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Process for coating hollow objects

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Page 1: Process for coating hollow objects

PATENTS GRANTED In the Metal Finishing Field Printed copies of patents are furnished by the Patent and Trademark Office for !H.OU each. .Addrexr orders to: Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks. Washington. D.C. 7023 I.

Peening of Titanium Alloy implants U.S. Patent 5.704,239. Jan. 6, 1998 N.B. Be& and W.L. Sauer, assignors to Smith & Nephew Inc.. Memphis. Tenn.

A method of preparing fretting wear- resistant titanium alloy orthopedic in- plants. comprising shot peeninf the surface with ceramic beads of a selected shot siLe. shape. and with selected intensity and cov- erage uniformity so that the fretting wear resistance ot‘ the implant is increased: and wherein the implant auriitce arca is peencd such that a cotnpresGvely 5trersed region 01’ IO0 to 300 microns in depth is achie\,ed.

Spray Gun Cleaning Apparatus U.S. Patent5.704,381. Jan. 6, 1998 J.A. Millan ef a/.. assignors to Notihrop Grumman Corp., Los Angeles, Calif.

4n enclosed uprny gun and accessories cleaninp apparatus for administering sol- vettly conlaininp volatile organic compo- nerlts.

Blast Nozzle U.S. Patent 5,704.825. Jan. 6, 1998 G.J. LeCompte. Houston

A nozzle liner for the mixing of a pro- pellant fluid and an abrasive particle mix- ture.

Abrasive Article U.S. Patent 5,704,952. Jan. 6, 1998 K. W Law et ai.. assignors to 3M Co.. St. Paul. Mint].

An abrasive article comprising a back- ing having a major surface; a plurality of abrasive particles; a binder, which adheres the plurality of abrasive particlec to the major surface of the backing; and an anti- loading component.

Powder Coating System U.S. Patent 5.704,957. Jan. 6, 1998 G. Rutz, assignor to Gema Volstafic AG, Switzerland

A powder barrier adapted for use in a compressed air path of a powder coating system in which compressed air is passed from a source to a powder feed duct.

Rotary Atomizer U.S. Pafenf 5,704,977, Jan. 6, 1998 M. Baumann et al., assignors to Behr Systems Inc., Rochester Hills, Mich.

A coating arrangement having a rotary atomi comprising a spray elemenl mounted on a rotating shaft, a drive motor for the spray element, and ~1 stationary channel body, which guides a coating ma- teriel to be atomized or a rinsing agent to the <pray element through channels run- ning along an axis of rotation.

Process for Coating Hollow Objects U.S. Patent 5,704.979. Jan. 6, 1998 K Jdrgens, Wupperlal, Germany

.4 device for coating hollow objects, each hollow object having Ltn opening therein. the device comprising a vat for containing a \uhmcraion bath comprising a coating material; a conveyor device for supporting the hollow objects with theit openings dowmvarcl and for immersing the hollow objects in the submersion bath and for then removing the hollow objects from the bath: at least one nozzle in the vat for supplying coating tnaterial; and a se~ind nol/le in the \‘at for supplying pas, the scco~icl noxrle being localed down\treatn in a guide path of the hollow objects from the noL/Ic i’or the coating material. and being structured and arranged with respect to the ccmvcyor device $0 that the second no~lle clirect~ gas into the openings of the hollow ob,jecls immersed in the bath.

Selective Electroplating Apparatus U.S. Patent 5.705.043. Jan. 6, 1998 E. Zwemer and M. Apariclo. assignors to Sunfec Trading AG, Greng, Switzerland

An apparatus I’or selectively electrolyti- tally treating defined regions of a continu- ously moving conductive workpiece con- prising means to mask the workpiece such that the electrolyte contacls only the de- fined regions of the workpiece; conveying means Compriqin, (7 an endless chain assem- bly; means for supplying the electrolyte to the tnasked workpiece: means for passing a cttrrem between the workpiecc as one elec- trode and another electrode; said chain as-

setnhly comprising two endlr\s chain con- veyors made 01 articulated link5 of electrically nonconductive material be- tween which the workpiece is held while it ii; pashed through the treattneni Lone: a first one of the conveyors extending ttpstreatn of‘ the lrcattnent %one beyond the other one 01’ the con\:eyors, said first conveyor ha\;- ing indexing means for locating the work- piece in registry with the mashing meanj: and roller mean’; for pressing the work- piece inlo engagement wtttt the first con- Gcyor prior to the conveyors being indexed to each other.

Apparatus for Regenerating Etchant U.S. Patent 5.705,048. Jan. 6, 1998 J.f. Ox/ey ef al., assignors to Oxley Research Inc , New Haven, Corm.

A process and apparattth for regenerating ;I solution crf used copper chloride etchant comprising eleCtrolytically converting so- lution with a divalent form ot‘ metal to a solution containin? a high traction of a monovalent form of the metal.

Autodeposition Process U.S. Patent 5,705.075. Jan. 6, 1998 W. G. Kozak and J.C. Topping, assignors to Henkei Corp.. Plymouth Meeting, Pa.

An ion c’xcliatige apparatus for maimaiti- ing a stable Bach for an autodeposition cotnposition by, periodically separating par- ticular tnclal ions from the composition.

Oxidative Removal of Cyanide U.S. falenl 5,705,078. Jan. 6. 1998 RR. Kurek et al., assjgnors to UOFl Des Plains, 111.

A procc’ss of reducing tttc concentration of ~yatliL1e-e(~tlfitiliinf compounds dis- bol\etl in :ui aqueous stream comprising comacling with an oxidi/inf ,lgetit selected from the gotip consistttif 01’ oxygen. oTone. and hydrogen peroxide in the pres- ence ot It i:atalytically cffecti\‘e amount of a crystalline manganese phosphate cotnposi- tion a( oxidation uonditiotts. wherein the oxidizin:: conditions include a (empera(urc between I5 and 250°C.

Roughening of Metal Surfaces U.S. Patent 5,705,082. Jan. 6, 1998