Principles and strategies teaching

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2. Objectives At the end of this Chapter, the learner should be able: to identify and explain the different principles of teaching/learning Makabayan. to give situations where each principle is applicable. describe the various interactive modes of teaching. 3. What is Makabayan? 4. Makabayan is the learning area that lays the most stress on the development of social awareness empathy and a firm commitment to our common goal as a nation. It entails the use of integrated units, which enable the individual to personally process, assimilate and systematically practice wide range of values and life skills including work ethic. 5. The main principle in teaching and learning Makabayan is to do integration. Integration is characterized by the following (Kovalik and Olsen, 1994) prefers questioning and problem solving to direct the process of acquiring knowledge and skills cuts across subject-matter lines brings together various aspects of the curriculum into a meaningful association focuses upon broad areas of study reflects the interdependent real world involves the learners body, thoughts, feelings, senses, and intuition in learning experience 6. unifies knowledge and provides a greater understanding that that which could be obtained by examining the parts separately bases its practices on the characteristics of the human learner and on the interdependent nature of reality immerses students in an enriched environment that reflects the complexities of life provides a holistic context for learning leads to a greater ability to make a number of connections and to solve problems