons, dance, painting, yoga, biking....and the list goes on and on. I'd not be doing a good job telling about her if I did not mention about her passion for Indian classical music and Dance. She enjoys good music and being an ardent Sai Baba devotee, participates in Bhajans whenever possible, even in the US Please don't hesitate to write to us if you think your interests match with my cousin's and if she is like the 'One' you are looking for. We would be more than glad to help you with some more details Thank you 25 Allentown, Pennsylvania IT 5.5 Engineer - Non

we are a small family and expect a decent and caring person. we are settled in Bangalore would like to, as far as possible, to seek person from the south. we speak telugu tamil and kannada 25 Bangalore, Architect INDIA calm hardworking adjusting comes from a family respecting tradition and having moderen out look interested in soft ware field We are looking for a Telugu Brahmin Boy for my daughter Neelima.We believe in customs and traditions that forms the backbone of our close knit family .Looking for TALL, well educated (preferably masters) grooms from respected families who must be understanding ,caring and respect our family. 5.4

28 Chennai

SW Engineer @ CTS 5.3

23 Chennai

Sw Engineer @ INFOSYS 5.10'




Gothram Education



Vidiki Telanganya





6000 Niyogi


Vrushabha Kaundilya


father is a Chartered accountant with a long career as Sr. executive in commercial banking and investment banking.Mother has a doctorate in life sciences and is a principal of a women's college and only brother ,a graduate from IITM and masters in management from one of the reputed universities in USA.After having worked on the wall street in one of the major investment banks, returned to India to start up his own venture. This is our close knit family Chartered Accountant


Please look at our daughter Charuni's profile. She was born and brought up in US. Let us know your thoughts. Sarma and Suguna 302-453-1550 Bharadwaj MS, Law school

Aruvela Niyogi




Masters in Electronics


Pradhamasakha Niyogi Poorvabhadra Kumbha

Bharadwaj Engineering CS

I have a loving and caring family. My dad was manager in BEL, my mom in bank. My sister is married and settled in Chicago. Ours is a close knit family.... with good values of life and tradition. Family values and strong family bonds are the backbone of life. It greatly impacts who we are as a person. I am blessed with a manager BEL now retired Shalavatsa Engineering CS wonderful family.


Aruvela Niyogi Aruvela Niyogi

Bharadwaj Master of philosophy in psychology

professor &HOD in university



MoudgalyaManagement - BBA/ MBA


Aruvela Niyogi