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Sprite a lemon-lime flavored soft drink introduced in USA in 1961. Today it is sold in 190 countries. Entered market in 1999 ; 2009 till now at 2nd position

Challenge for the brand : widen market share and lead over competitors.Though the brand wanted to widen its consumer base it do not want to expand its TG and completely focus on teenagers as its target consumers Positioning - Taglines like rasta clear hai to the most recent and popular First drink then think, Sprite-University of Freshology

Rasta clear haiIn this new TVC titled, The Guitar show cases how the Sprite protagonist has to face a guy who seemingly has an advantage over him and stands between him and his goal. The protagonist has to use his fresh thinking to overcome the situation, neutralize the disadvantage and get his goal to emerge as a winner. . Promotion: Aggressive Promotion Target Audience: the whole young consumers group (pre teentolate20s) Focus: The simple thirst quenching ability and unpretentious attitude of Sprite

Sprite Rasta New

a pretence buster Clear Hai?.

USP- University of Freshologyrefreshes drink with fresh idea and edgy approach


for TG of teens and not a conflict with Limca which had higher TG

Major 4

competitor for Sprite is 7up by PepsiCo.

keys of differentiation are product, personnel channel, image.

Sprite Sprite

has a USP of teenage drink

has an attractive and unique bottle packaging believes in delivering what it promises i.e. quenching thirst


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