Prefilled Teeth Whitening System V4

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Teeth Whitening has expanded rapidly in the beauty industry to include spas, medical spas, tanning salons, nail salons, hair salons, beauty retail stores, and more! Whether you currently own one of these types of facilities or want to start your own business, Whiter Image has the finest quality, support, and technology to make you a success!


  • 1. The # 1 Cosmetic Demand by Consumers Today Incredible Profit Margins Year-Round, Universal Appeal with No Slow Season Extensive Residual Retail Sales Revenue An Outstanding Opportunity A Premier Level of Excellence in Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Finest in Quality, Technology, Results, and Account Support Most Advanced Prefilled Tray Product in the Industry

2. Earning Credibility Jamaica | Brazil | Ireland| Poland | Australia | Canada Leadership Role in the Industry Author of National Best Practices Chosen by Industry Leaders 3.

  • Why?
  • Individuals are more image conscious than ever before
  • Instant gratification with visible results that are convenient
  • Appeals to males, females, and all age ranges from teens to baby boomers+
  • Offers one of the best bang for the buck products in the cosmetic industry

*Colgate Total is a registered trademark of Colgate-Palmolive Company.Crest White Strips is a registered trademark of Procter & Gamble Co.Industry Snapshot

  • Key Statistics about the Teeth Whitening Industry
  • 80% of Americans have pursued some form of whitening
  • A $14 billion a year explosive industry
  • Crest White Strips alone did over $500 million last year
  • The #1 cosmetic demand


  • Consumer Awareness- Leverage national advertising and merchandising

Why Cosmetic Teeth Whitening?

  • Strong Revenue
    • Instant revenue from current client base with strong referrals
    • Year-round appeal never a slow season!
    • Capitalize on bridal groups, prom season, photographers etc.
    • Huge gift certificate potential
  • Unbeatable Profits
    • OUTSTANDING profit margins up to $100 or more per hour
    • A specialty product allowing for optimal owner profits
    • Additional instant and residual profits from Whiter ImageTO GO Pens

The Opportunity

  • Blends with Current Products Can be presented as part of a package


  • Optimal Results with Retail Maintenance Products
    • Whiter ImageTO GO Whitening Pen
    • Chic-Flic DuoTO GO Whitening and Lip Plumper Pen

The Opportunity Why Choose Whiter Image?

  • Affordable for Your Clients
    • Sug. Retail of $69 for 1 LED Whitening to just $129 for 3
    • Affordable Wholesale Cost to Maximize Profits
  • Superior Product Performance
    • Exclusive Prefilled Tray System. No hassle, no mess.
    • Advanced Whitening Gel Formula with Hydrators
    • Virtually NO Sensitivity with Our Unique Formula
    • Premium Italian LED Light with Mobile Battery Option
    • Instant Results up to 6+ Shades in Just 30 Minutes
  • Free Dedicated Account Support
  • Beautifully Presented Product Design

6. 7. The Opportunity Outstanding Financial Potential* *These figures represent sales performance potential and are not guaranteed 8. W HITERI MAGE TO GO Whitening Pen

    • Beautiful Brushed Aluminum Casing Showcase in a Clear Cylinder Tube Package
    • 4.5 ml of 9% Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide for Optimal Results with 60+ Applications
    • Includes Hydrators and Desensitizers Designed with Sensitivity in Mind
    • Easy to Use Anywhere, Anytime!
    • Sug. Retail $39 to $49

Stand Alone Product or Maintenance to Prefilled Tray LED Whitening 9. Chic-FlicTO GO Pen Dual Sided Teeth Whitening and Lip Plumper Gloss Lip Plumper Gloss will also be available separately! Beautiful Bling Stones Mini LED Lights and Mirror to assist with application Beautiful See-Through Packaging 10. "The Whiter Image Teamis very professional and the personal attention I receive shows me that they are truly interested in partnering with me to grow my business." Sandee Rini, Suddenly Bright, LLC Account Testimonials We were very impressed with the Whiter Image system after evaluating other options in the market. They have been extremely attentive to our needs to ensure the best possible success for Starwood Vacation Ownership. David Calvert, Starwood Vacation Ownership Why Choose Whiter Image?

  • Delivering the Finest in Quality, Results,and Account Support

I paid for the total cost of the Whiter Image System in 5 days with over $4,200 in revenue! We have had an outstanding response!It offers an added benefit for the members with a very positive experience and great results with an extremely easy process. Don Campbell, Planet Beach 11. Training & Support Why Choose Whiter Image?

  • Comprehensive Training and Dedicated Account Support

Training Manual Advanced Online Training System by Brainshark with Knowledge Testing Followup Phone Training and Ongoing Dedicated Account Support 12. Marketing & Promotion Why Choose Whiter Image?

  • Comprehensive Collateral System Available
  • Brochures, Promotional Cards, Discount Cards, Banners, Email Campaigns, and More!

13. Why Choose Whiter Image? Marketing & Promotion

  • Vinyl and Pop-Up Banners Available

14. Getting Started Contact Your Account Executive for More Information and Package Pricing A Premier Level of Excellence in Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Finest in Quality, Results, and Account Support Thank You for Your Time!