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  • 7/25/2019 Premium Forex Tips and Updates


    Daily Market Reflection28thJune 2016 | Email id info! | "oll #ree 1800$2%0$1&10

    Market Outlook

    Fundamental News

    Reference Rate

    Currency Date Date %Cha23-0-! 2"-0-!

    '(D)*R 68.01&& 6%.+000 $0.16

    E'R)*R %-.101- %&.8801 $0.2+

    /)*R +2.+-- +0.+11 $2.1+J)*R 66.&-00 66.6+00 30.

    "he ru4ee shook off some of its earlier weakness and reco5ered 12

    4aise to 6%.8& aainst the dollar today on increased sellin of the

    '( currency 7y 7anks and e4orters. Most emerin 9sian

    currencies etended losses on Monday on s4eculation that reionalcentral 7anks may end u4 cuttin interest rates to offset 4otential

    damae to e4orts arisin from /ritain:s decision to lea5e the

    Euro4ean 'nion.

    Reional currencies; howe5er; 4ared some of their earlier losses as

    caution rew o5er 4ossi7le inter5ention 7y monetary authorities to

    su44ort them.

    (terlin and euro strule as /reit shock liners.

    9sia #< weakens in /reit wake= rate cuts e4ected if

    e4orts suffer.

    (outh >orean won 4ares loss; stocks chane course as

    /reit im4act eases.

    ?hina:s yuan weakens to -$1@2 year low as /o?

    tolerates de4reciation.

    #$ent Calendar 2&th'une 20!(

    ime ?urrency E5ent #orecast re5ious

    104m E'Rerman )m4ort rices

    m@m0.6, $0.1,

    104m E'R

    E?/ resident Drahi

    (4eaks $ $

    04m / ?/) RealiAed (ales + %

    Day 1 E'R E' Economic (ummit $ $

    6004m '(D #inal D B@B 1.0, 0.8,

    %04m '(D?/ ?onsumer

    ?onfidence+.2 +2.6

    Currenc)es $s *

    Currency Close+,00m(



    Ru4ee 6%.+662 6%.+688 $0.

    Dollar )nde +6.600 +-.+100 30,

    Euro 1.1006 1.10 $0.

    Currency Future

    ?urrency Date Date , ?h

    22$06$16 2$06$16

    '(D)*R 6%.-200 6%.282- $0.-,

    E'R)*R %6.000 %6.62%- 30.&,

    /)*R ++.1-00 100.1100 30.+%,

    J)*R 6&.-22- 6.600 $1.8,

    /loal Commod)t)es


    Close .re$1Close

    % Ch

    old 12+.-0

    12.+& 30.&1

    (il5er 1%.%& 1%.6 30.62

    ?rude &%.2& &%.+ $0.1?o44er 2.111 2.1018 30.&-


    Our .re$)ous calls udate

    Intraday super starDate Currenc

    y#ntry #5)t .6

    21@06 J)*R 6&.6800



    Trifd special

    Date Currency

    #ntry #5)t .6


    J)*R 6&.-600


  • 7/25/2019 Premium Forex Tips and Updates


    C5er5iew | Email id info! | "oll #ree 1800$2%0$1&10


    1 R2 S1 S2

    8.1000 68.3000 67.8000 67.6000

    (D)*R o4ened hiher than 4re5ious close 7ut radually

    aed down durin the session and finally closed on a

    at note 7ut with neati5e 7ias.

    it is a7le to sustain a7o5e 68.0000 then it can further

    ad hiher otherwise 6%.%000$6%.&000 is seen as su44ortne.

    R1 R2 S1 S2

    75.1000 75.3000 74.7000 74.5000

    E'R)*R o4ened a4 down and and closed lower fo

    last two consecuti5e sessions and finally closed in

    losin a44ro 0.-&,.

    *ow; %&.-00 is seen as key su44ort whereas %-.&

    may act as stron resistance from current le5els.


    1 R2 S1 S2

    0.2000 90.4000 89.7000 89.4000

    /)*R 7roke all its im4ortant su44ort Aones in last two

    essions and sur4assed -2 week lows and intraday loss

    as .-8,.

    n daily charts; net immediate su44ort is seen near

    +.000 su44ort while 4ro4er strenth can 7e seen a7o5e



    R1 R2 S1 S2

    67.0000 67.2000 66.6000 66.4000

    J)*R was a7le to sustain hiher after it 7reached

    im4ortant resistance le5els on daily charts.

    *ow; if it is a7le to hold a7o5e 6%.-000 then it may

    towards the 4sycholoical le5el of 68.000 while 66.

    66.0000 may act as near su44ort rane.
  • 7/25/2019 Premium Forex Tips and Updates


    )ntraday (u4er (tarremium (ection | Email id info! | "oll #ree 1800$2%0$1&10

    .84NR was a7le to sustain a7o5e after the hue 7reakout of the counter and so it may aain maintain the 7ulls a7o

    e mentioned le5el.

    8 :9O;#

  • 7/25/2019 Premium Forex Tips and Updates


    "rifid (4ecialremium (ection | Email id info! | "oll #ree 1800$2%0$1&10

    D4NRsu7dued in the last session after 7reakin the im4ortant rane of resistance in the 4re5ious session and sofs can 7e seen in the comin sessions.

    #77 9#7O>

  • 7/25/2019 Premium Forex Tips and Updates


    "rifid Research res4ects and 5alues the Riht to olicy of each and e5ery indi5idual. Fe are

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