Principles of Fatigue Analysis - MSC Software ... Principles of Fatigue Analysis Courses on Fatigue
Principles of Fatigue Analysis - MSC Software ... Principles of Fatigue Analysis Courses on Fatigue

Principles of Fatigue Analysis - MSC Software ... Principles of Fatigue Analysis Courses on Fatigue

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Text of Principles of Fatigue Analysis - MSC Software ... Principles of Fatigue Analysis Courses on Fatigue

  • Principles of Fatigue Analysis Courses on Fatigue and FEA

    By Dr. Neil Bishop (Author of the NAFEMS Book, Finite Element Based Fatigue Calculations)

    NAS319A Day 1 – Fatigue & CAE Integration A state of the art view of CAE based fatigue, durability and damage tolerance calculations will be presented with a particular emphasis on conceptual behaviour.

    NAS319B Day 2 – Fatigue & Dynamics The Reliability of Vibrating Systems A state of the art view of fatigue calculations for dynamic systems and vibration environments (such as that defined in military standard MIL-STD-810).

    NAS319C Day 3 – Practical Implementation of Fatigue Methods with Computers A state of the art perspective of how practical fatigue calculations are implemented within computer based environments. Alternative environments will be available including Patran, Nastran (from 2013 onwards) and non product based (excel and command prompt driven).

    LOCATIONS and SCHEDULE - 2012 July 9-11 NAS319A, B & C Santa Ana, CA, US

    September 3-5 NAS319A, B & C Birmingham, UK

    September 18-20 NAS319A, B & C Gothenburg, Sweden

    October 1-2 NAS319A & B McLean, VA, US

    October 3-5 NAS319A, B & C Wichita, KS, US

    October 8-10 NAS319A, B & C Ann Arbor, MI, US

    October 11-12 NAS319A & B Toronto, Canada

    Oct 31 – Nov 2 NAS319A, B & C Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    November 13-15 NAS319A, B & C Paris, France

    November 27-29 NAS319A, B & C Munich, Germany

    February 5-7 2013 NAS319A, B & C Torino, Italy

    Who should attend: The course is aimed at both FEA stress analysts wanting to become proficient with fatigue life estimation techniques, and fatigue analysts wishing to perform reliability calculations from FEA results. The course is an ideal introduction for those with no previous experience of fatigue analysis. It may also serve as a good refresher for those who perhaps covered the subject at university but have not, as yet, had the opportunity to use it in practice.

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    US and Canada - Brazil - UK - Sweden - Germany - France - Italy -

  • Instructor Background: Dr. Neil Bishop has been teaching fatigue life estimation techniques and dynamics to undergraduates, postgraduates and design engineers for the last 20 years. His teaching style reflects the philosophy that fatigue life estimation techniques (and FEA) should be accessible to all design engineers, not just the specialists.

    Dr Bishop also has a vast experience of industrial problems, and solutions, through his (worldwide) experiences with major automotive, aerospace, and other major industrial companies. He recently co-authored the NAFEMS publication “Finite Element Based Fatigue Calculations”. He recently directed an R&D project for the US Air Force dealing with acoustic fatigue.

    Course Vision Course Outline

    These courses aim to present the theories related

    to fatigue analysis and dynamics using conceptual

    rather than equation based material. The courses

    are GUI and product neutral, so although MSC

    products will be used to show example problems

    the course material will be independent of any

    software products and generally focused on the

    technology rather than specific software products.

    NAS319A, B and C are self contained courses and

    can be taken individually or as a set.

    • This course will provide both concepts of fatigue damage and the means for you to apply fatigue analysis to your job.

    • The audience will find it valuable regardless of the finite element analysis code that they use.

    • No prior knowledge of fatigue analysis is required.

    • Engineers who already do fatigue analysis and those who need to understand fatigue analysis will benefit.

    • Attending this course will allow you to develop more durable and reliable products.

    Mechanical Engineer, ITT Geospatial Systems

    » History of Fatigue Methods and their Integration into the CAE Environment

    » The concept of FE Based Fatigue Analysis » Background to Dynamics For Fatigue Analysis » Step By Step Process For Static and Dynamic

    Models (Both Time and Frequency Domains) » Background to Fatigue (Stress Based) » Materials Considerations » Loading Considerations » Stress-Life Based Fatigue in More Detail » Strain-Life Based Fatigue » Fracture Mechanics and Crack Propagation

    (Brief Treatment Only) » Accelerated Testing Techniques » Composites and Non-Metallic Materials » An Introduction to Weld Analysis, Wheels Fatigue,

    Multiaxial Fatigue and MBS » Offshore Structures and Fatigue

    DAY 1

    » Vibration Environments - Random v Deterministic » Frequency v Time Domain » System Transfer Functions (Frequency Domain) » How Transfer Functions Work » FFTs and PSDs » Calculating PSDs From Time Signals -

    Buffers and Window Averaging » Classifying Time Signals and PSDs » Statistics, Probability, and Reliability » Loads & “Cross PSDs” » Gaussian, Random, and Stationary Data » Zero and Peak Crossing Rates, Irregularity Factor,

    Root Mean Square (RMS) Value & Moments » Hand Calculations From a PSD » Options For Calculating Fatigue Life From PSDs » Vibration Fatigue Solvers - Narrow Band, Wirsching,

    Steinberg, Dirlik » Case Studies Related to Frequency Based Fatigue

    DAY 2

    » Time Based Methods implemented with computers – Static – Transient – Modal Participation Factor

    » Frequency Based Methods implemented with computers – PSD Based Fatigue

    DAY 3

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    The instructor is an industry renowned expert. Terrific seminar.