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Principles of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources .Principles of Agriculture, Food and Natural

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  • Principles of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

    Teacher: Ms. Pasket

    Contact Information:

    Phone: 281-357-3220 EX-2563


    Conference Period: 6th period

    Classroom: 1613


    Course Introduction: To be prepared for careers in agriculture, food, and natural resources,

    students must attain academic skills and knowledge in agriculture. This course allows students to

    develop knowledge and skills regarding career opportunities, personal development,

    globalization, industry standards, details, practices, and expectations. To prepare for success,

    students need to have opportunities to learn, reinforce experience, apply, and transfer their

    knowledge and skills in a variety of settings.

    Course Requirements: Principles of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources shall be taken as seriously as all core classes; students are required to pass ALL classes in order to participate in

    any UIL activity. Students are required to come to class prepared to take notes and participate in

    hands-on activities. A minimum of a composition notebook is required to take notes and keep

    assignments in. This notebook will be kept in the classroom in the appropriate crate. Please

    bring this notebook to class by Friday, August 25, 2017.

    All students will be issued an online record book called The Ag Experience Tracker, which is a

    requirement from the state. It can be found at Students will be given the

    opportunity to work on this in class. Failure to comply with the state requirements could result

    in a failing grade and loss of credit for the course. Students will be encouraged to join and

    participate in the Tomball FFA chapter, which will allow them to show an animal, as well as

    have the opportunity to be on leadership and career development teams.

    Grading Guidelines: There will be 3 major grades and 9 daily grades every 9 weeks.. Daily

    grades will consist of quizzes, worksheets, bookwork, class participation activities, record books,

    and major grades will consist of tests and projects. Daily grades= 30% and major grades=

    70%. If extra credit is offered, all students will be given the opportunity to participate.

    Late work: Is graded as follows:

    Major Assignments late = 15 pt. deduction

    Daily Assignments

    Assignments are expected to be turned in the day they were assigned unless the teacher allows the students to finish it for homework. Then it is expected to be

    turned in the next day. If there is a sub in the classroom, and the student does not

    complete and turn in the assignment that designated day, it will NOT be accepted


  • Make Up Work: Make up assignments and/or tests will be available to students after an absence,

    BUT it is the students responsibility to communicate with the teacher and to get his or her

    assignment from the makeup work crate. For every day the student is absent, that is the amount of

    time they have to complete the assignments. If it is not completed in the allotted time, it falls under

    the guidelines of late work.

    Classroom Policies: All agricultural science classrooms will follow the Tomball ISD teacher/student handbook. I would like to stress the following classroom policies:

    1. Respect (toward yourself and others) 2. Use the parking lot for cell phones no cell phone use in class unless instructed to use

    by the teacher.

    3. Warm ups should be written at the beginning of every class period

    4. Students will sit in assigned seats

    5. 2 minute bell - students must wait until this bell rings to put up notes and get phones

    6. No food allowed in the classroom. Drinks with lids are permitted.

    7. Textbooks - must be put back in cabinets if used and may be checked out for a day if

    permission is gained from me

    8. All work needing to be graded should be turned in to the appropriately marked box

    9. TISD Laptops/Chrome Books, when used for an in-class assignment, are assigned

    according to the student desk number. They should be put up appropriately and not

    damaged. Each computer/ Chrome Book should be inspected by the student BEFORE

    work has begun; any issues need to be given to me immediately.

    Conferences: The absolute best way to reach me to discuss grades, behavior, or any other school concerns will be by e-mail. Due to the fact that I am out often for FFA and school related activities

    and I am often in a lab, the phone is not the best way to reach me. If you do call, please leave a

    message, and I will return your call as soon as possible. Grades and attendance can be checked on

    the district website regularly.

    Materials Fee: A $10.00 fee will be collected by Friday, September 1, 2017. Checks are payable to

    Tomball FFA. If you have any questions or concerns please email me.


    Please detach, sign and return to class by Friday, August 25, 2017 for a DAILY GRADE.

    I have read Ms. Paskets syllabus for Principles of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources and

    agree to the terms written.

    Printed Student Name__________________________________________________

    Student Signature______________________________________________________

    Parent/Guardian Signature_______________________________________________

    Best Contact Number in case of an emergency _______________________________

    *Composition Notebooks are needed in class by August 25, 2017