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Slide 2 PowerPoint Presentations Some Things to Consider Slide 3 PowerPoint provides a tremendous variety of special effects. Of course, all that power is easily abused. Slide 4 Areas to Be Covered Really irritating effects Ways to Make Text Hard to Read Now That Youve Prepared the Presentation, What Else Can You Do to Make it Unbearable? Slide 5 Really Irritating Effects Sound Effects Cool Noises as Each Slide Changes (avoid by selecting no sound ) Slide 6 Really Irritating Effects May be best to avoid sound with Noises as Animated Text Comes In They are particularly bad when the text is relatively long. Typewriter and Laser Text. Slide 7 Really Irritating Effects Visual Effects Drop In is quite annoying with relatively long text segments. Crawling under Custom Animation can be excruciating... Especially when sounds are attached: Slide 8 Custom Animation Custom animation is also good But using too much can be annoying Choosing animations that are slow can be bad Sound effects often arent needed Slide 9 Incidentally... One can easily get away from the usual backgrounds supplied with PowerPoint. You can make your own design templates by selecting Slide Master under View. Save the results as a Presentation Template in the Presentation Designs folder in Templates Slide 10 One wouldnt want to leave out video that is too small and poorly conceived... And ends up leaving the audience in the dark! Slide 11 Ways to Make Text Hard to Read Poor Choice of Font Mismatch with Background Failure to Plan for Lighting Too Small Slide 12 Poor Choice of Font PowerPoint offers the opportunity to use There are also a lot of fonts to choose from such as Old English Text, Aero, Stencil, Parchment, and Mesquite. Many are hard to read. Arent you glad that text can come in word by word with Custom Animation? Slide 13 Other Ways to Make Text Difficult to Read The Font... choice under Format provides several ways to make text harder to read. One can play with colors here as well, which brings us to... Slide 14 Mismatch with Background The choice of colors can make a big difference. Backgrounds which have both light and dark areas can be particularly troublesome. Slide 15 Backgrounds and COLORS Make sure the background and color combination are good. You must be able to read the writing. Often times busy backgrounds arent good. Changing the background every other slide isnt good either. Slide 16 Failure to Plan for Lighting Slide 17 Size of Text Generally recommended that the primary text go no smaller than 22. Making things any smaller can create problems for some people. 22 point font Slide 18 Text Make sure you text isnt jumbled with too much information. It is good to just put the main topics and then talk about them that way you are reading off your presentation. Also Dont make the text too small that you cant see it. If you have a lot of info, make more than one slide for it that way all the information doesnt get lost on the one slide like this slide is turning out. Make sure Text is written in a color that appears well against the background. If it blends in too much people wont be able to read it. The above text is way too small to read. Make sure this doesnt happen Also, chack for misspellings that is alwazs bad!!! Dont let the text run off of the slide. This is very tacky. Slide 19 Now That Youve Prepared the Presentation, What Else Can You Do to Make it Unbearable? Even if you have failed to use any really annoying things from PowerPoint, you can still make the presentation an unpleasant experience. Slide 20 PowerPoint has given us something even worse than doing a presentation by reading a paper. Reading the slides to people can be annoying. People will be unhappy if you have to read the slides (because the text is too small or the projector too dim). People will be really annoyed if the slides are wonderfully legible and you read to them anyway. Slide 21 Plain Jane isnt very interesting Dont just leave everything black and white Slide 22 Clip Art Clip art or pictures are good, but using something that has nothing to do with your topic isnt good Slide 23 Slide 24 Last notes Dont use blank slides like the previous one. Slide 25 THE END Thank you for your attention!