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  • 1. Present to Persuade Effective Presentations Career Academy for Research and Excellence 1

2. 2 3. WHY PLANWHO PREPAREWHAT PRACTICEHOW WHEN PRESENT WHEREemail:info@carehrm.com3 4. Reason For Presentation Why???? Impact onWhat Action 4 5. EDUCATEREMEMBERENTERTAIN YOUR 3EsEXPLAIN 5 6. Who???? - Assess Your Audience Success depends on your ability to reachyour audience. So Pitch to your audience: Size Demographics Knowledge Level Bias Motivation REMEMBER: Talk to Your Audience, rather than at thememail:info@carehrm.com6 7. Prepare 7 8. PREPARE - StructureINTRODUCTION BODY Tell them what youPREPARE - Structureare going to tell themTell themSUMMARYTell them what youtold them email:info@carehrm.com8 9. I - InterestingN - NeedT - TitleR - RangeO - 9 10. MAIN BODY Tell Them Structure the Theme 5 Need to know statements 5 Key words 5 Mini speeches / Excerpts Check Focus 10 11. SUMMARYTell them what you told themTell them what you told themDraw conclusions capitalizePoint way forwardClosing statement -impressiveGive time for questions 11 12. PRACTICE Strong Opening Clear Point Reduces nervesHow????????? Improves performance practice, Logical Flowpractice, So What test? Strong Ending practice Helps judge timing Get familiar with aids Avoid over rehearsing 12 13. PRACTICE Delivery 13 14. PRACTICE Objection HandlingAn objection is anything the prospect says or does that is an obstacle to smooth closing. i.e. interruptions,questions, point oppositions, doubts, 14 15. They happen when. 15 16. 16 17. 1. Smile2. Breath3. Visual AID4. Notes5. Finish On Or Under 17 18. Keep Your Eyes on Verbal fillers Um, uh, like Any unrelated word or phrase Movements that show nervousness Swaying, rocking, and pacing Hands in pockets/on dress Lip smacking Fidgeting Failure to being audience-centered 18 19. Always Remember that.. Visual Aids are merely to Enhance Understanding Add Variety Support Claims Create Lasting Impact When they are used poorly they only serveto be A DistractionDeliver Ineffective Presentation Reduce impact of topicemail:info@carehrm.com19 20. Polishing Presentation Skills Voice Modulation Express Better Body Language Kinetics 20 21. Voice ModulationFriends, Romans, countrymen, lend meyour ears;I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them; email:info@carehrm.com21 22. Questions: Why did every one have adifferent tone for thesame sentence? What did each tonedeliver? Uses of Tone as Non-Verbal communication? 22 23. USE. Voice projection Meaningful Pauses Pitch Consonants, Vowels Speak S L O W L Y . 23 24. 24 25. 25 26. 26 27. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT !! 27 28. Thank 28