Practice of Medicine Medical Jurisprudence 67

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Practice of Medicine Medical Jurisprudence 67

[A] 16 A drug store that dispenses practically all drugs without requiring a prescription violates the A. Pharmacy Law B.Medical Act C.Generic Act D. Administrative Code

[D]17 Which is Not a qualification for a person to be appointed member of the Board of Medicine? A. natural born citizen of the PhilippinesC. of good moral character B. duty registered physician in the PhilippinesD. faculty member of a recognized medical

Practice of Medicine

[B] 1 Which of the following is NOT a pre-requisite to the practice of medicine in the Philippines? A. must be at least 21 years of age B. must be a natural born citizen of the Philippines C. must have passed the Physician Licensure Examination given by the Board of Medicine D. must be a holder of a valid certificate of registration issued by the Board of Medicine

[D]2 Who is considered engaged in the practice of medicine? A. Faith healer who serves without compensation B. Clinical psychologist who handless patients under the supervision of a psychiatrist C. Physiotherapist who applies massage upon prescription by a physician. D. Any Person who uses the title M.D after his name.

[D]3 The right of a faith healer to practice the healing art is provided in A. Medical Act of 1959 as amendedC. impliedly provided in the Code of Ethics B. Civil Code of the Philippines D. provision of the constitution regarding freedom of religion

[C]4 Which of the following acts constitute the practice of medicine? To physically examine a person and A. treat and prescribe herbal medicineC. all the three B. diagnoseD. operate without compensation

[D]5 Which statement is NOT valid with regards to whether a juridical person can practice medicine A. The confidential relationship between the patient and physician will be impaired. B. A juridical person can practice medicine with the use of its physician and the latter can use his own personal judgment in rendering medical service to a patient. C. The patient will be deprived of the free choice of physician of his trust or preference. D. A juridical person cannot practice medicine as it cannot be subjected to an examination to determine its competence.

[A]6 The following external influence may limit the practice of medicine, EXCEPT: A. public mood of prohibiting physi-C. religious impositions cian from practicing in a townD. professional ethics B. hospital policies and regulations[A]7 Dr. Juan Martinez acted as a dummy for Dr. Castro, who failed to pass the Board examination for Physicians three times, to practice medicine. The acts of Dr. Martinez are grounds for suspension or revocation of his certificate of registration based on what classification? A. criminal actsC. personal disqualification B. unprofessional conductD. unethical conduct

[B]8 Which of the following acts of diagnosis and treatment is considered practice of medicine? A. Use of electric machine by barbers in giving treatment to one who sought to beautify his body B. a nurse that takes the blood pressure reading and gives advise & prescribes treatment. C. the application of a medicated massage D. insurance company doctors who examine prospective applicants and recommend treatment

[B]9 Which of the following by decision of the courts is NOT a practice of medicine? A. one who takes blood pressure readings and give advise B. administration of anesthesia by a licensed nurse under the supervision of a physician in connection with a surgical problem C. court appointed doctors who diagnosed and treat convicts D. Insurance company doctors who examine prospective applicants and recommend treatment

[D]10 The following conditions are required of a physician returning to the Philippines A. payment of the corresponding income tax derived from practice B. re-registration with the Professional Regulatory Commission C. must be of good moral character D. taking of a re-validation examination from the PRC

68 Medical JurisprudencePractice of Medicine

10A physician who was formerly or still a citizen of the Philippines and has passed the licensure [B]examination before he left for abroad decide to return for visit, sojourn or permanentresidence. He may practice medicine in the Philippines under the following conditions, EXCEPT:A. He is a practitioner of medicine of good standing prior to his departure from the Philippines.B. He possesses a specialization of his chosen line.C. Prior to his practice in the Philippines he must first register with the Professional Regu-lation Commission and paid the professional license fee.D. He must pay the corresponding income tax on all income realized from his practice.11Which statement is NOT valid? A balikbayan physician formerly a citizen of the Philippines [B]and had previously passed the medical licensure examination in the Philippines maypractice his profession in this country provided that heA. pay corresponding income tax due on all income realized in practicing in the Philippines.B. must be become a Filipino citizen once moreC. is professional practitioner of good standing prior to departure from the Philippines and in his adopted countryD. shall register with PRC and pay the proper professional license fee12A balikbayan physician can legitimately practice medicine during his stay in the Philippines [C]provided he has all the following, EXCEPT:A. He has passed the licensure examinationC. he must be a physician of recognized standingB. He registered at the ProfessionalD. he pays his professional license fee and taxes Regulation Commission13The right of a citizen of foreign country to be allowed to be admitted to practice medicine [A]in the Philippines if their existing law allowed citizens of the Philippines to be admittedA. reciprocity provision of the medical law of the Philippines.B. international law, in as much as the Philippines has adapted the generally accepted principles of international law in as much as the Philippines has adapted the generallyC. international convention, like the World Health OrganizationD. executive agreement between the heads of states14 Citizens of the Peoples Republic of China are allowed to be admitted to practice medicine [B]in the Philippines by virtue ofA. special act of congress allowing them to practice medicine in the PhilippinesB. the reciprocity provision of the Medical ActC. by tolerance since they were allowed to practice medicine since time immemorialD. executive agreement between the heads of states15In certain cases, limited practice without certificate of registration shall not be required on [B]A. Foreign physicians employed as exchange professors in special branches of medicineor surgery whose services may, upon previous authorization of the board of medical examiners, be necessary. B. Filipino Physician who graduated from well known medical schools abroad like John Hopkins University and are diplomats or certified specialist in certain specialties.C. Foreign physicians members International Health OrganizationD. none of the above16.A partnership is a form of group practice. Which of the following statement is NOT valid? [B]A. The partnership has a juridical personality separate and distinct from that of each of the partnersB. All the partners shall be considered agents and whatever any one of them may do alone shall not bind the partnershipC. Death of one of the partners dissolves the partnership and may require reorganizationD. The liability of the partnership is not limited by the partnership assets but also enforceable to the personal estate of its members 17Professional license fee in the following circumstances need not be required of a Physician [C]A. employed by the GovernmentB. Physician treating patients at the emergency room in a private hospitalC. under training and supervised by qualified physicianD. patients are members of his family18A Licensed physician who assists one without a license to practice medicine is [C]A. not subject to criminal liabilityC. subject to criminal liabilityB. subject to criminal liability only if theD. none of the above unlicensed practitioner is negligent

Physician-Patient Relationship Medical Jurisprudence 69[D]19Which of the following may dissolve the partnership?A. death of one partner C. withdrawal of one of the partnersB. civil interdiction of the one of the partners D. all of the above[D]20A Physician acted as dummy or front for a person without a license to practice medicineHe is liable to a penalty ofA. imprisonmentB. fineC. reprimandD. suspension of license to practice[C]21The Penalty for any person found guilty of illegal practice of medicine shall beA. Suspension of license to practiceB. revocationC. imprisonment for not less than one (1) year to not more than five (5) years and/or a fine of P1,000 to P10,000D. The scientific basis for the use of acupuncture has already been established[A]22Which of the following statements on acupuncture use is valid?A. The Board of Medical Examiners Allows the use of acupuncture by licensed physicians in their practiceB. The use of acupuncture is limited to a small number of trained physicians.C. A physician must first secure a license as acupuncturist before he can use the procedure.D. The scientific basis for the use of acupuncture has already been established.[C]23Illegal practice of medicine is an offense which falls under the jurisdiction of theA. Association of Philippine Medicine Colleges C. Board of MedicineB. Philippine Medical Association D. Board of Medical EducationPhysician-Patient Relationship[A]1In which instance is a physician-patient relationship established?A. A physician takes the clinical history of a person who comes with health complaints.B. A physician examines an applicant for employment.C. A physician examines an applicant for a life insurance policy.D. A physician examines an accused person upon request by a court.[C]2One of the following statements signify the commencement of physician-patient relationship:A. an HMO nurse referred a patient to a non-HMO physician and an appointment was setB. a patient called the doctors office and the secretary booked her for an appointmentC. a patient called a doctor in his office because if a severe chest pain and told the doctor other related developments. The doctor, based on the patients information diagnosed the condition and advised the appropriate remedy.D. a patient called a physician by phone and when the doctor answered the call, that started the relationship[D]3When is a physician-patient relationship established?A. Physician examines a person on orders of a trial court.B. Physician examines an applicant for employment.C. Physician attends to an emergency case.D. Physician performs an autopsy on a dead body[D]4During a court trial wherein a psychiatrist was ordered by the judge to determine the mental conditionof the accused, what is the nature and form of patient- doctor relationship?A. impliedB. expressedC. consensualD. none[A]5A physician patient relationship is established in the following instances, EXCEPT:A. In a social gathering a person asks a physician as to the appropriate remedy for what he felt and the physician gave a suggestion.B. A physician listens to the symptoms of a patient on the telephone and gave the corresponding treatmentC. A professor, who was looking for a patient to be presented at lecture, stopped at the free clinic of medical school and examination of a patient being treated for a leg injury, remarked that the leg had to be amputatedD. A physicians takes the clinical history and does a physical examination on a sick person.[C]6The following are the legal duties imposed on a physician during the physician-patient relationship, EXCEPT:A. The Physician must have knowledge and skill in medicineB. he must utilize a skill with ordinary care and diligenceC. he must always comply with the wishes of the patient in as much as he is the master of his own bodyD. he must exercise the best judgment

70 Medical JurisprudencePhysician-Patient Relationship 7 Regarding the nature and requisites of the physician-patient relationship, which of the [A] NOT Correct? it isA. a guarantee of cure B. contractual C. consensualD. fiduciary8The following duties and obligation are imposed on patients by the physician-patient [A]relationship, EXCEPT:A. The patient may seek another physicians opinion without telling him/her doctor.B. Even if the management is painful, the patient should cooperate and follow the instructions, orders and suggestions of the physician.C. The patient must give an honest medical history of his illness.D. The patient must give an honest feedback to his/her physician anent the effect of the treatment so that the latter may do what is appropriate.9The time honored relationship between a physician and his patient is [C]A. strictly business B. personal C. fiduciaryD. amicable relationship10In the course of the physician-patient relationship, the physician cannot be held liable for any [A]A. He applied his knowledge and skill with care and diligence in the diagnosis and treatmentB. when the principle (doctrine) of res ipsa loquitur is applicableC. when the patient contributed in the causation of the injuryD. when the management procedure applied is inherently risky11Which of the following is NOT required of a patient in a physician-patient relationship? [D]A. provide an honest history of illnessB. inform the physician about what he experiences during the course of treatmentC. ask for clarification if he does not understand instructions of what is happening to himD. submit to any procedure suggested by the physician12A patient has the right to discharge the physician treating him at any time. However, the [D]physician can withdraw from the physician-patient relationship only ifA. the patient intends to file a suit against him in courtB. there are...


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