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PRO-Series Photo Printer - Henry's · PDF file 2019-02-20 · PRO-Series Photo Printer OR PRO-Series Photo Printer and Digital SLR or Digital Point & Shoot Camera Canon Visa ® Prepaid

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  • PRO-Series Photo Printer OR

    PRO-Series Photo Printer and Digital SLR or Digital Point & Shoot Camera Canon Visa® Prepaid Card by Mail Offer

    Receive a Canon Visa Prepaid Card by mail with purchase of select Canon product(s) (Limit 1 claim per household)

    Offer valid on purchases made between February 13, 2015 and April 23, 2015 This promotion is valid only for purchases made at a Participating Authorized Canon Dealer's store or directly through such dealer's own website. This promotion is NOT valid for purchases made through a marketplace, auction or other third-party website portal.

    For a full listing of participating authorized Canon dealers, please visit:

    Step 1: Please check the box next to the offer below that applies to your purchase

    Step 2: Enter the 9-digit alpha-numeric serial number of the printer in the space below

    PIXMA PRO Photo Printer Serial Number: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

    Step 3: If you purchased a new Digital SLR or Digital Point & Shoot Camera on the same receipt as the PRO Photo Printer, please check the applicable boxes below

    Step 4: Please check the box next to the Participating Authorized Canon Dealer from whom you purchased your PIXMA PRO Photo Printer (see full dealer list at

    Digital SLR Canon Olympus

    Samsung Digital Point & Shoot Camera

    Nikon Panasonic

    Sony Pentax Other: _________

    Henry’s Vistek LL Lozeau McBain Camera

    Gosselin Photo Don’s Photo Saneal Cameras Royal Photo

    Prepaid card is issued by Peoples Trust Company pursuant to a license by Visa Inc. Prepaid card terms and conditions apply. See back for details.

    Broadway Camera Photo Central Downtown Camera The Camera Store

    Kerrisdale Cameras Photo Laplante Photo Service Other: _________________

    PIXMA PRO-1 (UPC 013803128307)

    PIXMA PRO-10 (UPC 013803149036)

    PIXMA PRO-100 (UPC 013803149067)

    $250 Canon Visa Prepaid Card $250 Canon Visa Prepaid Card $150 Canon Visa Prepaid Card

    PIXMA PRO-1 + Digital SLR (UPC 013803128307)

    PIXMA PRO-10 + Digital SLR (UPC 013803149036)

    PIXMA PRO-100 + Digital SLR (UPC 013803149067)

    $350 Canon Visa Prepaid Card $350 Canon Visa Prepaid Card $250 Canon Visa Prepaid Card

    + + +

    PIXMA PRO-1 + Digital Camera (UPC 013803128307)

    PIXMA PRO-10 + Digital Camera (UPC 013803149036)

    PIXMA PRO-100 + Digital Camera (UPC 013803149067)

    $300 Canon Visa Prepaid Card $300 Canon Visa Prepaid Card $200 Canon Visa Prepaid Card

    + + +

  • Claim Checklist: This completed form. Write the 9-digit alpha-numeric printer serial number in the spaces above. A legible copy of your sales receipt, showing the purchase of a new Canon PIXMA PRO Photo Printer or the purchase of a new Canon PIXMA PRO Photo Printer AND a new Digital SLR or Digital Point & Shoot Camera on the front of this claim form, with the date of purchase and the purchase price(s) circled, and the name of the participating authorized Canon dealer clearly legible. (For combination offer, both purchases must appear on the same receipt.) Original Proof of Purchase 12-digit barcode cut from the PIXMA PRO printer box (and Digital SLR or Digital Point & Shoot Camera box if applicable), leaving a hole in the box(es). WE MUST RECEIVE “PROOF OF PURCHASE” WITH CARDBOARD INTACT. DO NOT PEEL OFF “PROOF OF PURCHASE” STICKER. (SEE SAMPLE UPC BARCODE BELOW). Make copies of all documents for your records. Mail all documents to the address in the shaded box.

    Mail Completed Claim and Supporting Documentation to: Promotion ID: 15-000031 PIXMA PRO MIR Promotion P.O. Box 343140 Memphis. TN 38184 United States of America

    Please provide the following information:

    First Name MI Last Name

    Mailing Address (NO P.O. BOXES)

    City Province Postal Code

    Phone Number Email Address

    TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Mail-in Rebate Offer is open to purchasers who buy a PIXMA PRO-1, PIXMA PRO-10 or PIXMA PRO-100 (each an “Eligible Printer”), or any Eligible Printer together with a Digital SLR (including mirrorless) or Digital Point & Shoot Camera, from a participating authorized Canon dealer during the promotion period of February 13, 2015 to April 23, 2015. Claims must be postmarked no later than May 24, 2015 and received no later than June 23, 2015. This offer only applies to the purchase of new Eligible Printers and a new Digital SLR or Digital Point & Shoot Camera, as applicable. Late submissions or incomplete entries will be considered null and void. No exceptions will be made. Every application must submit (i) a copy of the receipt showing the purchase date, dealer location, products purchased and purchase price, all of which must be clearly legible to be valid; (ii) the original “Proof of Purchase” UPC bar codes cut out of the Canon PIXMA PRO box and, as applicable, Digital SLR or Digital Point & Shoot Camera box (copies will not be accepted; we must receive the original “Proof of Purchase” with cardboard intact; do not peel off “Proof of Purchase” sticker); and, (iii) one of these Mail-in forms completed in full. Please retain a copy of all documents sent. Documentation will not be returned. Keep your original receipt(s) in case you need warranty service. Please note that receipts will not be sent back. Rebates will only be mailed to Canadian addresses. Requests to send rebates to P.O. boxes will not be honoured. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer (except when a combination may be specifically allowed on a Canon Mail-in offer). Canon is not responsible for the lost, late or misdirected mail. No claims against lost materials will be honoured unless accompa- nied by proof of receipt (e.g., registered mail). Canon reserves the right to cancel this program at any time. All claims are subject to final review and approval by Canon or its agent. This offer is only applicable to end users who are residents of Canada. Dealers or distributors are not eligible for this offer. Rebate amounts include taxes applicable on original sale. Rebates will be issued in the form of a Canon Visa® Prepaid Card* and mailed to the resident address of the purchaser provided. Prepaid card is valid for up to six (6) months. PLEASE ALLOW 60 DAYS FOR PROCESSING OF CLAIM. Limit of one (1) REBATE OFFER per household. Canon reserves the right to seek reimbursement of any rebate paid on a product that is accepted for return by a participating authorized Canon dealer after the rebate is paid to you. Any misrepresentation, fraudulent information or multiple claims void this offer. Offer only available in Canada. Offer void where prohibited by provincial or federal law and where taxed or restricted. To avoid any delays, complete the necessary information IN FULL and mail this form, along with your proof of purchase to: Promotion ID: 15-000031, PIXMA PRO MIR Promotion, P.O. Box 343140, Memphis TN 38184, United States of America

    For the status of your claim, please visit or call 1-888-980-6134 from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., ET, Monday- Friday, excluding holidays. No claims will be authorized over the phone. All of the information collected on this form is solely for the purposes of validating and processing your claim or to contact you should there be an issue with your claim. Please visit our website at to view Canon Canada Inc.’s Privacy Policy.

    Please check this box if you want to receive information about other Canon products and promotions that may be of interest to you.

    *Prepaid card is issued by People’s Trust Company pursuant to a license by Visa Inc. The prepaid card if given to you as a reward, refund, rebate or gift and no consideration, value, or money has been paid by you in exchange for this card. Card issued in the name of submitted on rebate form. Card is not transferable and cannot be used by minors. Card does not have cash access and can be used at any merchants that accept Visa cards. Card valid for up to six (6) months, unused funds forfeit at midnight EST the last day of the month of the valid thru date, subject to applicable law. Country restrictions apply and are subject to change. Card terms, conditions, and limitations apply; see My for details.

    © 2015 Canon Canada Inc. All Rights Reserved. Canon is a registered trademark of Canon Inc. PIXMA is a trademarks of Canon Inc.

    Sample UPC Barcodes

    Printer UPC Camera UPC

    S A M P L E

    Proof of Purchase Proof of Purchase

    S A M P L E


  • Imprimante photo de série PRO OU

    imprimante photo de série PRO et appareil reflex mono-objectif numérique ou appareil photo numérique compact – Carte prépayée Canon Visa® par remise postale

    Recevez une carte prépayée Canon Visa par courrier à l’achat de produit(s) Canon admissible(s) (Limite de 1 demande par foyer)

    L’offre est valide pour les achats effectués entre le 13 février 2015 et le 23 avril 2015 La présente promotion est valide seulement pour les achats effectués chez un détaillant Canon autorisé participant ou directement

    sur son site Web. La promotion n’est PAS valide pour les achats dans un marché, un encan ou tout site Web de tiers. Pour consulter la liste des détaillants Canon autorisés participants, veuillez visiter

    1re étape : Veuillez cocher la case correspondant à votre achat

    2e étape : Entrez ci-dessous le numéro de série alphanumérique à 9 chiffres de l’imprimante

    Numéro de série de l'imprimante

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