POVERTY INDICES OF POVERTY. Objectives  Define the term poverty  Indices of poverty  The effect of poverty  relationship between poverty and population

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POVERTYIndices of povertyObjectives Define the term povertyIndices of povertyThe effect of povertyrelationship between poverty and population growth.

What is poverty?Poverty is the state of lacking basic necessities/ needs, such as; water, nutrition, health care, education clothing and shelter because of the inability to afford them.Indices of povertyPersons living in rural areas or developing countries are the ones who are more likely to experience poverty, as there is insufficient or lack of basic needs, education and health care.Access to education Potential pupils may live great distances from school or in remote area. Parents may not have enough money to buy books, meals and may be unable to pay for transport to school

Indices of poverty (contd)Parents may not have enough money and resources to send their children into secondary and territory education.They are not helped, because rural part is often small so there are no school or educational institution.

ContdAccess to health careThere are very few health facilities in rural areas and those public facilities that do exist are open only a few hours per day.When these are closed emergency cases has to referred to major hospitals that are inaccessible especially at nights.ContdAccess to basic needs : food, water and housingFood supplies are basic and may be restricted.They are limited to what can be produced on family land, which itself will be low grade and liable to soil erosion Fresh water may not be available or is restricted in quantity or is only available at a considerable distance from hoe.Housing is poor quality and often overcrowded

ContdHousing is located on land that may be at risk from environmental hazards such as flooding and landslips Sanitation facilities are poor or non-existence and this put health at risks.Relationship between poverty and population growthlack of access to education and health care leads to few jobs prospects and low earning which result in poor health and nutrition.Stunted physical/mental development which contributes to high rate of maternal /infant/child mortality. overall lack of energy which leads to poor cognitive skills resulting poor performance in school and work and overall learning.

ContdLack of job prospects outside of manual labour, subsistence farming resulting in; More children needed to provide labour, security in old Age and to replace those that died young.

Effects of poverty Poverty can cause increase in population size because couples are too poor to afford contraceptives.

Effects of poverty

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