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Power Supply Workshop. Craig W. Hershberg ENERGY STAR Office Equipment & Consumer Electronics US EPA January 14, 2002 San Francisco, California www.energystar.gov. What is ENERGY STAR ?. Providing energy solutions to consumers and business. The ENERGY STAR ® Solution. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Power Supply Workshop

  • Power Supply WorkshopCraig W. HershbergENERGY STAROffice Equipment & Consumer ElectronicsUS EPA

    January 14, 2002San Francisco, California


  • What is ENERGY STAR ?Providing energy solutions to consumers and business

  • The ENERGY STAR SolutionVoluntary partnership

    Easily identifies energy efficient products

    Reduces air polution and saves money

    Facilitates public-private collaboration

  • The ENERGY STAR LabelOne label at the national level

    Over 35 products for home and office Representing top 25% in their category for efficiency

    Products either qualify or dont qualifyManufacturers test and label products No cost for participating

  • ENERGY STAR Qualified ProductsHousehold appliancesCFLs / residential fixtures / exit signsConsumer electronicsOffice equipmentHeating and cooling equipmentNew homesWindowsTransformersRoof ProductsWater coolersDehumidifiersTraffic signals

  • ENERGY STAR - The LatestThese just in: Commercial solid door refrigerators and freezersVentilation fansCeiling fansTelephonyUnitary HVAC

    Under revision:Residential HVACTV/VCRMonitorsBeing exploredAir purifiersVending machinesFood service equipment

  • ENERGY STAR - Other ApproachesHome networkingpromise of better home energy management for miscellaneous devices20% of home end use is miscellaneous energy

    non-label approachmonitoring rollout of home networksencouraging home energy mangement

    Backend for all E* productsa one two punch (the network and E*)significant home energy savings possible

  • ENERGY STAR Partners

  • ENERGY STAR Marketing:

    A turnkey solutionMarketing tools and financingmanufactuersutilitiesretailersinstitutional buyers

    Purchasing tools

    PR and advertising effortsChange campaign

    Recognition of manufacturer efforts with annual awards

  • ENERGY STAR: A platform for successWidespread and growing participationMore than 1,600 manufacturer partnersMore than 11,000 product models that comply with ENERGY STAR specifications100 utility and state administrator partners promoting ENERGY STAR, serving nearly 47% of households across the country553 retail Partners, more than 7,100 storefronts in 50 states and Puerto Rico

  • ENERGY STAR and Power supplies: A HistoryPower supplies not labeled by ENERGY STAR - may be attached to inefficient product- label not easily visible on a power supply

    E* partners have told us they can build more efficient products if they had more efficient power supplies

    Solutions... system approach to power supplies taken with telephony specification

  • ENERGY STAR is interested in learning more about Power supplies because...Increased production of more efficient products - Help ENERGY STAR partners meet current and future ENERGY STAR specificationsIndustry can take credit for monetary and carbon savings, industry leadership

    Improve product performance

  • ENERGY STAR is interested in learning more about Power supplies because...Universal productENERGY STAR is a global program, working with EU, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Aus.

    International power supply efforts

    Specification harmonization - Easier for manufacturers to build power supplies to one specification

    Any initiative should be coordinated

  • ENERGY STARGlobal Reach

  • More efficient power supplies help E* Partners with...Product innovation & enhanced performanceefficiencyless heat longer battery lifeenhanced mobilitysmall footprintincreased functionality

    Regulations, standardsExecutive Order 13221 (low standby) Pending US LegislationInternational power supply effortsKyoto Protocol

  • More efficient power supplies help E* Partners with...

    Potential credit for energy savings under regulatory schemeIn a future regulatory scheme companies may get credit for more energy efficient products

    Acting as catalyst for more EE products, encouraging more EE design

  • International InitiativesSlides provided by:

    Hans-Paul Siderius, Novem, Netherlands


  • International Initiatives (contd.)EU Code of Conduct for Power Supplieshttp://energyefficiency.jrc.cec.eu.int/html/standby_initiative.htmGroup for Energy Efficient Appliances (Europe) www.efficient-appliances.orgTop Runner (Japan)IEC TC59 WG 9IEA actions to reduce standby power consumption

  • EU Code of Conduct on efficiency of external power suppliesVoluntary Agreement

    Levels phase 3 (1.1.2005): no load input power < 0.30 to 0.75 W (dependent on rated input power)

    Signed by manufacturers of mobile telephones, mobile computers and power supplies

  • Group for Energy Efficient AppliancesVoluntary label

    Level 2002-3: no load power consumption < 0.5 W (for separately sold external power supplies)

  • Top RunnerRegulatory program

    Levels based on most efficient appliances

    No Top Runner criteria for external power supplies, but criteria for e.g. VCRs will influence power supply specs

  • IEC TC59 Working Group 9Development of a test method to measure standby power

    Includes definition of standby but test method can also be used for other modes (except on-mode)

    Convenor: Lloyd Harrington (Aus)

    First meeting: March 2002, Paris

  • IEA Standby InitiativeAnalysis and publications e.g. Things that go blip in the night

    Exchange of information 3 workshops on standby power consumption

    Platform for harmonization

  • Final thoughtsEfficient power supplies can provide economic and technical benefits for a large variety of products

    Identified as a product that...Can realize E* goals of achieving environmental objectives at a desirable cost

    Opportunity abounds for E*, E* Partners as well as OEMs and component manufacturers

    Next steps..