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<ul><li><p>8/9/2019 PPT ATENG PAYA CUT PEUSANGAN MATANGGLUMPANGDUA BIREUEN ACEH AIRA NET</p><p> 1/3</p><p>PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Mfg., one of the biggest Automotive Company,</p><p>located in Pulo Gadung, East Jakarta urgently looking for highly motivated, dynamic,</p><p>and qualified person to fill in the following positions :</p><p>Accounting Staff(Code: ACC)</p><p>Requirements:</p><p>Hold min S1 degree in Accounting</p><p>Maximum age 28 years old</p><p>Preferable have experience 1 3 years as an Auditor in Accountant Public Firm</p><p>Graduate from reputable university with GPA min 2.75</p><p>Excellent skills in Computer &amp; Microsoft Office</p><p>Fluent in written &amp; spoken English</p><p>Good personality and communication skills</p><p>Hardworking and able to work under pressure</p><p>Able to work effectively, both independently and in a team.</p><p>Please send your application, CV, copy of academic transcript with GPA min 2,75</p><p>and 4 X 6 latest photograph to:</p><p>HR RECRUITMENT DEPARTMENT</p><p>PT. YAMAHA INDONESIA MOTOR MANUFACTURING</p><p>JL.DR.KRT.RADJIMAN WIDYODININGRAT</p><p>(JL.RAYA BEKASI KM.23, PULOGADUNG)</p><p>JAKARTA TIMUR 13920</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 PPT ATENG PAYA CUT PEUSANGAN MATANGGLUMPANGDUA BIREUEN ACEH AIRA NET</p><p> 2/3</p><p>Lhokseumawe, January 30, 2010</p><p>Attention To:</p><p>PT. YAMAHA INDONESIA MOTOR MANUFACTURINGJL.DR.KRT.RADJIMAN WIDYODININGRAT</p><p>(JL.RAYA BEKASI KM.23, PULOGADUNG)</p><p>JAKARTA TIMUR 13920</p><p>Dear Sir/Madam,</p><p>I wish to apply for the position of Accounting Staff that was advertised at.</p><p>I have over one year experience as an Accounting with PT. Mulya Finance and have</p><p>experience of a wide variety of pattern techniques. My computer and communication</p><p>skills are very good, and I have an excellent record as a reliable, productive employee.</p><p>I am looking for new challenges and the position of Accounting Staff sounds the</p><p>perfect opportunity. I am a hardworking person and can work in a team. With my</p><p>qualifications, I confident that I will be able to contribute effectively to your</p><p>company. Herewith I enclose my :</p><p>1. Copy of Bachelor Degree (S-1) Certificate and Academic Transcript.</p><p>2. Copy of Academic Transcript</p><p>3. Curriculum Vitae.</p><p>4. Recent photograph with size of 4x6</p><p>I would gladly welcome an opportunity to have an interview with you at your</p><p>convenience. I hope my skills can be one of your companys assest. I am looking</p><p>forward to hearing from you in the near future. Thank you for your consideration and</p><p>attention.</p><p>Sincerely yours,</p><p>Cut Munirah</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 PPT ATENG PAYA CUT PEUSANGAN MATANGGLUMPANGDUA BIREUEN ACEH AIRA NET</p><p> 3/3</p><p>Curriculum Vitae</p><p>Personal Details</p><p>Full Name : Cut Munirah</p><p>Sex : Female</p><p>Place, Date of Birth : Lhokseumawe, Mei 01, 1985</p><p>Nationality : Indonesia</p><p>Marital Status : Single</p><p>Height, Weight : 160 cm, 56 kg</p><p>Health : HealthyReligion : Moeslem</p><p>Address : Jl. Samudra, Lr. Melati No.11 Kp. Jawa Lama-Lhokseumawe</p><p>Mobile : +6285761228799</p><p>Phone : (0645) 41774</p><p>E-mail : muny_kein@yahoo.co.id</p><p>Educational Background</p><p>1991 1997 : Elementary School No.2, Lhokseumawe</p><p>1997 2000 : Junior High School No.1, Lhokseumawe</p><p>2000 2003 : Sukma Bangsa Senior High School, Lhokseumawe2003 2007 : Accounting Department at the University of Indonesia,</p><p>Jakarta</p><p>Course &amp; Education</p><p>1998 2002 : English Language Course at Arizona Institute, Lhokseumawe</p><p>2000 2001 : Computer &amp; Internet Course at Netindo, Lhokseumawe</p><p>Working Experience</p><p>Working at PT. Mulya Finance, CibinongPeriod : Maret 2008 December 2009</p><p>Purpose : Contractly working</p><p>Position : Accounting Staff </p>mailto:muny_kein@yahoo.co.idmailto:muny_kein@yahoo.co.id</li></ul>


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