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  • Preparing Sales to Sell a New Solution

    An ISA Marketing & Sales Community Webinar January 31, 2012

    Presented By:

    Matt Leary, Principal Solutions Insights, Inc.

    with Dr. Peter Martin Vice President

    Invensys Operations Management

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    Theme: Innovation in Automation

    •  September 11-13, 2013, The W Hotel, New Orleans, LA Pre-conference workshops: $195 Two day conference registration: $445 member/$595 non-member Early bird registration available until June 1st

    •  New in 2013: —  Social media: Special “no distractions” track —  Unconference: Working group discussions on hot topics selected by attendees at

    the beginning of the conference

    •  Who attends: Marketing, Biz Dev, Sales, Product Managers, Business Owners

    •  Why Attend? —  Learn new strategies and tactics that can be put to use right away —  Collaborate and network with peers in the industry —  Insider look at local manufacturing operation during group tour

    8th Annual ISA Marketing & Sales Summit

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    Topics for Today

    ●  The concept of “launch” ●  The importance of involving sales ●  5 essentials for ensuring sales adoption and

    action ●  Sales Launch Case Study:Getting Sales to

    Focus on Business Value at Invensys ●  Closing thoughts ● Q&A

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    What do we mean when we say “launch”?

    To set in motion

    To float

    To send forth, catapult, or release

    To start on a course

    To burst out or plunge boldly into action

    To propel with force

    To involve totally and enthusiastically

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    Why do we launch a product or a solution in the marketplace?

    ● Generate interest ●  Educate the market ●  Create media “buzz” ● Generate inquiries –

    current and new customers

    ●  Create brand awareness ●  Upstage competitors ●  Control the message ● Others?

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    Why do we launch a product or a solution to sales?

    ●  Generate interest ●  Inform and educate ●  Create internal “buzz” ●  Encourage customer re-

    engagement ●  Reinforce competitive

    positioning ●  Control the message ●  Create enthusiasm and

    momentum ●  Others?

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    Because of their complexity, solutions require even more attention be paid to the sales launch

    Solutions Definition A combination of products, services, and intellectual property focused on a customer business problem or opportunity that drives measurable

    business value and can be significantly standardized.

    Product Solution Implication for Sales

    Easy to describe Difficult to describe Comprehensive yet easy-to- understand descriptions required

    Easy to demonstrate Difficult to demonstrate Need for strong examples, use cases, references, simulation models

    Few customer stakeholders involved

    Many customer stakeholders involved

    Preparation with new skills for different conversations

    Relatively short sales cycle Relatively longer sales cycle Continuous coaching and reinforcement

    Differences Between Products and Solutions

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    Five elements are essential to ensuring sales adoption and enthusiasm for a new solution

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    Essential #1: Sales Ready Strategy

    • Coordinate with sales prior to formal launch Good

    • Involve sales in the testing and validation of the solution


    • Top-to-bottom alignment with sales around focus, content and priorities


    •  Sales previews •  Sales-only launch events

    •  Sales council review •  Sales-led top account


    • Sales input into customer research, solutions design

    • Sales involvement at major decision points in process

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    Essential #2: Content that matters

    • Core information on the offer and markets Good

    • Specific information about buyers and their needs


    • Detailed content that walks sales through the selling process


    •  Roadmaps, solution details •  Market overview •  Segment details

    •  Typical decision-makers •  Persona-based needs

    analysis •  Objections and answers

    •  Descriptions and tactics for each sales stage

    •  Account planning tools

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    Essential #3: Assets that “wow”

    • Materials and formats that are easy to consume


    • Cover all appropriate markets, segments and decision-makers


    • Targets and delivers specific information and support when it’s needed


    •  Customer-ready value props •  ROI calculators •  Customer references

    •  If/then decision trees •  Value props for specific

    markets •  Role-play tools by persona

    •  Proposal templates •  Playbooks •  Selling tools and guides

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    Essential #4: Communication, Training and Certification

    • Build and communicate a clear solutions rollout plan


    • Train key players to be advocates and trainers


    • Create experts Best

    •  Clear goals and targets •  References ,key contacts

    and resources

    •  Sales Manager/ Channel Manager training

    •  SE/SA sales training

    •  Sales, SE, Channel and Partner certification

    •  Tools/expectations for ongoing coaching and reinforcement

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    Essential #5: Support and Follow-up

    • An easy-to-use way for sales to give feedback


    • Multiple feedback channels Better

    • Continuous two-way communications Best

    •  Email or web portal •  Internal surveys •  Feedback forwarding process

    •  Interviews with early adopters •  Frequent publication and follow

    up via FAQs or “best practices”

    •  “Hero” profiles and recognition •  Presentations by early

    adopters at sales meetings

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    Getting Sales to Focus on Business Value in a Commodity Business

    Peter G. Martin PhD Invensys Operations Management January 2013

  • Background on organization

    © Invensys, February 2011

    • Invensys • Combination of automation technology companies

    • Traditionally focused on feature-function-benefit-proof

    • Sales • Product technology/project focused

    • Target client – engineering and purchasing

    • Automation market segments • Aggressive commodity cycles

    • High business value improvement potential

  • Background on Role of the Solution




    Measurable Performance




    Lifecycle Cost






  • Invensys Internal Critical Challenges

    •  Overcoming technology-project-product focus •  Conservative Engineering Perspective •  Accepting multi-vendor solutions •  Delivery capability (IT infrastructure) •  Technology development •  Multiple company mindset & organization

    •  Leadership changes •  Selling – Channels

  • Different Buyers – Different Imperatives

    Executive Client


    Technical Portfolio Products

    Technical Client

    (technology, risk, cost)

    Measurable Business Value Improvement Solution

    Operational Excellence Solutions

    Technological Advantage, Low Price

    Enterprise Control System

    RFQ (solution)

  • What we have learned

    • Measure of value must align to accounting •