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<p>Famous Paintings and The Principles of Art</p> <p>Famous Paintings andThe Principles of ArtPaintings youll see again and again..Taking notes from picturesDo a thumbnail sketch. Draw a 2 x 2 box and QUICKLY sketch the major details of the picture. You want to sketch enough that the thumbnail will trigger a memory of the actual pictureInclude the artists nameInclude the name of the pieceThe Elements of ArtThe Elements of Art are like the tools an artist uses to create a work of art. The Elements are:LINESHAPE/FORMVALUETEXTURECOLORThe Principles of Art</p> <p>The Principles are the rules of art. These rules apply to how the artist uses the tools of artoh yeahline ,shape/form, color, value and texture.BALANCEPROPORTIONRHYTHMMOVEMENT</p> <p>VARIETYCONTRASTUNITYEMPHASISBALANCEVISUAL EQUALIBRIUM The sense of stabilitySymmetricalAsymmetricalradialsymmetricalLeonardo da Vinci The Last Supper</p> <p>Salvador DaliThe Persistence of Memoryasymmetrical</p> <p>Leonardo da VinciVitruvian Man</p> <p>PROPORTIONTHE RELATIONSHIP OF SIZESPablo PicassoPortrait of Olga in the Armchair</p> <p>Pablo PicassoThe Dream</p> <p>James Abbott McNeill WhistlerArrangement in Greyand Black</p> <p>RhythmRepetition of any of the elements usually color, shape and value.Vincent Van GoghStarry Night</p> <p>Claude MonetPoplars</p> <p>MOVEMENTDirects the viewers eye through the picture planeFranz MarcFighting Forms</p> <p>Vincent Van GoghWheat field with Cypress Trees</p> <p>VARIETYDifferences in the elements. Different colors, textures, shapes, sizes create interest.Andy Warhol9 Marilyns</p> <p>Georgia OKeeffeOriental Poppies</p> <p>CONTRASTA big difference in any of the elementsLeonardo da VinciMona Lisa</p> <p>Georgia OKeeffeCow Skull:Red, White and Blue</p> <p>EMPHASISPoints of interest that pull the viewers eye to the important parts of the workAndy WarholCampbells Soup I</p> <p>Jan VermeerGirl with a Pearl Earring</p> <p>Rene MagritteThe Son of Man</p> <p>UNITYAll parts of a work seen as a whole.Gustav KlimtThe Kiss</p> <p>Claude MonetWater Lilies</p> <p>Edvard MunchThe Scream</p>