Preparing Teachers for Online and Blended Learning

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Preparing Teachers for Online and Blended Learning. presented by Barbara Treacy Education Development Center EdTech Leaders Online and Stan Freeda NH Department of Education e-Learning for Educators New England Comprehensive Center Virtual Education Summit April 2011. Goals. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Online Preparation for Virtual School Instructors

Preparing Teachersfor Online and Blended Learningpresented byBarbara TreacyEducation Development Center EdTech Leaders OnlineandStan FreedaNH Department of Education e-Learning for Educators

New England Comprehensive CenterVirtual Education SummitApril 2011

1GoalsComponents of Effective ProgramsDiscuss whats different about teaching onlineAddress the training online teachers need (pre- or in-service)Identify key strategies for online teachingElements Necessary for Online Teaching and LearningContent developmentParticipation and facilitationManagement and deliveryExpectations and assessmentExplore an Online CourseLook at the features of an online courseConclusions about online learningQuestions and Answers

It is the framework which changes with each new technology and not just the picture within the frame. -Marshall McLuhan (1955)

3Learning no longer needs to be one size fits all. The challenge for our education system is to leverage technology to create relevant learning experiences that mirror students daily lives and the reality of their futures. -National Educational Technology Plan, USED 2010


Digital Natives.My granddaughter video i-chatting with her great grandparents who live in Hawaii5Whats different about learning and teaching online?Online curriculumIncreased use of technology toolsSocial dynamicOnline discussion and pace of interactionCommunication methodsAssessmentTechnical challenges may occurIncreased access/access issues must be addressed6Whats the same as in the face to face environment?Need to be aligned to core principles of good teachingNeed to establish clear expectationsNeed to understand the content and have good curriculumNeed to provide regular feedbackImportant to listen to and learn from studentsNeed to meet individual student learning needs


What professional development do online instructors need?Ongoing preparation in core content and pedagogyFacilitation skills that foster reflective discussions leading to deeper learningBuilding an online learning communityExperience in online environment with good modelsAttention to online voiceAssessment of learning in the online environmentTechnical tools to support communication and collaborationClassroom management in the online environmentStructure of the online curriculumDifferentiating learning to meet individual learning goals8Effective Facilitation TechniquesModel good online behaviorEncourage participant reflectionListen to and learn from participantsBe positive!Use whole group and individual strategies and toolsUse asynchronous and synchronous approaches appropriatelyBe sensitive to netiquette, dominating voices, writing styleEstablish clear expectations; be flexible to meet learners goalsUse effective questioning techniques Utilize casual chat and share personal sideProvide ongoing feedback9Where do teachers get training to teach online?Pre-service teacher certification optionsNot many right now!Should it be required for teacher certification?Should there be a special certification?Pre-service online teacher trainingIdeal to be trained prior to teachingOngoing professional development neededImportance of ongoing online teacher communityElements Necessary for Teaching and Learning OnlineContent developers Development of content Facilitation of the group to meet goalsParticipation in the learning environmentExpectations for participants, facilitators, and developersAssessment strategies that are formative and summative Online model for delivery of contentCourse management system for organization and consistency

Explore an Example of Online LearningOPEN NH is the NH e-Learning for Educators Course Delivery program. Website: Courses are 7 weeks and earn 35 professional development hours.Moodle delivery. Course site: www.opennh.netBeing Successful with Online Learning is a tutorial, freely accessible to all.Provides a basic experience for learning about OPEN NH using our course model. Your experience is not facilitated. Your experience is not assessed.Explore an Example of Online LearningGo to on Being Successful with Online Learning under Self Paced Tutorials.

Explore an Example of Online LearningUnit 1: Orientating Yourself to an Online CourseActivitiesDiscussion Forum

Explore an Example of Online LearningOverviewReadingsVideo/MultimediaActivitiesDiscussion

ActivityDivide into GroupsExplore a UnitShare/Debrief

Debriefing the Exploration Was there evidence of:content and development? online model for delivery?organization and consistency?

This tutorial was not facilitated. If the course were facilitated by a trained instructor, how would these fit into the delivery?direction of group to meet goals?expectations for participants and facilitators?formative and summative strategies for assessment?

NH e-Learning for Educators ResourcesInformational Website: www.opennh.orgCourse Delivery Site: www.opennh.netE-Learning Blog: Learning in New Hampshire: Hampshire Educators Online: OPEN NH You Tube Channel: NH Instructor and Developer Ning:

Sample Participant FeedbackThe most valuable information I gained from this course was seeing the differentiated learning and various resources, such as videos and tutorials, which would help students who not necessarily text based learners. When I immediately thought of online learning I didn't not take into account all of the multi-learning strategies that can be used online. -Heather McGuire Johnstown, NY

I loved the collaboration that took place. I got to share and learn new things from other teachers. It was nice to interact with other teachers. We really don't get an opportunity to meet with teachers from other districts to share ideas. -Laurie Lazinski, Johnstown, NY

It was valuable to start out as an online student and slowly switch to online teacher. This is a nice gradual structure to the course. It was cool to experiment with moodle and I loved getting cool teacher ideas from the other participants.-Megan Wise, Boston, MA

This course has influenced my teaching in the physical classroom as well as offering thorough preparation and excellent resources for online courses that I may teach.-Louisiana Virtual School instructor

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