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<ul><li><p>8/6/2019 Prepking 9L0-613 Exam Questions</p><p> 1/11</p><p> </p><p>Exam : APPLE 9L0-613</p><p>Title : Podcast and Streamed Intemet</p><p>Media Administration Exam</p><p>Version : R6.1</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Prepking 9L0-613 Exam Questions</p><p> 2/11</p><p> </p><p>Prepking - King of Computer Certification</p><p>Important Information, Please Read Carefully</p><p>Other Prepking products</p><p>A) Offline Testing engine</p><p>Use the offline Testing engine product to practice the questions in an exam environment.</p><p>B) Study Guide (not available for all exams)</p><p>Build a foundation of knowledge which will be useful also after passing the exam.</p><p>Latest Version</p><p>We are constantly reviewing our products. New material is added and old material is</p><p>updated. Free updates are available for 90 days after the purchase. 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So if we find out that a particular PDF file is</p><p>being distributed by you, Prepking reserves the right to take legal action against youaccording to the International Copyright Laws.</p><p>Explanations</p><p>This product does not include explanations at the moment. If you are interested in</p><p>providing explanations for this exam, please contact</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Prepking 9L0-613 Exam Questions</p><p> 3/11</p><p> </p><p>1. Which file format and audio codec should you use when creating enhanced audio podcasts?</p><p>A. M4A and AAC</p><p>B. WAV and MP3</p><p>C. WAV and MP3 VBR</p><p>D. M4A and Protected AAC</p><p>Answer: A</p><p>2. Podcast aggregators are applications that search, format, and display podcasts, based on subscriptions</p><p>to ________.</p><p>A. metadata</p><p>B. RSS feeds</p><p>C. entries from the iTunes Music Store</p><p>D. HTML files associated with podcasts</p><p>Answer: B</p><p>3. Weblogs can be published and syndicated using which THREE protocols? (Choose THREE.)</p><p>A. RSS</p><p>B. RTP</p><p>C. RSS2</p><p>D. RTSP</p><p>E. Atom</p><p>F. PCAST</p><p>Answer: ACE</p><p>4. Which application can be used to create a live stream that anyone with an Internet connection can</p><p>access?</p><p>A. QuickTime Pro</p><p>B. QuickTime Player</p><p>C. QuickTime Broadcaster</p><p>D. QuickTime Streaming Server</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Prepking 9L0-613 Exam Questions</p><p> 4/11</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Prepking 9L0-613 Exam Questions</p><p> 5/11</p><p> </p><p>B. Test your podcast subscription from iTunes.</p><p>C. Test your podcast weblog entry from a web browser.</p><p>D. Click New Episode to add the first podcast episode to your weblog.</p><p>Answer: A</p><p>9. What is an advantage of streaming media via HTTP?</p><p>A. Streaming media via HTTP allows you to multicast live streams.</p><p>B. Streaming media via HTTP ensures that all movie packets are delivered and that dropped packets are</p><p>retransmitted.</p><p>C. Streams delivered via HTTP allow users to skip to any point in a movie on the server without</p><p>downloading the intervening material.</p><p>D. Streams delivered via HTTP allow long movies and continuous transmissions to be viewed without</p><p>having to store more than a few seconds of data locally.</p><p>Answer: B</p><p>10. Which TWO are valid iPod video formats? (Choose TWO.)</p><p>A. H.264 (768 kbps, 320x240, AAC-LC up to 160 kbps, 48 kHz)</p><p>B. .MOV (2.5 Mbps, 640x480, AAC-LC up to 160 kbps, 48 kHz)</p><p>C. MPEG-2 (768 kbps, 320x240, AAC-LC up to 160 kbps, 48 kHz)</p><p>D. MPEG-3 (2.5 Mbps, 480x480, AAC-LC up to 160 kbps, 48 kHz)</p><p>E. MPEG-4 (2.5 Mbps, 480x480, AAC-LC up to 160 kbps, 48 kHz)</p><p>Answer: AE</p><p>11. Which is a characteristic of Fast Start delivery?</p><p>A. The media plays in real-time over the network.</p><p>B. The media is downloaded to the viewer's hard disk.</p><p>C. The media is delivered using the Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP).</p><p>D. The request for the stream is handled using the Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP).</p><p>Answer: B</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Prepking 9L0-613 Exam Questions</p><p> 6/11</p><p> </p><p>12. Review this image, then answer the question below.</p><p>In the image above, a single stream is shared by all clients. Which network transport method is represented</p><p>by this configuration?</p><p>A. unicast</p><p>B. multicast</p><p>C. simulcast</p><p>D. omnicast</p><p>Answer: B</p><p>13. On a clean installation of Mac OS X Server you have enabled weblog service and created a weblog</p><p>entry for user jsmith. Who can UPDATE this jsmith weblog entry?</p><p>A. Anyone</p><p>B. Any user who has authenticated via qtuser files</p><p>C. Any user who has authenticated via Open Directory</p><p>D. Any user who has authenticated as jsmith via qtuser files</p><p>E. Any user who has authenticated as jsmith via Open Directory</p><p>Answer: E</p><p>14. Review this image, then answer the question below.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Prepking 9L0-613 Exam Questions</p><p> 7/11</p><p> </p><p>In the image above, each client receives its own dedicated media stream from the streaming server. Which</p><p>network transport method is represented by this configuration?</p><p>A. unicast</p><p>B. multicast</p><p>C. simulcast</p><p>D. omnicast</p><p>Answer: A</p><p>15. You have configured Quick Time Streaming Server (QTSS) for a maximum of 1000 concurrent</p><p>connections. What error code will QTSS generate when the 1001st concurrent connection request is</p><p>received?</p><p>A. 401</p><p>B. 404</p><p>C. 415</p><p>D. 453</p><p>Answer: D</p><p>16. All qtaccess files should be saved in what format?</p><p>A. XML</p><p>B. W3C</p><p>C. plain text</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Prepking 9L0-613 Exam Questions</p><p> 8/11</p><p> </p><p>D. preference list</p><p>Answer: C</p><p>17. What type of file may include the set of parameters shown below?</p><p>AuthName </p><p>AuthUserFile </p><p>AuthGroupFile </p><p>require user </p><p>require group </p><p>require valid-user</p><p>require any-user</p><p>A. plist</p><p>B. qtusers</p><p>C. SDP file</p><p>D. qtaccess</p><p>E. QTSS Access log</p><p>Answer: D</p><p>18. Review this image, then answer the question below.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Prepking 9L0-613 Exam Questions</p><p> 9/11</p><p> </p><p>You have created the rss.xml file shown above. What title will subscribed listeners see listed in iTunes for</p><p>this series of podcast episodes?</p><p>A. Pretendco</p><p>B. "1.0" encoding</p><p>C. Overview of Pretendco Training</p><p>D. Welcome to Pretendco Training</p><p>Answer: A</p><p>19. To make room on the boot drive of your QuickTime Streaming Server (QTSS), you move the QTSS</p><p>media directory to a separate volume. In Server Admin you confirm that the path to the new directory is</p><p>correct. You can play media from this directory locally on the server, but you are unable to stream the media</p><p>in this directory from your server. What is the most likely cause?</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Prepking 9L0-613 Exam Questions</p><p> 10/11</p><p> </p><p>A. The qtaccess file has been deleted.</p><p>B. The owner of the new directory is not system user "qtss".</p><p>C. The server was not rebooted after the media directory was moved.</p><p>D. QuickTime does not recognize the format of the drive where the new directory is stored.</p><p>Answer: B</p><p>20. Where are QuickTime Streaming Server group accounts stored by default?</p><p>A. /var/db/netinfo/local.nidb</p><p>B. /Library/QuickTimeStreaming/Config/qtgroups</p><p>C. /System/Library/QuickTimeStreaming/Config/qtgroups</p><p>D. /Library/Application Support/Apple/QuickTime/Streaming/Groups/qtgroups</p><p>Answer: B</p><p>21. Users have subscribed to your podcast. What element will you need to update so that users can receive</p><p>new episodes?</p><p>A. The URL associated with the enhanced podcast</p><p>B. The .html web page associated with the podcast</p><p>C. The rss.xml feed file associated with the podcast</p><p>D. The metadata associated with previous podcast episodes</p><p>Answer: C</p><p>22. Which procedure will let you access an on-demand stream from a webpage?</p><p>A. Change the mime-type of the stream to ".mov" and enter the stream's URL in the web browser, beginning</p><p>with "rtsp://".</p><p>B. Create a reference movie that redirects QuickTime Player to the streaming URL and embed the</p><p>reference movie in your webpage.</p><p>C. Create a playlist in the default media directory on your web server and enter the stream's URL in the web</p><p>browser, beginning with "rtsp://".</p><p>D. Embed a hinted version of your stream in a webpage and configure the QuickTime plug-in to autoplay</p><p>the stream when the webpage loads.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Prepking 9L0-613 Exam Questions</p><p> 11/11</p><p>100% Pass Guaranteed or Full RefundWord to Word Real Exam Questions from Real Test</p><p>Buy full version of exam from this link below</p></li></ul>