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Le petit cartable - Kickstarter campaign

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  • 1. PRESENTATIONIntroductionGetting the ideaDeveloping the ideaFriends and familyBe a backer too.Soft launch - real launchManaging the projectYou want to know thisWhats next ?Q&A

2. INTRODUCTION Leo Dominguez & Violette Polchi Le petit cartable Kickstarter campaign Kickstarter = #1 crowdfunding platform Crowdfunding = describes the collective effort ofindividuals who network and pool their money,usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiatedby other people or organizations Other crowdfunding platforms : indiegogo -KKBB - fundus... Goal Of 38.000$ in 40 days (100 orders) 3. GETTING THE IDEA Came from a lack that we had Simple idea Didnt do any market research We trusted our idea Possibility to develop it CredibilityHow much does it cost ?Do you have the ressources ?Where do you do it ?Who should you trust ?Surround yourself with the bestDo prototypes. 4. DEVELOPING THE IDEA Depends a lot on the last slide. Fixing your price Fixing your margin What do you want to sell ? What is the added value ? Make them lough, dream, cry...Whats your dream product ?Check for competitorsCopy what works !Dont be too inovativeSet guidelines.You can do so much. 5. FRIENDS & FAMILYWe didnt pay one cent - You know someone that... - He knows someone that... - You need money - You need support - You need them 6. BE A BACKER TOOLive the experience - Ask questions to a creator - Look hundreds of project - Understand what works 7. SOFT LAUNCH - REAL LAUNCH1 month before The dayCreate your project on KS Click on the launch button !Talk about it to all your friends Talk about it to EVERYONELaunch it on your own facebook page Start to tweet/post/comment really oftenAsk (gently) your friends to share it Call/mail/tweet/like/follow....Launch twitter/Vimeo/Facebook account Use your networkLaunch your own website Keep exclusive content for that momentDont do too much Invite your friends 8. MANAGING PROJECT & UPDATEFull time jobFast response = Fast moneyAnswer everyoneDont lose time with idiotsUpdate every week at leastMake them part of your life & team.Une vido dun cul-cul... mais dun cul-cul...Deux prnoms (et personnages) bobos et hop, on vend nimporte quoi (aux bobos?)270 le petit cartable en cuir au look rtro pour que le fiston ador puisse aller lcole en emportant SON iPad, SON Mac et SON iPhone...Jespre que lingniosit franais ne se limite pas a parce que a craint vraiment 9. TWEETS & RETWEETS 10. LIVE STATISTICS 11. LIVE STATISTICS 12. YOU WANT TO KNOW THIS8-10% fees 58.266 $3 weeks to receive the funds 52.475$ after fees and problemsBackers can cancel their pledges 40.625 after conversionBackers can have a paiement problem 5.000 of investmentsLot of differents countries to deliver 4.500 of delivery expansesReally expensive delivery Cost of the productionThe $ is really low. Taxes and others...At the end : not so much ! 13. WHATS NEXT ?Checking the production line - Delivering - Officialy a company - Working on new prototypes - Thinking about a new KS campaign... 14. Questions & Answers