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4The Safety ConceptBasic position: In this position the return valve is openedMoving-in position:The return valve closes, the oil is flowing over the spiral groove into the oil reservoir.Final positionReset device: The return valve opens and provides the quick return flow of oil (blue arrows)Operational Sequence of Spiral Groove TechnologyHousing of stainless steelHigh pressure bushingdamping piston with spiral groove of hardened cementation steelSeaReadjusting springOil reservoReturn valveGuidingOur shock absorber are constantly examined by quality tests close to reality. The piston rod of stainless steel with best surface guarantees a minimum of wear out at a maximum life. Smallest unavoidable losses of oil will be com-pensated by an integrated oil reservoir!Bushing and piston of high-tensile gasnitriding steel! For extreme charges upto 1000 bar.Bushing and housing separately!By separation of the bushing from the housing we also guarantee at the maxi-mum tightening moment of the counter nut the perfect operation of the shock absorber.Data, Drawings, 3-D Models, Operating Instructions - www.sommer-automatic.comShock Absorbers5Piston rod of stainless steelThe core of all Zimmer shock absorbers: The spiral groove as damping principle...Guidingal ringSeal ringSpringoirAt our PowerStop the exhausting channel (throttle) is directly incorporated into the piston compared to the conventional shock absorber. Because of the continious conicity (spiral groove) of the piston there is a dynamic force over the total Stroke and a maximum energy consumption at minimum power.By the spiral groove a lubricating film in form of a classical hydrostatic slide bearing is built up between the piston and high-pressure bushing. The technogical improvement is evident. ...and its advantages: smooth braking (without sudden cross section constrictions) higher power consumption by max. capacity use in each piston position individual manual adjustment for each matter of application compact construction space by substancial higher energy consumption minimum abrasion rates by optimal bearing assembly in pneumatic pressure chamber possible (PowerStop) higher operation safety and longer service life by oil reserve (PowerStop) ConstructionPowerStopPowerStop6Ideal Damping CharacteristicAn industrial shock absorber of conventional design squeezes the oil out by the throttle bores which are inserted on one side of a bushing. The oil will be force-diverted and enormously strained by the high velocities of hitting.Pressure peaks are producing vibration and are reducing the service life of elements involved at the damping process. The damping behaviour will be destinated by the number of throttle bores, the energy consumption is restricted.The exhausting channel of the PowerStop is directly inserted in the piston as spiral groove. During damping the piston dives into the oil bath and picks up over the exhausting channel the oil to be squeezed. The mechanical strain of the oil remains low because of the rotary rising spiral groove. The section form allows a continuous throttle activity and guarantees a smooth damping. The result is a maximum energy consumption across the entire damping Stroke!Damping with Spiral Groove TechnologyconvetionalThe new Damping curveThe PowerStop approaches with its damping course to the ideal line of an industrial shock absorber. By the special sectioned groove a smooth energy absorbtion will be started, the variation of the braking power is low. So, an exact positioning will be ensured also with extreme quick damping cycles with a short Stroke.The characteristic curve of the spiral groove shows a continious course of the throttle cross-section over the entire piston Stroke. By this, in each piston position an ideal limiting is realized and the energy consumption optimized . The masses to be moved can be smoothly and safely positionned, also with slow speeds. A further important advantage resul ts by the STROKE-COURSE-ADJUST-MENT. In case the screw-in depth will modified, the damping cha-racteristic can be adapted individually to matter of application.Throttl bores, however, are producing a graduated characteristic curve with strong variations in the energy consumption!piston Strokethrottle facegroovetechnologythrottel slotthrottle facepiston Strokespiral slotthrottle boreStroke (mm)power (N)ideal linieconventional industrial impact damperData, Drawings, 3-D Models, Operating Instructions - www.sommer-automatic.comShock Absorbers90080070060050040030020010007By the spiral groove technology the energy consumption will be tripled in comparison to the conventional type with throttle bores (under comparable test conditions). The diagram shows the energy consumption at the example of construction series:M33 x 1.5, Stroke 30mm!result: higher energy consumption smaller construction seriesTriple Energy AbsorptionHydrostatic Piston Guidance by Spiral Groove TechnologyThe piston of the PowerStop diving in the oil bath produces during damping process a hydrostatic slide bearing between piston and bushing by the symmetric axis of the in-tegrated spiral groove. The sliding film separates the movable elements during damping process. High service life expectancy, maintenance-free and reliability guarantee a high production safety.Nm (energy/Stroke)Emergency Stop PowerStop ConventionalSpecifics8Industrial shock absorber for the employment under constant load. High energy consumption, small design, durability and the possibility of insertion in pneumatic pressure chamber distinguish the PowerStop.Industrial shock absorber for the employment as Emergency Stop. Very high energy consumption at optimal damping behaviour. Not suitable for a constant load by continual recurring loading cycles.Design with long Stroke Typ W (SUPER SOFT) Execution for high velocities of hitting. For decelerating without pressure peaks.Typ S (SOFT) Execution for high velocities of hitting. Preferably at free falling masses.Typ M (MEDIUM) Execution for medium velocities of hitting. Employment, e.g. at quick pneumatic drived masses.Typ H (HARD) Execution for slow velocities of hitting. Employment at slow (reduced) movements.Executions:The wide spectrum low speeds at big masses upto quick speeds at small masses at same ener-gy consumption per Stroke is subdivided into three groups.L-TypeApplication Area: Ambient temperature 0C 50C, operating temperature limit 70C Max. deviation from angle adjustment 2 Use in common degree of pollution Use in (pneumatically) pressurized room up to max. 10 bars.In case of exceeding the PowerStops limits, regulations can be obtained by the following supplies.Application: Supply:Energy absorptiontion/hour exceeded > use of cooling nuthigh rate of pollution > use of air lock adaptermax. deviation from angle adjustment exceeded > use of bolt pre-bearingpositive stop nonexistent > use of stop sleevehigh rate of noise generation > use of plastic headerdeformation of slide at impact area > use of steel headerFor further information, please contact our technical service: +49.7844.9138-0Data, Drawings, 3-D Models, Operating Instructions - www.sommer-automatic.comShock Absorbers9Note: Generally all shock absorbers can be customized to non-standard requests! Examples:Special designsThe spiral groove technology even more effective with our new product range of PowerStop type W: high velocities of hitting will be damp with extremely low supporting forces and bounce-free. different from accepted throttle bore damping, the PowerStop W is able to damp without pressure peaks.Up to 100mm more traverse path with the EmergencyStop I-Class. The EmergencyStop i-Class (I=intelligent) now enables you to process larger components with the same machine. While approaching the absorber the supporting power complies only with the value of the spring for relocating the piston.In the case of an EmergencyStop the machine's damping effect is executed as usual. The power absorption complies with the shock absorbers of the standard EmergencyStop series. More security for your machinery:PowerStop with oil alarm.The integrated oil reserve of our PowerStop guarantees a higher number of cycles as well as a longer service life. In case the oil reserve run short, a signal at the control panel indicates that the absorber has to be exchanged.Simply order the version:M20x1.5 mit OA20M25x1.5 mit OA25M33x1.5 mit OA33M45x1.5 mit OA45Simply order the version:M25x1.5 I-ClassM33x1.5 I-ClassM45x1.5 I-ClassSimply order the versions:M10x1W M20x1.5WM12x1W M25x1.5WM14x1W/1.5WAdjustment / New150%PowerStopSW 4,5310M6x0,5105,313,2SW 8339,59,5 3018 3.23,2M6x0.51,84,810Stroke 4mmInstallation size/ Energy absorption Energy absorption Stroke Impact speed Effective mass*Order no. per stroke per hour min max max min Nm Nm/h mm m/s kgM6x0,5S 1,0 2.400 4 2,0 3,0 0,5 0,2M6x0,5M 1,0 2.400 4 1,2 2,5 1,4 0,3AccessoriesCooler nut (Aluminium)on requestPiston reset time: 0,2 sReset power min.: 1 NReset power max.: 3 NWeight: 10 gOrder no.: MAH6x0.5arresting sleevestainless-steelOrder no.: MKK6headplastic*Actual mass as comparative value to conventional industrial shock absorber2 x SW 13 (are included)4 Stroke INDUSTRIAL-SHOCK ABSORBER WITH -TIMES OF ENERGY ABSORBITIONData, Drawings, 3-D Models, Operating Instructions - www.sommer-automatic.comShock Absorbers1,5Subject to change without prior notice200%PowerStopSW 65111 402654M8x0.75/x12,5SW 10412M8x0.75M8x1125,854,816,611M6x0.5 / M8x0.75/x1Stroke 5mm ZIMMER INDUSTRIAL-SHOCK ABSORBER WITH -TIMES OF ENERGY ABSORBITIONPiston reset time: 0,2 sReset power min.: 1 NReset power max.: 3 NWeight: 10 gInstallation size/ Energy absorption Energy absorption Stroke Impact speed Effective mass *Order no. per stroke per hour mi