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Reagent Raw Material Inventory DesignBOLD Supply Chain InternBeckman Coulter Chaska, MN

VWR Stockroom - 125 PartsLabel Room Kanban - 278 PartsStandard Work for all reagent raw material inventory design - 2202 PartsAmbient Parts- 1806 PartsGeneric Chemicals- 396 PartsRemaining Reagent Raw MaterialsPart Management & Reduction Focused

Label Room: 20 min 3 secs to find partsSAVED: 35 ManHours per week & 200 square feetBefore= $297,000 After= $227,000 SAVED= $70,000

Photos and Charts created by Kaila Flanagan

ObjectiveThe objective was to lead a project to create kanban systems for Beckman Coulters VWR Stockroom, Label Room, and a min/max tool for all reagent raw materials while creating standard work and daily-visual management.


Created ordering process from scratch


Buyer Out Supplier InSavings = 10 ManHours & 1 FTEVWR StockroomLabel RoomBeforeAfter

Total Savings

ManHours: 128 (per week)Inventory Reduction: $490,000 (estimated)VWR stock room 5S - $50kVWR stock room inventory design - $20kVWR Vendor Management (FTE) - $100kLabel room 5S - $50kLabel room inventory design - $20kReagent Raw Materials: $250k

Touched 2605 parts ($700,000)Reagent Raw Materials



Work Flow Process ImprovementsSAVINGS = 53 ManHours per weekCurrent State = 11 hours a weekFuture State= 25 minutes a weekOrder with a click of a buttonQuick view of inventorySend view of status to supplier

Avg. material shortages for JOP: 16 first quarter, 6 today, reduce to 3 this year