Power Xpert XGIS Gas-insulated medium voltage .Big where it matters, small where it counts. Oil &

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    This small footprint makes a BIG impact Saving space is just one benefitof our gas-insulated switchgear.

    Gas-insulated medium voltage switchgearPower Xpert XGIS

  • Big where it matters, small where it counts.

    Oil & gas industrialsThe XGIS is built to withstand harsh and corrosive environments and to improve safety. Its high reliability and reduced maintenance mean less downtime, one of the most costly issues you face. In addition, the compact footprint creates savings for e-houses and off-shore applications, and the low total cost of ownership offers an overall outstanding value.

    Data centersYou invest for the long term. The XGISs low total cost of ownership improves returns on your data center investment, and the small footprint means youre not wasting revenue-generating space. Designed for greater safety, XGIS lowers risk for your operation.

    UtilitiesThe high reliability and limited maintenance of the XGIS reduces costly downtime. The compact design allows installation in congested areas and saves on e-house costs. The switchgears gas insulating technology and smart design decreases risk for your operation.

    MiningThe XGIS is built to withstand harsh and demanding environments and designed to enhance safety. With its high reliability, reduced maintenance, and low total cost of ownership, the XGIS offers outstanding long-term value.

    InfrastructureDesigned with a focus on safety, the XGIS reduces risk for your operation. The equipments high reliability and limited maintenance reduces costly downtime, and the small footprint allows installation in tight spaces.

    Critical power applications dont leave any room for error. Mistakes or substandard functioning can be costly and dangerous. Thats why you need switchgear that is built to perform and to last. Eaton switchgear products are a compelling, long-term value, backed by over a century of industry experience.

    We have expanded our market leading medium voltage switchgear portfolio to give you more options than ever before. Our Power Xpert XGIS gas-insulated switchgear is one that is small in size and big in value, benefits that any business can appreciate.

    Power Xpert XGIS could be your best choice in meeting the precise demands of your application. From its compact design to enhanced personnel safety and low maintenance requirements, you owe it to yourself to see what XGIS can do for you.

    Compact design enables use in small spaces

    So reliable its virtually maintenance-free

    Excellent arc protection improves personnel safety

    Reduces installation and operating costs

    Provides a low total cost of ownership

    See if Eatons Power Xpert XGIS is the right fit for your company.

    Gas-insulated switchgear features & benefitsBig where it matters, small where it counts.

  • Big where it matters, small where it counts.

    Front-accessible IP4X rated enclosure includes space for mounting low voltage protection and metering devices and allows safe access for breaker and switch isolation operations to be performed from the front of the gear.

    Main bus Shielded and grounded solid insulation main bus system eliminates the need for a second gas tank to house the bus, improving reliability.

    Single sealed tankThe breaker, isolating switch and optional ports to connect VTs, are all contained within a single, SF6-filled, laser welded tank for a high quality seal with no on-site filling required.

    Arc rated In the event of an arc flash incident, arc-gases do not need to discharge into the cable vault, reducing the risk of propagating damages, and increasing safety.

    Design overviewThe Power Xpert XGIS provides a winning combination of customers most-wanted features that give extraordinary value in safety, reliability and space savings with no sacrifice of functionality.

    Gas-insulated switchgear features & benefits

    Small footprint and compact design

    Safer is smarter for youroperation

    Virtually maintenance-free for maximum reliability

    Big where it matters, small where it counts.

  • Workforce safety is the number one concern for business. By design, construction and operation, the XGIS reduces risk for your operation.

    Robust construction and decreased potential for arc faults provides enhanced safety

    Completed internal arc testing in all medium voltage areas including cable, breaker, switch and main bus compartments

    Certified as arc classification AFLR (31.5kA for 1 sec) to increase safety

    Shielded and grounded, solid-insulated busbars provide phase-to-phase isolation, minimizing the risk of phase-to-phase faults

    Safer is smarter for your operation

    Visible line of site to three position disconnect switch with camera options

    Interlocked three position disconnect switch for isolating and earthing with electric operation

    Isolated fused or non-fused VTs available for both main bus and cable applications

    Safe HandlingModular busbars are solid-shielded to facilitate connection and removal reducing risk for accidental contact

  • Virtually maintenance-free for maximum reliability

    Downtime is costly especially when unforeseen. Gas-insulating technology dramatically reduces maintenance requirements.

    Virtually maintenance-free solution is an impressive long-term value with a low total cost of ownership

    UL witnessed and STL certified to IEC 62271-100 and -200

    Designed and tested in third-party labs to IEC and IEEE standards

    Expected lifespan is up to 40 years

    Medium voltage parts are enclosed within a sealed gas-insulated tank or encased in grounded solid insulation, protecting them from accidental contact and the environment

    Straightforward installation The laser welded gas tank is factory-filled with no on-site handling of SF6 gas required, making installation quick and less costly.

    Circuit breaker and three position disconnect switch are housed in a sealed tank design of IP65 rating to ensure highest protection against contamination.

  • Small footprint

    Small but accessibleBreaker and three position disconnect switch operations are performed from the front of the switchgear with a user-friendly interface, making it intuitive for personnel to operate.

    Many applications have limited space to work. The XGIS fits the often tighter spaces of urban and existing buildings.

    Systems compact design allows installation in areas with minimal floor space

    Small footprint means you dont waste revenue-generating space

    Compact design is suitable for retrofitting into existing locations including urban areas where space is at a premium

    1 Width for 1250A is 600 mm (23.6 in), 2000A is 800 mm (31.5 in), consult factory for higher ratings2 Includes provision for venting potential arc gases to the plenum 3 An arc-resistant metal clad AIS would add approximately 750 mm or 30 inches to the height





    1067 mm (42 in)

    Typical 36/38kV air insulated switchgear

    Top View

    Typical 36/38kV air insulated switchgear

    Front View




    in) 3

    1067 mm (42 in)




    .3 in


    600 mm (23.6 in)




    9 in

    ) 2

    600 mm (23.6 in) 1

    PowerXpert XGIS

    PowerXpert XGIS

  • Configurations and Electrical data

    System Value

    Rated voltage kV 36/38 Lightning impulse withstand voltage kV 170 Power frequency withstand voltage kV 80 Rated frequency Hz 50/60 Internal arc class AFLR Loss of service continuity category LSC2B Earthing circuit kA - 3 s 31.5 Accessibility of compartmentsCircuit breaker compartment Interlock-controlled Busbar compartment Tool-based/non-accessible Cable compartment Tool-based or interlock-controlled External degree of protection Available with IP4X Primary live parts (tank) degree of protection IP65 Installation Indoor Busbar system Rated normal current A 1250, 2000* Rated short-time withstand current kA 3 s 31.5 Rated peak withstand current kA 82 Circuit breaker ratingsRated normal current A 1250, 2000 Rated short-circuit breaking current kA 31.5 Rated short-circuit making current kA 82 Rated short-time withstand current kA 3 s 31.5 Breaking number of short-circuit current 30 Mechanism Rated operating sequence A 0 0.3s CO 15s CO *Consult Eaton representative for higher ratings

    Operating conditions Normal operating conditions, according to IEC 62271-1 for indoor switchgear.

    Ambient air temperature and humidityLess than or equal to 40C (104F) Less than or equal to 35C (95F) on average over 24 hours Greater than or equal to -5C (23F)Relative humidity (for a period over 24 hours) < 95% AltitudeLess than or equal to 1000 m** Storage ConditionsIn order to retain all of the functional units qualities when stored for prolonged periods, we recommend that the equipment is stored in itsoriginal packaging, in dry conditions sheltered from the sun and rain at a temperature of between -25C and +55C

    **Consult Eaton representative for applications higher than 1000 m


    Bus Coupler/Riser Tie/Sectionalizer Legend

    Also available with sectionalizer/tie on left


    Interlock Disconnect switch for VTs

    Voltage detection system

    Optional surge arrestor

    Optional CTs

    Optional fused/non-fused VTs