Premodern Diplomats Network Splendid Encounters IV .!! Premodern Diplomats Network Splendid Encounters

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    Premodern Diplomats Network Splendid Encounters IV, 2015

    Suna Suner, Ebubekir Rtib Efendi and His Vienna Mission: The Portrait of an Ottoman Diplomat as a Theatre Enthusiast

    Lithuanian Commonwealth (16th17th Centuries) Anna Kalinowska, How do you solve a problem like Poland? Polish-Lithuanian Society and diplomacy

    13.30 15.00 LUNCH

    PANEL 6: 6a Chair: 6b Chair:

    15.00 16.30 INTERCULTURAL DIPLOMACY BEYOND BORDERS OF CHRISTIANITY I Guido van Meersbergen: Informal Diplomacy in an Inter-Cultural Setting: The Dutch in Mughal India Dariko Mazhidenova: Embassy of Ruy Gonzalez de Clavijo to the Court of Tamerlane Frank Jacob: The Conquistadors as Martial Diplomats

    DIPLOMACY THROUGH CONFESSIONAL BORDERS Katharina Beiergrlein: In Service for the King: Robert Barnes, the Diplomatic Heretic Roberta Anderson: His Credentials are in Order: Catholic Ambassadors at the English Court, 16031625 Charlotte Backera: Popish Priests and Protestant Chaplains: Religion and Diplomacy in London and Vienna, 17001745

    16.30 17.00 AFTERNOON COFFEE

    Panel 7: Chair:

    17.00 18.30 INTERCULTURAL DIPLOMACY BEYOND THE BORDERS OF CHRISTIANITY II Kuldeep Patowary: War and Peace: Diplomacy during MughalAhom Confrontations in the 17th Century Shounak Ghosh: Negotiating Rivalries: Diplomatic Encounters in Sixteenth Century Western Deccan Hang Lin: Missions to Connect the Empires: A Fifteenth-Century Chinese Diplomat to Central Asia

    18.30 19.00 Concluding Comments


    Premodern Diplomats Network Splendid Encounters IV, 2015

    16.00 16.30 AFTERNOON TEA

    PANEL 3: 3a Chair: 3b Chair:

    16.30 18.30 DIPLOMATS IN ACTION I: HABSBURG ENVOYS Lenka Marlkov: The Bavarian Mission of Dominik Andreas Count of Kaunitz between the Years 16871688 Ji Kube: Diplomacy as a Part-Time Service? Johann Marcus Count Clary and Aldringen as an Imperial Resident to Saxony at the End of the 17th Century Bla Vilmos Mihalik: Ceremonies, Factions, Networks: Prince Liechtenstein as Imperial Ambassador in Rome (16911694) Jonathan Singerton: That Long, Laborious, and Odious Task: Struggles, Sympathies, and Statecraft between the Habsburg Monarchy and the United States 17761778

    QUEENS, PRINCESSES AND AMBASSADORESSES: WOMEN AND DIPLOMACY John Condren: Braganza, Este, and Medici Marital Diplomacy under the Umbrella of French Geopolitical Strategy in the 1680s Laura Olivn Santaliestra: The Advice of an Ex-Ambassadress ergo the Diplomacy of Experience: The Young Ambassador Aloisio von Harrach and the Diplomacies of Motherhood (16981700) Pia Wallnig: Succedendo bene possesso, che lambasciatore cesareo habbia moglie: Ceremonial Conflicts of Imperial Ambassadresses in Rome during the War of the Spanish Succession Johanna Hellmann: German Diplomatic Reports during the War of the Bavarian Succession (1778/1779): A Portray of Marie Antoinettes Personal and Political Agency


    Time Speaker

    9.00 9.30 Registration

    PANEL 4: 4a Chair: 4b Chair: Anna Kalinowska

    9.30 11.30 DIPLOMATS IN ACTION II Bartomej Woyniec: Marcin Szyszkowski, Bishop of Lutsk and His Legation to Prague and Graz in 1605 Natalia Neverova: The Nuncios at the Emperors Court (15911612): Spiritual Role vs Political Demands Zsuzsanna Hmori Nagy: Splendid Encounters: Count Pter Bethlens Visit at European Courts in 16271628 Annalisa Biagianti: Re-constructing a Diplomats Network: The Ambassador of Lucca at the Spanish Court in the Late 17th Century

    INTERCULTURAL DIPLOMACY AT THE BORDERS OF CHRISTIANITY Gbor Krmn: Grand Dragoman Zlfikar Aga: An Expert of the Northwestern Borders of the Empire at the Sublime Porte Sndor Papp, When the grand vizier chose the prince of Transylvania: An audience with Kprl Mehmed Pasha in 1658 Mariusz Kaczka: A Well-Connected Diplomat: Pawe Benoe aka Paul Benot in the Ottoman Empire David Do Pao: Family and Trans-Imperial Diplomatic Network: A Private Management of the Austrian Oriental Affairs in the 18th Century

    11.30 12.00 MORNING COFFEE

    PANEL 5: 5a Chair: 5b Chair: Adam Perakowski

    12.00 13.30 DIPLOMATS IN ACTION III Ekaterina Domnina: Ambassador Meets the Death: Tommasso Spinellis Self-Representation in His Testament Eoin Devlin: The Playwright-Diplomat: Sir George Etherege in Germany

    REPUBLICAN DIPLOMACY Katalin Prajda: Diplomacy in the Making: Public Discussions in Republican Florence on Foreign Policy toward the Kingdom of Hungary and the Kingdom of Naples in 1380 Dorota Gregorowicz: The Papal Diplomats Role in the Interregnums Parliamentary Practice of the Polish-


    Premodern Diplomats Network Splendid Encounters IV, 2015


    Time Speaker

    8.30 9.15

    Registration/Coffee Welcome and Introduction

    9.30 Keynote Lecture: Arno Strohmeyer Trends and Perspectives in Early Modern Diplomatic History: The Case of Habsburg-Ottoman Relations

    10.30 11.00 MORNING COFFEE

    PANEL 1: 1a Chair: Tomasz Wilicz 1b Chair: 11.00 1.00 STRUCTURAL QUESTIONS AND PERSONNEL

    Jnos Szabados: The Death of Johann Dietz as a Model for Court Procedures Zsuzsanna Czirki: Language Students and Interpreters at the Mid-Seventeenth-Century Habsburg Embassy in Constantinople Tiago Vila de Faria: Diplomacy and State Growth in Pre-Modern Portugal Adam Perakowski: Two states, one diplomacy? Competence problems of the Saxon and Polish diplomacy during the personal union (16971763)

    CEREMONIES I Austeja Brasiunaite: Rituals and Signs: Peculiarities of Diplomatic Ceremonial and Their Importance to the Grand Duchy of Lithuanias Interstate Relations during Crisis: 14th16th Century Marius Sirutaviius: How to Declare a War without Declaring One: A Story of a Failed Ratification of the Armistice between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Muscovy of 1578 Marta Jaworska: The Role of Parliamentary Gifts in Diplomatic Relations with Muscovy in the 16th and 17th Centuries Selected Examples of Misunderstanding of the Diplomatic Protocol

    1.00 14.30 LUNCH

    PANEL 2: 2a Chair: 2b Chair:

    14.30 16.00 DIPLOMACY, SCIENCE, PHILOSOPHY AND LAW Adam Smrcz: Peace among Churches Hugo Grotius Program Concerning Religious Toleration Amirpasha Tavakkoli: Diplomatic Moments in Machiavellis Political Theory Gbor Frkli: Ismal Boulliau an Astronomer in the European Information Network

    CEREMONIES II Pierre Nevejans: The Prince and the Ambassador Camille Desenclos: Is Politeness Really Polite? The Epistolary Ceremonial at the Beginning of the 17th Century Michaela Buriankova: The embassy of count Popel of Lobkowicz in Madrid (16891697): negotiating in the middle of ceremonial conflicts


    Premodern Diplomats Network Splendid Encounters IV, 2015

    Splendid Encounters 4: Diplomats and Diplomacy

    in the Early Modern World

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