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tide presentation with respect to imce tools & history of tide

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Proctor & Gamble



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Tide was introduced in the year 1920 in United States of America. Prior to its debut Americans used soap flakes for their laundry which did not clean well, dulled colours and sometimes the soap left a ring of scum around the tub. This is when Procter and Gamble saw the need to introduce a product that would change the way Americans washed their clothes, and after doing research for a considerable period of time they came up with a synthetic detergent called “TIDE”.

Tide was the first heavy duty synthetic detergent and was quoted as “The first big change in soap making in 2000 years” by Neil Hosler.

Tide was first introduced by Procter and Gamble in Canada, USA and other countries in test markets in the year 1946.

In the year 2000 Procter and Gamble home products introduced Tide for the first time in India, which was then one of the largest selling detergents in the world.

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1. Tide power detergents, 2. Tide liquid laundry

detergents, 3. Tide stain release, 4. Tide to go, 5. Tide washing machine

cleaner,6. Tide laundry care

accessories• These concepts themselves

contains several other products to serve different customer requirements.

• The innovative products are designed to add value to customers.

The brand offers products under six differnet concepts namely-

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Parent Company Procter and Gamble

Category Home Care brands - detergents

Sector FMCG

Tagline/ Slogan White hai to tide hai

USP Provides good whitening and fragrance at low price

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SWOT Analysis

Strength:1. Benefit or attribute over other products in the same category2. Leading market position3. Lower price and good quality4. Most popular and widely patronized detergent in the world and a flagship

brand of P&G5. Renowned by its reputation of complimenting the ever-changing

people’s temperaments for fashion.

Weakness:6. Strong competitors 7. Substitute products available at the same price

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Opportunity:1. High potential of rural market has a lot of opportunities.

2. Changing lifestyle of people want cheap product with good quality

3. Introduction of better variants by technology development and innovations

4. Niche target market.

Threats:5. Price wars with competitors

6. Aggressive promotion by competitors , harming the reputation of the product and ambush marketing

7. Counterfeit products in the rural market

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Process of defining and sub-dividing a large homogenous market into clearly identifiable segments having similar needs, wants, or demand characteristics. Its objective is to design a marketing mix that precisely matches the expectations of customers in the targeted segment.

Urban: Tide had initially introduced its flagship detergent powder product as a premium product which was initially priced higher than its competitors. When tide was launched in India, it had already tasted success in many foreign countries including USA, Canada and Morocco. So the company was of the mindset that the high priced product would work here as well. But this was not to be as the demand soon fell after the heavy introduction advertisements. A positive aspect that came out from this was that Tide was registered in the minds of the people as a premium brand.

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Rural: Tide observed soon that its policy of being premium was not

working efficiently as the consumers were moving to rival products due to the price factor. It therefore introduced sachets and detergent bars these were priced much lower than the original tide powder. Also the advent of Tide Naturals took place during this period which is a lot cheaper than the initially tide. It basically aimed to tap the rural and semi urban markets in the country.

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Demographic Segmentation

Tide targets women aged between 18 to 54 years old. Over years, Tide constantly directs its marketing strategies to suit women of these ages. This is because when it comes to laundry, women belonging to this category hold the power to make decisions. Also, the housewives are considered to be an important part of the market segment as it is generally seen that the housewives are the ones who do the monthly shopping of the home products.

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IMC Tools Advertising:

Tide uses a variety of methods to reach to its target audiences. They use a combination of print media, television and public hoardings to inform its customers about them. Tide has recently also started to use the internet to attract its customers. It has been somewhat successful to penetrate the urban and semi urban market in India. It has been able to reach a huge number of people using the medium of internet. One of the biggest advantages of tide deciding to advertise in the internet is that it can actually gain the dedicated personal attention of the customer while he/she is surfing the net.

A very good part about the advertising team of tide is its ability to connect with its potential audience. Apart from the normal day to day advertisements, Tide also comes up with different kinds of advertisement during different seasons and festivals. During the monsoon season Tide came up with an advertisement with a tagline “Barish mein chamakti hui safedi ho to Tide ho”. Similarly during the summers it came up with an advertisement which had the tagline “dhoop se chamakti hui white ho to tide ho”

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• The campaigns have a desi touch and are well executed.

• TV, Internet and radio advertising are important channels to promote Tide which involves a good opening punch line.

• Advertisements have a good recall value.

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Tide has adopted a new promotional strategy which is helping it to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. They changed their image from a mundane stain-fighting detergent and actually focused on the relationship between a woman and her laundry. Their new promotion strategy is to establish a bond between customers and the products they are using. This in turn will help them to gain customer loyalty to the product.

• Other creative promotional techniques used:

1. Advertising starring Shekhar Suman, ‘White Stripe’ Campaign and the ‘Bagbhan’ Commercial have help made Tide a household name.

2. Tide has created India's Longest Clothesline which ran around the famous Necklace Road on the perimeter of the historical Hussein Sagar Lake to illustrate the superior value that Tide offers consumers.

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Vicks is a leading brand in the Fast Moving Health goods ( FMHG).An exceptionally trusted brand generations and generations of cold sufferers have used it for almost 100 years. Vicks was launched in 1890 as Vicks Corp and Pneumonia Salve for babies by Lunsford Richardson in North Carolina. Recognized all around the world - Vicks is available in more than 66 countries and in all 5 continents. Globally Vicks brand is worth around 3000 crores. Vicks is India’s No.1 Cough & Cold Brand. It created the cold & cough Over-the-Counter (OTC) category in India way back in 1952 and has led the category till date.


Its current portfolio in India comprises :•Vicks Action500+•Vicks VapoRub•Vicks Cough Drops•Vicks Formula 44 Cough Syrup and•Vicks Inhaler.

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Journey of Vicks

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Marketing Mix

Product: • Features (Less Greasy and Feels Better) • Packaging • Quality • Variety – Inhaler, Vicks Action 500, Vapor Rub(5 Rs. for rural market

especially) / 10 Rs/ 30 Rs • Relevant to TA/Consistent

Price: • Penetrative (Low pricing) • Product Line Pricing, Cost Plus (Retailers)  • Competitive Pricing Strategy (Amrutanjan Balm of old)

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Place: • Chemists • Hypermarkets and • Departmental Stores

Promotion: • ATL • Creative Advertising – new ad with blind man • Can apply Sales Promotion (Selling 1 item of Vicks with other Vicks

product at low price) • Emotional Marketing – Selling mothers love not only a product • New ad: Baby crying and father applying vicks and child getting feeling

of mother’s warmth • Feel that mother is applying

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Leading market position Diversified and Innovative

product portfolio Strong finances in past


WEAKNESSES: Quality control problem Reduced revenues in their

Northeast Asian market.

OPPURTUNITIES: Developing markets Demographic trends

across the world

THREATS: Competitors Rising cost of energy

prices New Regulations


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STP Segmentation: • Demographic Segmentation: Age: • Vicks is used by almost all ages of people.

Gender: • Vicks is used by both males and females.

Income: •  People of low income to people of high income can all afford Vicks.

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Targeting• Vicks was initially targeted at children but later the company found that it

is mostly by adults. • Sinus patients are also the target market for Vicks.

Positioning • (Gale Me) Khich - Khich• Did not position as a multipurpose balm but stick to its world wise

position as a rub for colds only • Typical Indian Family centered around a child – rub for the child’s cold • Distinguished itself from a balm as balm was much stronger and

therefore preferred for adults. • Later positioned itself as a solution for adults as well