Production of Biodiesel from microalgae Biodiesel Production from LUIS BELO MORAIS- PERFECT WAVE Microalgae

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Text of Production of Biodiesel from microalgae Biodiesel Production from LUIS BELO MORAIS- PERFECT WAVE...

  • Production of Biodiesel from microalgaeBiodiesel ProductionfromLUIS BELO MORAIS- PERFECT WAVEMicroalgae

  • THE PERFECT WAVEOrganizing events and consultancyPromotion of research and implementation of projectsResearch on microalgaeBiodiesel production from microalgaeResearch on the potential of microalgae for different purposes (food etc).

  • The Perfect WaveIt is an SME, this is a small and medium business, with an aim*organization of events and consultancy;* promotion of research and implementation of projects.

    Currently the main objective is:* research on microalgae with several potential as the diet;* Production of biodiesel from microalgae.

  • A Perfect Wave is an SME, which began operations in 2008 with the organization of events and consulting.Currently developed for the promotion of scientific projects and their implementation, promoting research and facility projects.To accomplish these projects the company settled in Sintra in an area of 1000 M2.

  • The current draft of the Perfect Wave is investigating the potential of microalgae in many areas but specifically in the area of biodiesel production.

    So is being installed a laboratory for research on microalgae and installation of a biodiesel production plant and closed-system.

  • For the effective implementation of the project for production of biodiesel from microalgae is necessary to use funds and for this reason currently applying for the NSRF in the area of SMEs and to the special incentives to companies.

  • Biodiesel Production

  • Production of Biodiesel from microalgae - another type of tubular photobioreactors

  • Production of Biodiesel from microalgaeABSTRACTThis project aims to produce biodiesel from microalgae (biomass) can be produced in appropriate amounts to each region into autonomous units, at various points in a given area and thus be used on site without recourse to transportation, reducing costs and also increasing sustainability.

  • Production of Biodiesel from microalgaeThe previous techniques

    The act of producing biodiesel from biomass to produce oil (biodiesel) as well as the applicability of microalgae in areas like power, is already on the market, however this technique has the advantage of producing biodiesel in small units adapted to each local area or region and using certain strains of microalgae that release a high amount of lipids.

  • Production of Biodiesel from microalgaeEconomic benefits

    Producing biodiesel from microalgae is cheaper than using other types of produce from biomass or fossil fuels, beyond that there is also the utilization of by-products that can be used and marketed all 100% natural.

  • Production of Biodiesel from microalgae

    The project submitted is registered as a national patent and patent application and internationally.

    It is an important measure for applications to the various EU funds, currently under preparation in the areas of Research and Implementation in the field of SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises).

  • Production of Biodiesel from microalgae - tubular photobioreactors