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  • Procedural Justice for Law Enforcement Agencies:

    Training of Trainers To expand the national delivery of the USDOJ COPS Office Four-part Procedural Justice Training Series to a broader national audience, the Procedural Justice Training of Trainers course provides opportunity for jurisdictional training teams to gain the knowledge and resources to teach the first two courses of the COPS Office Four-part Procedural Justice Training Series in their home agencies:

    The first course: Procedural Justice for Law Enforcement Agencies: Organizational Change through Decision Making and Policy introduces sworn and civilian supervisors to the principles of procedural justice and provides guidance on incorporating these principles into organizational decision making, policies and procedures with the aim of creating an internal work environment where procedural justice principles are supported and practiced at all levels of the agency.

    The second course: Procedural Justice for Law Enforcement: Front-line Officers is the companion course to the supervisor-level course. This course introduces front-line officers to the pillars of procedural justice. The course provides practical steps for procedural justice application during all types of encounters with the community. It further explores many of the challenges and stressors that threaten career survival and how procedural justice principles can mitigate many of those challenges, increasing officer safety and wellness.

    This is a highly intense and fast-paced three-day training requires jurisdictions to send a two-person training team with the assumption this two-person team will return to their agency to train others. Large agencies may register more than one two-person team. There is no registration fee.

    The training is instructed by a highly qualified two-person team, bringing the perspectives of executive law enforcement and an allied profession.

    To participate in a Regional Procedural Justice Training of Trainers, please contact: BreAnna Moss CPSJ Training Coordinator | | 312-355-1214

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