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Text of Practice of Pharmacy

  • Practices of Pharmacy

    Fields of Pharmacy Community Pharmacy Industrial Pharmacy Hospital Pharmacy Clinical Pharmacy Government Service

    Community Pharmacy

  • Community Pharmacy Independent Drugstore

    Vary in size and merchandise Very common and everyone familiar

    Pharmaceutical Centers Only items related to health are kept in stocks It keeps a family system, a family health

    information center, a professional library and extensive reference files

    Community Pharmacy Group Practice

    Formal association of three or more pharmacists serving one or more fields of specialties

    Geriatrics Mental Health Pharmacy Oncology

    Chain Drugstore two or mor branches operate which are

    registered in the same name Multiple Pharmacy

    Community Pharmacy ActivitiesA.Professional Functions

    1.Dispensing2.Compounding3.Storage and handling of drugs4.Providing professional advise5.Selecting product for inventory6.Keeping records

    B.Administrative, Supervisory and Managerial Function

    C.Entrepreneural Function related to investment of capital and ownership of pharmacies

    Industrial Pharmacy

  • Industrial Pharmacy Research, Development, Production and

    Quality Control Marketing and Administration cGMP - Current Good Manufacturing


    Industrial Pharmacy

    History 1900 - Hizon Laboratories 1913 - Manuel Zamora Laboratories

    Manufacturer of "Tiki-tiki" 1918 - Philippine American Drug C

    Industrial Pharmacy Drug Establishment

    Any organization or company involve in the manufacture, importation, repackaging and/or distribution of drugs or medicine

    Drug Establishments Drug Manufacturer

    Own manufacturing facility

    Engaged in operation involved in compounding, finishing, filling, packaging, repackaging altering, ornamenting and labeling

  • Drug Establishment Drug Trader

    Registered owner of a drug product Procure material and packaging components Provides production monographs, control

    quality standards and procedure but, subcontracts the manufacture of such product

    May also engage in distribution and/or marketing of its product

    Example: Cyanamid Laboratories

    Drug Establishment Drug Distributor/Importer

    Import raw material, active ingredient, and/or finish product for its own use or for wholesale distribution to other drug establishment or outlets

    Example: MDLD

    Drug Distributor/ Exporter Exports raw material, active ingredient and/or

    finished products to another country

    Drug Establishment Drug Distributor/Wholesaler

    Procures raw material, active ingredient and/or finished products from local establishments for local distribution on wholesale basis

    Example: Zuellig Pharma, Metro Drug Distribution

    Small manufacturer Under Filipino Drug Association (FIDA) and

    Chamber of Filipino Drug Manufacturer (CFDM) Marginal manufacturing facilities Serve the generic drug requirement Drugmakers, AM Europharma

    Leading Philippine Pharmaceutical Companies1.United Laboratories Inc2.GSK Phils, Inc3.Pfizer, Inc4.Wyeth Philippines, Inc5.Sanofi Aventis Phil, Inc

    *Based on Philippine Pharmaceutical Industry Factbook, 7th Ed. (2008)

  • Registered Pharmaceutical Outlet RA 3720 Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act

    June 22, 1963 FDA issues license to drug firms

    EO 851 December 2,1982 Abolished FDA and created BFAD

    EO 175 May 22, 1987 Amended RA 3720 Food, Drug, Devices and Cosmetics Act

    RA 9711 Food and Drug Administration Act August 18, 2009 Abolished BFAD and created FDA

    RA 9711- FDA Act of 2009 Creation of separate center per product

    category Regulate the manufacture, importation,

    exportation, distribution, sale, offer for sale, transfer, promotion, advertisement, sponsorship of, and/or where appropriate, the use and testing of each product category

    FDA License to Operate (LTO) applied first in the

    corresponding Center After the release of the LTO, the company

    can apply for the registration of their product

    Registered when it has been approved by FDA

    Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) DR/DRP - for drugs FR - for foods HSR - for household hazardous substance DVR - for medical devices

    FDA Inspectors

    - make sure that pharmacist are present in the designated hours

    - do routine inspection of laboratories to make sure that cGMP is followed

    - monitor the drug outlets for unregistered product as well as for possible counterfeit drugs

  • Dangerous Drugs Board Policy making and strategy formulating

    body in the planning and formulation of policies and program on drug prevention and control

    Develops and adopts comprehensive, integrated, unified and balanced national drug abuse prevention and control strategy

    Office of the President Issues license and DDB prescription form

    DDB S1 - retail dealer of exempt dangerous

    drugs S2 - Physician, dentist, or veterinarian S3 - retail dealer dangerous and exempt

    dangerous drugs S4 - wholesaler dealer/distributor S5I - Importer of Dangerous drugs and

    exempt dangerous drug

    DDB S5C - Compounder, producer, and

    manufacturer or compounder of dangerous drug and exempt dangerous drug

    S5E - exporter of exempt dangerous drugs S6 - for research, instruction, or analysis S7 - importer, manufacturer, producer or

    compounder of dangerous drugs in any form

    DDB Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency

    (PDEA) Carry out the provision of RA 9165 Create and serves as the implementing

    arm of the Board Responsible for the efficient and effective

    law enforcement of all the provisions on any dangerous drugs and/or controlled precursor and essential chemical

  • Research Development Research

    Concern with formulation of new drug compound into dosage form

    Improvement of existing formulation Improvement of production process

    Basic Research Directed towards the discovery and search of new

    knowledge Applied Research

    Application of new knowledge to benefit mankind

    Federated Pharmaceutical Industry of the Philippines Composed of members of the Chamber

    of Drug Manufacturers, the Philippine Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association and Drug Association of the Philippines

    Concern with solutions of common problems of the industry and undergoes direct dialogue with government agencies

    Job Opportunities Company Pharmacist Regulatory Affairs Officer Clinical Trial/ Bioavailability Study Team Production Planning Inventory Control Asst/

    Manager QA Manager R & D Head Operations Manager Analyst Line Inspector Medical Representative

    Hospital Pharmacy- Department or service in a hospital- Under the direction of

    professionalcompetentlegally qualified pharmacist

  • Hospital Pharmacy From which all medications are supplied to

    the nursing units and other services Where prescriptions are filled for patients

    in the hospital Where prescriptions are filled for

    ambulatory and out-patient

    Duties of a Hospital Pharmacist Professional care regarding drugs and

    management of the hospital pharmacy Knowledgeable on

    Drugs and their action Pharmacy manufacturing program Control procedure (QC and drug distribution) Research activities both medical and pharm Teaching techniques (training program) Pharmacy administration in a hospital

    Activities of a Hospital Pharmacist (Chief)

    Prepare the annual budget Initiate drug orders Watch price fluctuation Maintain a system of record Exercise overall supervision of the

    Pharmacy dept Prepare schedule of staff duties

    Activities of a Hospital Pharmacist (Chief)

    Coordinate with the medical and nursing staff

    Represent her department in staff meeting Prepare an annual report to the

    administration Serve in vital committee

    P&T committee Drug Information service Policy Committee of the Administration Staff

  • Duties of the Pharmaceutical Staff Dispensing of drugs, chemicals and

    pharmaceutical preparation Filling and labeling of all drug containers Maintaining approve stock of antidote and

    other emergency drug Dispensing of narcotic and alcohol,

    maintaining a perpetual inventory of these product

    Furnishing information regarding medication

    Duties of the Pharmaceutical Staff Charging patient for drugs and

    pharmaceutical supplies Maintain adequate control over

    requisitioning and dispensing of ll drugs and pharmaceutical supplies

    Implementing the decision of the P&T Committee

    Filing of literature Manning the Drug Information Service

    Philippine Society of Hospital Pharmacist

    Organized in 1962

    Promote the interest of Hospital Pharmacist

    Monthly seminars to keep the members abreast with the latest development in their field

    Clinical Pharmacy Health science discipline

    Provide patient care that optimizes medication therapy and promotes health, wellness and disease prevention

    Embraces the philosophy of Pharmaceutical Care

  • Activities of a Clinical Pharmacist Consulting Selection of drug Drug Information Formulation and preparation Drug use studies and research Pharmacokinetic/ therapeutic drug monitoring Clinical trial Pharmacoeconomy Dispensation and Administration Teaching and Training

    Philippine Experience Patient Oriented Make rounds with the physician and other

    members of the health team Take charge of taking patients drug

    histories, maintaining patient drug profile, keeping close surveillance of ADR, patient counseling

    Pharmaceutical Care American Society of Health System