Primary and Scouting for the Eleven-year-old boy Welcome!

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Primary and Scouting for the Eleven-year-old boy Welcome!. Running an Effective Eleven-year-old Scouting Program . Purpose of Scouting in the Church Effective Adult Leaders Principles and Policies Running the program Resources. Why do we use Scouting in the Church?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Primary and Scouting for the Eleven-year-old boy



Find people who are/have.1 Running an Effective Eleven-year-old Scouting Program

Purpose of Scouting in the ChurchEffective Adult LeadersPrinciples and PoliciesRunning the programResourcesIntroduce ourselves


These are the points we are going to hit today.

2Help young men and boys enhance relationships with their families and the ChurchDevelop strong and desirable traits of character, citizenship, and physical and mental fitness. Build testimonies in young men and boys. An extension of the home, Primary classes, and Aaronic Priesthood quorumsThe Churchs activity program for boys and young men. Scouting Handbook 1.1

Why do we use Scouting in the Church?Rich

Why Scouting?

Several things we want to accomplish.

Outlined in Scouting Handbook you should all have one.

See page 13Why have we adopted Scouting? Someone has said that it isn't mentioned in the revelations given to the Prophet Joseph Smith, and of course that is true. Neither is the Primary nor the Sunday School, but one of our Articles of Faith clearly indicates that if there is anything virtuous, lovely or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these thingsScouting is a help. It is a tool in achieving the objective of the building of real men. -- Ezra Taft BensonScouting is a Tool


Have someone read.

Its not either/or . . . The two programs complement each other.We dont have to choose. The church has adopted scouting to help us prepare boys to receive the Aaronic Priesthood and young men to receive the Melch priesthood.

Scouting Prepares Young MenI feel that there has never been a greater need for youth to acquire the timeless values espoused and taught by Scouting than now. The war between good and evil is raging now as never before. But it is not a war of tanks and guns but of words, of media, of thoughts and feelings, of Internet, cell phones and earphones of drugs and drinks that dull the mind and the soul of our youth. And if we as leaders are not valiant, our youth will not be prepared for the challenges that await them.

-- Charles W. Dahlquist, II

CarolynHave someone read.

Think about the youth you know and love. Scouting can help young men develop the strength of mind and character they need to fight the battles they face today.Our chosen generation needs chosen leaders to help them grow.


1Peter 2:9 But yeareaachosengeneration, abroyalcpriesthood, andholyenation, afpeculiarpeople; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out ofgdarknessinto his marvelloushlight:

Matthew 22:14 For many areacalled, but fewarebchosen.

5The Power of ScoutingImpossible to measure is the great good which has come from this organization during the past century. . . . I believe in Scouting. I believe in the goals of the organization. I believe in the power of Scouting to bless and enrich lives for good. -- President Thomas S. Monson

CarolynHave someone read.


6In ShortScouting is a tool that helps young men develop the character and qualities needed to be effective instruments in the hands of the Lord in moving His work forward in the home, the Church, and the world.


So, the brethren have spoken.

Scouting is a tool to help us prepare boys to become young men, and young men to become husbands, fathers and leaders.

Throughout all the ruckus earlier this year about membership standards, the church remains firmly committed to Scouting.7Effective Adult leaders8Registers with BSA and receive BSA training Coordinates support for Primary-aged Scouting programs in each ward.Encourages ward Primary Scout leaders to participate in basic and other approved trainingHelps plan day camps for Cub Scouts and 11 year old Scouts in conjunction with the local BSA Council.-- LDS Scouting Handbook 3.4

Can also serve as unit commissioners.Stake Primary PresidencyCarolyn

Training Everyone needs to be registered, which means everyone needs YPT. If you have a question about the training you or other leaders need go to Click resouses, primary, scouting in primary. Look at the interactive chart on the right hand side of the page. (show example of chart)

Commissioner!A commissioner is one who helps coordinate support for Scouting programs. In our Stake this is a separate calling. In others, it falls under the Stake Primary. Much of your responsibilities as a Stake Primary are the same as a commissioner anyway. Ask your Stake leaders if you arent sure how it works in your Stake.

You should be training new Ward Primary leaders/counselors over Scouting, making sure they understand how the program runs and what training they need.

Day CampWe will talk more about this later, but Day Camp can be such a great tool to bring boys together to grow and support one another.9Provide general direction for Scouting and ensure that it is properly organized and functioning.Under the Bishops direction, counselors see that the various Scouting programs are organized and that adult leaders are called and trained.The bishopric organizes a ward Scout committee to ensure that Scouting functions properly-- LDS Scouting Handbook 4.2BishopricsRich

Again, from the handbook

Bishops have a lot to do. They are responsible for the Scouting program in their ward but they typically delegate the work to others.

They are still responsible and need to have a working understanding of the program.Bishops are encouraged to attend Wood Badge.

I found it helpful to attend Pack meetings and Courts of Honors, plus an occasional committee meeting and Scout Campout.Participated in all Priest/Venturing outings.

Its about relationships. Need to be there.10Registers with BSA and receive BSA training Serves on the appropriate ward Scouting committee(s)Coordinates Scouting with the Faith in God programProvides support to Scouting leaders and encourages them to attend Scout trainingVisits Scout meetings and activitiesReviews each boys progress and participationHelps plan and ensures that boys have an opportunity to participate in day camps-- LDS Scouting Handbook 6.5Ward Primary PresidencyCarolyn

Please make sure 11 Year Olds are represented at Scout Committee meeting. It is easy for the older Scouts to forget about them.

Cub Committee and Scout Committee meetings should be held monthly great places to review the boys progress.

11Ward OrganizationCounselorBishopCounselorCounselorCounselorCounselorCounselorAaronic Priesthood(Ages 12-18)Primary(Ages 3-11)Young Men PresidentPrimary PresidentPriests(Ages 16-18)Teachers(Ages 14-15)Deacons(Ages 12-13)12Carolyn

Ward Scouting OrganizationCounselorBishopCounselorCounselorCounselorCounselorCounselorAaronic Priesthood(Ages 12-18)Primary(Ages 3-11)Young Men PresidentPrimary PresidentPriests(Ages 16-18)Teachers(Ages 14-15)Deacons(Ages 12-13)CubmasterScoutmaster11 yr-olds(Ages 8-10)Den LeadersCoachAdvisorASM 11 yr-olds


Notice the 11 Year olds are under Primary, but they are Boy Scouts. This can create a break down in communication, if you arent careful. The 11 year olds need to coordinate Board of Reviews with the Scout Master. They need to attend Courts of Honor with the rest of the Scouts and receive their awards there.So how does Scouting fit into this structure?Each Ward charters a Pack, Troop Team and Crew. Scout leaders are more draftees than volunteers. People are asked or called to serve in various positions. You dont volunteer in the typical sense.

At least thats how it supposed to work.

Either the Primary teacher of eleven-year-old boys or another capable adult may serve as the groups Scout leader. This leader should:Work under the direction of a member of the Primary presidency, meeting regularly to discuss the Scouting program and each boys progress.Register as the eleven-year-old Scout leader and attend the Boy Scout troop committee meetingsAttend Scout training as applicableAttend other Primary meetings as invitedEncourage and help each boy achieve the Faith in God for Boys award and advance in ScoutingSee that the boys participate in a day camp and help plan it if requested-- lds.orgTrainingEleven-Year-Old Scout Leader


Show of hands 11-yr-old leaders?

What is your role?

You are the one in the trenches working directly with the boys.Yes, it takes time, but its fun and rewarding. My favorite calling.

#1 responsibility: Be there with the boys Both on Sunday and during weekly meetings + campouts.

Talk more about specifics later.Selecting Adult leadersTestimonyTrainedTimeTenureTemperament15Rich

OK Bishoprics and Primary Presidents where are you?

What are you looking for in an 11-yr-old leader?

Not everyone is cut out to be a Scout leader

You need someone who can set an example

Discuss each item (come back to training)

What is not on this list?

No particular skills listed. You dont have to be great outdoorsman or expert camper.This is not a place for a reactivation project. You need someone who can be an example.

A word or two about trainingJust because this is Gods work, why do we think that we do not need to be trained . . . . by and large, we do a very poor job in training the leaders we call and yet expect them to work miracles in the live of their young men. -- Charles W. Dahlquist, II TrainingTraining16Carolyn

- Read quote -

Inspiration alone is not enough.

We need trained leaders

New church Scouting handbook outlines basic


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