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  • Information Russ. Chem.Bull., Vol. 42, No. 11, November, 1993 1931


    Prize winners in 1993 A. P. Karpinsky prizes awarded by the

    Friedrich von Schiller Fund

    The Friedrich von Schiller Fund was created in 1931 by the Hamburg employer Alfred Toepfer. The major purposes of this Fund are to assist in the protection of the environment and historic and architectural monu- lnents, to develop agriculture, forestry, and town-plan- ning as well as to support science, culture, and folk art.

    The Fund awards prizes as well young scientists.

    In 1977 the Fund established annual prize for Soviet scientists merits in the fields of natural and es. The prize is named after the geologist and geographer A. P.

    as research grants for

    the A. P. Karpinsky for their outstanding humanitarian scienc- distinguished Russian Karpinsky who was

    President of the Russian Academy of Sciences and then of the USSR Academy of Sciences 1917--1936, as well as an honorary member of a lmmber of German acade- mies.

    In 1984 the A. P. Karpinsky prize N_o 2 for Soviet scientists working in the field of ecology and envi- ronmental protection was established through a proposal by the Fund.

    To these prizes, one or two research grants have been added for young scientists (up to 30 years old) to work on probation at one of the universities or research centers in Germany for a period of 6 months to 1 year. Candidates for the grants are proposed by the prize winners.

    In previous years the A. P. Karpinsky prize has been awarded to Academicians Yu. A. Ovchinnikov (1979), B. B. Piotrovskii (1980), N. N. Bogolyubov (1981), (7. K. Skryabin (1982), V. L Gol'danskii (1983), A. P. Aleksan- drov (1984), V. A. Koptyug(1985), E. P. Velikhov (1986), I. A. Glebov (1987), T. L Zaslavskaya (1988),

    Zh. L Alferov (1989), L. B. Okun' (1990), Yu. A. Osi- pyan (1991), and A. S. Spirin (1992).

    Academician O. M. Nefedov was awarded the prize in 1993.

    The winners of the A. P. Karpinsky prize No 2 in previous years were Academician V. E. Sokolov (1985), Academician L. M. Brekhovskikh (1986), Academician G. L Marchuk (1988), Corresponding Member of the RAS A. G. Babaev (1990), Academician D. S. Likhachev (1991), and Academician B. S. Sokolov (1992).

    Academician V. N. Bol'shakov was awarded the prize in 1993.

    The ceremonial awarding of the A. P. Karpinsky prizes to Academicians O. M. Nefedov and V. N. Bol'shakov accompanied by scientific reports made by the winners took place on 2 November, 1993 in Moscow in the new building of the RAS on Gagarin square. The awards ceremony was presided over by the Chief Secre- tary of the RAS, Academician L M. Makarov, and was attended by the extraordinary and plenipotentiary am- bassador of Germany in Rnssia Mr. Otto yon der Gab- lenz.

    Gold medals and prizes named after outstanding scientists awarded by the Russian Academy of Sciences

    The D. I. Mendeleev gold medal in 1993 was award- ed to Academician Yurii Alexandrovich Zolotov (N. S. Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the RAS) for the series of work ~,Theoretical investi- gations in the field of metal extraction and the applica- tion of their results for chemical analysis,~.

    Translated from Izvestiya Akademii Nauk. Seriya Khimicheskaya, No. l l, p. 2014, November, 1993.

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