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2. CURRENCY There seems to be no publishing dates for the information provided in the website. The website does not display if it has been updated or revised in any way. The website does have older and newer sources, but both kinds fit the overall topic of the articles. The sources are fairly recently published which makes the information more relevant. 3. RELEVANCE The website is very relevant because of the information that is provided is directly related to the civil rights period. We believe the intended audience would be historians or any one who is interested in the history of the civil rights movement.The information seems credible towards the subject with the use of high diction. We both would feel comfortable to cite this website as a credible source of information. 4. AUTHORITY There appears to be no apparent author for the website, but the sources that were used for all of the information seem credible and relevant to the topic. There is no contact information for the person who authored the website, which brings about questions. 5. ACCURACY The information that is provided to the reader of the website is accurate to the overall theme of civil rights and is backed by credible sources. The language that is used in the website seems unbiased and informative. The reader can trust the information presented to them in the website. 6. PURPOSE The overall purpose of this website is to bring attention to Martin Luther King Jr. and what he fought and worked for civil rights. The author of the websites view was definitely obvious when going through the website. The author is clearly for civil rights and feels Martin Luther King Jr. played a large role in civil rights here in America. 7. THE WEBSITE WE EVALUATED