Professional hair stylists and makeup artists in ny

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Discover the most recent innovation on your make up and hair color correction, hair smoothing and hair cutting at Antons Hair and Makeup and evaluate the differences between other hair salons in Brooklyn. We will consider your specific hair qualities and also the requirements of your individual existence.


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Professional Make Up &amp; Hair Stylists in New YorkHire From</p> <p>About Us Antons Hair and make up provides best services on hair and makeup. Searching for hair haircuts, extensions, smoothing treatments, deep sea mineral treatments, hair coloring, make-up, bridal &amp; formal styling, face waxing and more, then come to antonshairandmakeup.comHair Extensions</p> <p>Great Makeover</p> <p>Strawberry Hair Blond</p> <p>Wedding Hair Style</p> <p>Wedding Makeup</p> <p>Tattoo Coverage</p> <p>Hair Smoothing Treatment</p> <p>Contact Us www.antonshairandmakeup.com327 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11218Ph: 718- 871-2512</p>


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