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2. Programme Close and lunch 12.15 Presentations from the four pilot projects 11.35-12.15 Address by Iain Gray MSP, Deputy Minister for Justice 11.25am Welcome from Jean Couper, Chairman, Scottish Legal Aid Board 11.15am 3. Welcome Jean Couper Chairman Scottish Legal Aid Board 4. The pilot projects :

  • Castlemilk Law and Money Advice Centre and the Ethnic Minorities Law Centre
  • Citizens Advice Scotland
  • Streetwork
  • West Lothian Advice Partnership

5. 6. Address by: Iain Gray MSP Deputy Minister for Justice 7. 8. Castlemilk Law and Money Advice Centreand theEthnic Minorities Law Centre Presenter: Rosie Sorrell Ethnic Minorities Law Centre 9. 10. About the Law Centres

  • Castlemilk Law Centre - very first Law Centre to open in Scotland in 1970s
  • Ethnic Minorities Law Centre opened over ten years agoand works with ethnic minority groups across Glasgow
  • both have built up substantial expertise in the field of asylum and immigration law

11. 12. 13. The problems for asylum seekers

  • being able to access the legal services that they require
  • significant language barriers
  • often they receive no information about where they can go
  • problems finding how to get there in a strange city
  • there may not be an interpreter available for several days

14. The need for the project

  • from April 2000 policy of dispersal of asylum seekers throughout the UK
  • Glasgow has become one of the major centres for dispersal
  • 4000asylum seekers in Glasgow now in Sighthill,Springburn, Castlemilkand other nearby areas in the Southside

15. The need for the project

  • support services set up and now better co-ordination, particularly in the Sighthill area
  • butlack of legal advice
    • small number of solicitors provide advice
    • poor referral network or co-ordination on a Glasgow wide basis
  • Castlemilk in a slightly better position than the Sighthill area
    • outreach in a local hall successful even though only publicised by word of mouth

16. 17. 18. What the Part V project will do

  • two solicitors serving the Southside and Sighthill areas of Glasgow through outreach clinics
  • providing casework in the different areas
  • working together on community education element
  • project steering group aims to include key organisations and individuals

19. Project benefits

  • excellent opportunities for partnership working
  • promote awareness of project services
  • the project could be replicated in new dispersal areas
  • provide a model of best practice for working with asylum seekers using a co-ordinated multi agency approach
  • significant impact on individual clients

20. 21. Citizens Advice Scotland

  • Presenter
  • Carol Greer, Advisory Officer

22. 23. What does the CAB do?

  • provides free, confidential, independent and impartial advice and information
  • also provides specialist services

24. 25. 26. What does the CAB do?

  • six CABx will be involved in this project using 13 offices as well as a number of other outreach clinic services
    • Caithness
    • Ross and Cromarty
    • Nairn
    • Moray
    • Skye
    • Western Isles Barra, Harris, Lewis, Uist
  • over25,300enquiries last year amongst these six bureaux

27. The need for the project

  • enquiries increasingly complex
    • particularly legal issues, welfare benefits and employment law.
  • dearth of legal specialists in rural areas
  • creates a number of problems for the CAB Service and for its clients:
    • increase skills and knowledge
    • referrals
    • high standards maintained and enhanced

28. What will the project do?

  • Solicitor will work out of Citizens Advice Scotlands Inverness office
  • Delivery of a second tier advisory service
    • - new methods of delivery e.g. email
  • training volunteers and paid staff

29. What will the project do?

  • taking on a limited number of client cases that are significant to local community
  • contributing to social policy work

30. Anticipated benefits

  • Clients:
    • greater access to legal services expertise
    • improved CAB Service
    • improved referral system
  • CAB:
    • more highly trained volunteers
    • expanded range of services

31. Anticipated benefits

  • Part V project:
    • experimentation of innovative delivery methods
    • investigation of most efficient and effective delivery in rural areas
    • creation of a replicable model
    • provision of models for effective partnership working

32. 33. Streetwork

  • Presenter
  • Katie Owen
  • Homeless Services Manager

34. About Streetwork

  • set up in 1991
  • works in Edinburgh with rough sleepers and young people at risk, both in city centre and outlying housing schemes
  • client group are some of the most excluded individuals in our community - they can be difficult to engage, distrusting of authority and have been let down by agencies intended to support them

35. What we do

  • Advice, information and preventative education to individuals and groups
  • Intensive advocacy support to help them access services
  • Uses a people centred approach to deliver this support through one to one and group sessions the street and office base
  • Staff are on the streets seven nights and four days a week and are available at the office five days a week

36. 37. Our clients

  • Our clients arent victims
  • Last year we worked with around 1500 vulnerable individuals
  • over4500interventions - 8% legal
  • Client issues include:
    • mental health
    • physical health
    • self harm
    • drugs and alcohol users
    • offending

38. Our clients

  • rough sleepers - 80% male, 20 % female
    • average age of 33 - 32% were under 25
    • 40% originated from outwith Edinburgh
    • 15% were care leavers - higher % under 25
    • 44% had mental health problems and 35% physical health problems
    • 28% had recent family or relationship problems
  • 1200 people under 25 are homeless in Edinburgh

39. Streetwork 40. Our Part V solicitor will

  • enhance our existing support to people we work with
  • drop in legal advice to clients on issues like
    • housing
    • Children (Scotland) Act and through care rights for those leaving care
    • civil rights in terms of exclusions from services
    • family issues mediation role, rights as parent when children may be in care
    • other issues like Benefits, Human rights, mental health issues

41. Our project will

  • work with clients where they are comfortable-in our current venues and on the streets
  • work with staff - improve advice, knowledge and back up as well as review cases
  • work with partners to improve services, policies and highlight good practise

42. 43. West Lothian Advice Partnership

  • Presenters
  • Alan Cunningham, Welfare Strategy Manager, West Lothian Council
  • Jane Marnie,
  • Manager,Livingston CAB

Workers Benefits Advice Project Breich Valley Information Service 44. Who we are

  • unique partnership between all the major advice providers in West Lothian
    • West Lothian Council Advice Shop, Bathgate
    • Livingston CAB
    • Breich Valley Information Service, Fauldhouse
    • Workers Benefits Advice Project, Bathgate

45. 46. 47. The need for the project

  • four partner