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INTEL Core i5-4670 Processor LGA 11503.4 GHzTurbo boost; 3.8 GHzQuad Core6 MB cache

INTEL Core i5-3570 ProcessorLGA 11553.1 GHzTurbo boost: 3.8 GHz Quad core

AMD A10 6800K Processor

FM24.4 GHz4 MB L2 cacheQuad-Core

Clock speed.Clock speed is the amount of instructions the processor can do in a second. The best processor has the highest clock speed, for example the AMD A10 6800K Processor has 4.4GHz clock speed, meaning it is better than the INTEL Core i5-3570 Processor which has a clock speed of 3.8GHz.Cores in a processorCores in a processor is the number of brains the processor has. This is the amount of things it can do it once. For example a single core working at 10GHz is faster than a quad core working at 1GHz. This is because although the quad core can do 4 things at a time, I t is only doing 4GHz a second. Where as the single core with 10GHz can only do 1 thing at once but is still doing a lot more GHz a second than quad core does. But more cores are generally faster than a single core.CacheA cache is memory that is similar to RAM but it is much FASTER and therefore more expensive than RAM.Registers are fast memory locations inside the processor.Buses are used to transfer data and signals between components.ALU is the Arithmetic and Logic Unit.Quick Sort.

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